I Walk

November 13, 2012
By E.T.Wotruba, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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E.T.Wotruba, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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Year, 2041. Location, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Welcome to the desert. I guess I can tell you what happened, but then I will tell my name and my story. So it starts out on a cloudy day, all of a sudden a nuke dropped. Then there were wars and now America is a waste land. However, the police still stuck with the law. So now we are back in the old wild west style. Now it’s my story, my name is Katie Washington and I’m a police officer. I’m 23 years old with black long hair and green eyes, and I have a farmer’s tan. Even though everyone has one. When I’m on the job, there’s always a guy that’s trying to hit on me. Almost everyone has, sadly enough. I live in a built shed in the middle of nowhere. My dad built it for us until he past away. Now it’s just me and my sweet mother. She has to be the nicest mom in the whole world. Everyday I get home from work she would hug me, and ask me how my day has been. When my mom and I go to the store, everyone asks us if we are sisters. But she would smile and say no, but we do look like we could be. Then there was that one day when she got the flu. She was in bed a lot after that. Man, one day when I came home from work, she looked pale as a ghost. Before I knew it, she died from a rare sickness. That’s what the doctors told me. After that, I had something in my mind that said, “I Walk”. I don’t what that meant, but I think God told me to move on. And so I did, I walked. The next day I had to go back to work. I got out of my shed, and got on a horse. Before I did, I looked at the sky. When my dad died, I’d looked at the sky and thought to myself, “Would this mean that it will happen to my mom?”. When I thought about that it made me think. Now that it happened to my mom. What’s next for me? Before she died, she told me I should get a boyfriend and get married. When she told me that, I couldn’t. There’s way too many things to worry about. Then I told her, if it happens that I have a boyfriend then it happens. But not now, there’s a crime to solve. So I rode my horse to a man made town. They called that town New Milwaukee. I don’t know why they would call it that. I heard that the nuke destroyed Milwaukee, and there were no buildings, no houses, no nothing. I got to New Milwaukee, there was a crowd of people outside. I got off my horse and went over to the crowded area. I went into the crowd and when I reached the middle, there was a dead man on the ground. Then the police came to back the crowd up to make more room. Walking over to me was Officer Timothy Adams. He’s the boss, and that the same time he is nice. He’s tall with blond hair and blue eyes, also he is 30 years old. So he’s not that old. But when I looked at his face, he has a big scar across his right cheek.
“What happened to your face Timothy?” I asked. He looked at me and smiled.

“I was going home yesterday and as I got off my horse, I tripped over a rock, and when I fell there was a rock in front of me. I got up, went inside and that was that. Thank God, I didn’t died.” He said while kneeling down. We looked at the dead body. The dead body had a knife in his hand, also he got shot in the chest.
“So Katie, what do you think happened?” Timothy asked.

“It looked like someone tried to attack him. Before he was attacked he had his knife out. But when he turned around he was tackled to the ground. Then there’s blood on the knife, so he got him or she pretty good.” I said, then I stood up. I looked over and there was a guy outside his shop. I walked over there, then Timothy followed me.
“Where are you going?” He asked trying to catch up with me. I kept walking and the guy was still standing there. Then I stopped, he was holding onto his arm.
“Sir, can I ask you some questions?” I asked. He looked over to the dead body.

“That guy had it coming from a mile away.” The shopkeeper said still looking at the dead body from afar.
“So you know the guy?” I asked looking at him. Then he looked at me.

“He’s name is Greg Alexander. Man oh man, everytime I talk about his name I just want puke.” He said spitting at the ground. I looked back at his arm.
“So what happened to your arm?” I asked. Then he looked out at the opened field.

“My cat scared me and I threw my knife up in the air. The blade aimed at my arm and boom. It gave me a big scratch.” He said still looking out there. Then Timothy walked up to the shopkeeper.
“What’s your name?” He asked looking at the man.

“My name is Ben Jay Ray. Why?” He asked. His face looked mad.
“Because while looking at that arm...”
“WHAT, YOU THINK I DID IT!” Ben yelled out.

“Calm down Mr. Ray. We’ll come back for more questions later. Have a nice day.” Timothy said. Timothy and I walked over back to the dead body. While walking back we talked.
“You think he did it?” Timothy asked.

“Yeah, but lets just see.”

The day was over and I rode my horse home. While I was riding my horse, I heard a gunshot. Then my horse fell to the ground and so did I. I got back up and went behind the horse. I took out my gun and started to aim. So far the person didn’t shoot back. “WHO’S OUT THERE!?!” I yelled out. No answer. Then there was a gunshot again. I ducked down. I got back up and I saw a flash. It was a sniper, I aimed and fired the trigger. The person dropped to the ground. I started to run at the body. I took a look at him, and it was Ben Jay Ray. Then I started to go into his pockets. As I reached his right pocket, there was a note. I opened it and it read, “Kill that b****, she know’s too much. After you're done meet me at my house. Good luck.” The note had the directions on the back. Then I started to walk. My horse was dead, f*ing bastard. I took my sniper and my shotgun, and put them in the duffle bag. When I was looking at the directions, they look like it will take a day or two to get there. While I was walking there was a man on the horse. He got off his horse and started walking towards me. “Miss, do you know how to get to New Milwaukee?” He said looking at his map. When I looked at him...wow, he was ripped. He had short black hair, and his eyes were green. Plus he has no scars, and also he was cute. “Miss, are you ok? You are durling?” He said smiling. I wiped my face off and I felt embarrassed. I hope he doesn't think I’m a freak. “I can take you there, are you in a rush?” I asked. “No, why is that?” He asked putting his arms across his chest. “Because, I need to go to this place called Old Oconomowoc. Do you know where that is?” I asked. He turned around. “Do you need a ride?” He asked. Oh my, he is nice too. “Yes.” I said. He walked over to me and grabbed my stuff. He put it on his horse and I got on. “My name is I Walk.” He said putting on his hat. “I Walk? What kind of a name is I Walk?” I asked looking at him weird. He laughed and we started to ride. While on the horse, I started to think about the case. But the one thing that was in my mind, was that there’s another person that’s doing this crime. He stopped the horse and got off. “What is it, why did we stopped?” I asked getting off the horse. I Walk took out his map. “It seems that there is a town 10 miles up. We can get there, however we have to stay overnight there. Are you ok with that?” He asked. I looked at him and smiled. “Yes it’s ok.” I said playing with my hair. He looked at me weird. Then he walked up to his horse and got on it. I walked up and he helped me up. Wow, is he a gentleman or what. Hours later we got to the town. The town was called Washington. The place looked nice, there buildings built, houses made out of metal material, and a hotel that’s still standing. We rode up to the hotel, got off the horse and strapped up the horse to a poll. Then we went inside. There was a guy down the lobby at the desk. “Welcome to my hotel, what can I do for you?” He asked. When I walked up to him he kind of looked like Samuel L. Jackson, but with a short afro. “We would like a room for the night.” I said getting my money out. He put his hand over my money. “You know what, because you guys look like you need rest, this will be on the house.” He said smiling at me. He walked over to get us a key. I grabbed it. “Say what’s your name, if I may ask.” I said looking at him. He leaned over the counter and smiled. “If you must know, my name is Dalten Bens.” He said still smiling. We grabbed our stuff and walked upstairs. Our room number was 123, huh weird number. I opened the door...oh my. We got inside and it looked beautiful. The carpet color was red, and it was soft. The walls are painted purple, and the bed is shaped like a heart. “Did he think we were a couple?” I Walk asked while he was putting his stuff away. I walked over to the bed and layed on top of it. The covers were made of silk. “No I Walk, this is a honeymoon suite.” I said turning over. I looked at him and smiled. He closed the door and locked it. After that he walked over and laid next to me in bed. “So why do you call yourself I Walk?” I asked him. He turned over to face me. “Those were my first words. For a while, my parents were trying to figure out my name. Then they called me that.” He pushed my hair out of my face. “You know, ever since I meet you. I wanted to ask you out. When I look at you, you always have a glow on your face.” He said looking into my eyes. In seconds, our face met together and we kissed. Then we pulled over the covers.

I woke up, and I was naked. Wow, I hope he nevers leaves me. His arm was over my body, then I went back to sleep. Hours later he was up, he woke me up and we put our clothes on. We grabbed our stuff and checked out. Dalten was at the desk.
“So, did you like the room?” He asked. I started to play with my hair, and I Walk was looking at the ground smiling.

“I see you guys loved it.” Dalten said smiling. I gave him the key. Then we grabbed our stuff and walked out of the hotel. The horse was still there, so we put our stuff on it and got on. After that, we rode out of the town. While riding on the horse we started talking.
“You weren’t bad.” I Walk said while he turned to look at me.

“You’re not so bad either.” I said smiling at him. After we talked, I put my arms over his waist, and rested my head on his back. I did that for the whole entire time when we were riding. Then in seconds we heard someone yell out, “Wait for me to catch up!” We turned our horse and there he was, Dalten Bens.
“Why did you follow us?” I Walk asked.

“They gave me the whole entire year off when you guys left, then I thought maybe I should follow you guys.” Dalten said. I looked at him, maybe he could join us to get this guy.
“Maybe he can come with us.” I said smiling at I Walk. He turned to look at me.

“Sure, you can come with us.” I Walk said, and gave me a kiss. Then we started to ride. Hours later it was night time. We had to set up camp. Luckily I Walk had a extra sleeping bag. He even had firewood and a match. Dalten had a sleeping bag as well, which is good. But if he didn’t, he had to sleep on the hard cold ground. I Walk started a fire with the wood and we gathered around it. Then in seconds we heard a gunshot.

We crouched down, and took out our pistoles. It was hard to see out in the opened. Then there was a second shot, and I Walk shot his gun. We heard a thumb, yup he got him. Dalten had a flashlight and we walked over to where the dead body was. We got up to it, and it was no one that we knew. The dead body had a black cowboy boots, black paints, ablack trench coat, and a black hat. I started to look for anything that was in his pockets. Then I found a note in his right pocket and started to read it. It read, “She has a guy with her, be careful and don’t screw this up. After you kill them just leave them there.” I ripped the note and brought it with me to the fire. Then I threw it into the fire.
“This guy wants my head, he needs a hundred men to kill me.” I said and went to bed. Then they went to bed as well. The next day we woke up. Got our stuff ready and went on the world. For a while me and I Walk were talking the whole time. Then we got there.

“Well this is it, Old Oconomowoc.” Dalten said looking at the town. We looked at it, there was the town hall that had a clock on it, and what looks like was very old buildings that were still standing. I got off my horse. I put on my police badge and went into the town. People started to look at us, then there was guy that walked up to us. He had glasses on with a flannel shirt, boots, paints and short hair. He even had a circle scar on his right side of his face.
“What are you guys doing here.” The man asked.

“Were looking for a guy that has a big scar, do you know where he is.” I said looking at him. Then he turned to face the city hall. Then he walked up to me.
“The man’s name is Officer Timothy Adams.” He said while whispering in my ear. He walked away, then we walked over to the city hall. We walked in and there he was. He was smoking, with a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. He had on a black shirt with blue jeans.
“Son of a b****, you served. My mother fuckers can’t even do a simple task.” Timothy said getting up from his set.

“Why did you do it?” Dalten asked while putting his hand on the handle of his gun.
“I see, ok I’ll tell you. You see that man was a drunk, and he needed to die. He over heard everything that we were talking about. Which we were talking about murdering the town.” Timothy said while pulling out his gun. he pointed the gun at me.

“Why don’t you join me, together we can take over towns and be rich. What do you say about that?” He asked with a big smile. I looked at I Walk, and Dalten.
“You know you're the biggest dumbass. You could’ve gotten away with this. But you let me here to easy. No wonder why you suck.” I said looking into his eyes. Then he shot up in the air.

“Shut the F*** up b****, this is my show! NOT YOUR’S!” He yelled pointing the gun at me. Then guys started to come, we pushed the tables over and took out our guns. Everyone started to shoot.

Luckily we were still alive. There were six men in the room. When Dalten stood up and aimed, he pulled the trigger and shot the guy in the throat. We could hear that guy gurgling for about ten minutes. I started doing blank shots, I think one bullet shot the guy in the arm. But Timothy was still in the room, that’s good. If that bastard leaves the room, I would scream. Then I Walk shot a guy in the head, and we heard a big thump. Two down, four to go, and one asshole. One person ran up, and I heard him. I layed down on my side, and shot him in the toe. Then I shot him in the head. Three down, three more to go. I saw Dalten doing blank shots, and one bullet hit Timothy in the knee cap. Timothy fell to the ground and started to scream. He’s down, thanks to Dalten. Now that asshole is not going anywhere. I Walk stood up, and shot the three men that were standing. All three fell to the ground, he looked over and Timothy escaped. There was a trail of blood, so he hasn't gotten far. We left the room and headed outside. There was a crowd of people around them. He was sitting on the ground. “Well, this where it all ends. Huh, Katie? But I want to ask you something. How do you know that I’m the only one left?” Timothy asked while holding on to his knee cap. I walked over to Timothy. “Because, the knife wouldn’t get to your face. It would get somewhere from your arms, or chest. So I know you weren’t the one that killed him.” I said walking up to him closer. Then I sat next to him. “Tell me, where are the others?” I asked smiling at him. Then he frowned. “There are houses around here, and there are a lot. So good luck trying to find them.” He said and started laughing. I stood up and and aimed at his head. “What are you doing Katie?” Timothy asked trying to stand up. Then I pulled the trigger and he started to scream. He looked at me. “You know what, I can tell you. One is a f*ing tall asshole, his name is Harry Red. The other one is a smart one though, his name is Stephen Fillmore. Then the last one is dumb, his name is Frank Stevens. They call themselves the X’s.” He said looking at me. Then I Walk gave me a gun. “You can’t kill me.” Timothy said crawling away from me. I started walking up to him. I aimed at his head and pulled the trigger. Then we started to walk. I remembered this town, it did had a lot of houses. It use to be a small town with a low population. But when years gone by, it started to grow and grow. Anyway short story, there are an ass ton of houses. So that will take sometime. We started to ask people around town about the X’s. When we do, they shut their doors or tell us to leave this town while we still can. Then we got our answers, this guy told us where they are. He told us what there names are and everything. Even what they looked like. You know what, I’ll tell what they look like. Harry Red, a very tall man. He’s strong, the man told me that he can pick 300 pound men. Harry has tank top, with combat jeans and combat boots. The man told me that he was in the army. That’s all I know about Harry Red. Now for the smart one. His name is Stephen Fillmore. He wears fine clothing, like a suit and a tie. The man told me that he worked as rocket scientist. Stephen had time on his hands, he even worked for NASA. That’s all I know for Stephen Fillmore. Last but not least, Frank Stevens. This one wears a Cowboy hat with blue jeans and steel toe boots. Now, why is he dumb? The man told me that he dropped out of school and he quit his job. But that’s all for Frank Stevens. Now it’s time to make a visit to their home.

We got to their home. It was a manchen, luckily these are standing. There’s this street with big houses, and there by a lake. Dalten went around back, while I Walk was on the side of the wall. I knocked on the door, and it opened.
“Hey, what’s a woman like you doing here?” Harry said while he was staring at my boobs. Then the rest of them came to him.

“Harry, don’t tell me that you called a whore.” Frank said, then he got smacked up the side of the head. That person was Stephen.
“You guys go back inside, I’ll call if there’s any trouble.” Stephen said while he was smiling at me. He looks...wow. He has black wave hair, and he is tan with brown shiny eyes.

“Would you like to come in?” Stephen asked. I shook my head, and we went inside. I came inside, the place looks beautiful. The walls are painted sky blue and if you looked up at the ceiling, it was covered with a picture of angels with golden harps next to an opened gate. Then there was a spiral staircase. After that we went to the kitchen. He told me to sit at the table. Then the rest of them sat at the table as well.
“So, what brings you to our lovely home?” Stephen asked.

“I work for Officer Timothy Adams, do you know him?” I asked looking at Stephen.
“Yes, I know him. Why do you ask?” He asked while he put his hands on the table.

“We should strap her to the table.” Frank said while he was staring at my boobs again. Then Stephen stood and took out his knife. He walked behind Frank.
“Frank, Frank, Frank. You have a dirty, dirty mouth. Do you know that Frank Stevens?” Stephen said while he put his hand on Franks head.

“Yeah boss. So when are we going to do it?” Frank asked still looking at me. Then Stephen shoved the knife through Franks head. Blood started to squirt out. Then Harry stood up and walked over to Frank. He picked him up, and took him out of the room. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you what Harry looks like. Don’t worry about Frank, he looked like a pig. Harry has black hair, and it’s buzzed. He’s ripped like Luck Foragno. Then when I looked at his arm, there was a big scar. he walked out of the kitchen.
“Sorry about that, I didn’t get your name.” Stephen said looking at me.

“My name is Katie Washington, and don’t worry. I already know your name.” He wrapped his arms around.
“Timothy talks about me, I’m also well known here. People look at me and Harry. They are scared as hell. Anyway, he told you to come here?” He asked.

“Yeah, he did. Timothy told me to ask you if I can join.” I said smiling back at him. He stood up and started to walk around the table.
“I’m going to tell you something, it was I that created this world. Plus, I sent threats to countries to do so. Then they throw nucks at us. Then we threw them back.” He stopped at me and put his hands on my shoulders. Then he took them off.

“WHY YES KATIE, YOU CAN JOIN!” He yelled out with a smile. Harry came back in the room.
“What is it sir?” Harry asked.

“This beautiful woman is joining us.” Stephen said while he hugged me. Then Harry walked over and shook my head.

They were still outside, I hope they're not mad at me. Stephen took me upstairs. We walked into his room. It was big, he had a love bed with a chandelier on top of it. Plus the room was painted red. Stephen sat down on his bed.
“You know, ever since you came. You made me smile. No one ever has, after I created the world.” He said looking at me. He patted down on the bed for me to sit down. I walked over and sat down.

“So you, what do you think?” I asked while I put my hand on top of his. Then out of nowhere, we made out. He took his clothes off, and so did I. But you think I liked him, wrong. There was a knife strapped around my leg. I took it out and stabbed him in the chest. He fell to the ground. I ran downstairs and I saw that Dalten, and I Walk came inside. Dalten was on the ground holding on to his left arm, while I Walk was picked up and slammed to the wall. I Walk was hitting Harry with his gun so he would let go. Then Dalten got up and aimed at Harry. He fired the gun. Harry fell backwards, while I Walk was still in Harry's arms. He got up, I went to go get my stuff. I went back downstairs and we were ready to go. I opened the door, and there was a guy.
“I see you killed those bastards. I’m surprised that he would let you guys in.” The man said looking over my shoulder.

“Who are you?” I asked.
“My name is Dan Frankland, I was supposed to kill these men. It looks like you guys helped me.” I looked at him. He had brown hair, with blue eyes. He wore a black cowboy hat, with a black trench coat. He also had black pants and black shoes.

“So where are you guys going?” Dan asked while he looked at me.
“I don’t know, I killed the men who murdered that guy back at New Milwaukee.” I said while I shrugged. He walked up closer to us.

“Your Katie Washington, and this man is I Walk, and that black man is Dalten Bens.” Dan said while he looked at us and smiled.
“How do you know our names?” I asked with my eyebrow up. He turned around.
“Because I was supposed to kill you guys, and when I looked at you guys. I didn’t want to.” He said turning around.

After I killed those men, I decided to retire. I’m now with my husband I Walk. We have three kids. For Dalten...he decided to stay with us.

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This book has 2 comments.

E.T.Wotruba said...
on Dec. 1 2012 at 9:00 pm
E.T.Wotruba, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
0 articles 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Hold on to your butts." Jurassic Park

Thanks, I kinda went fast with that one. Also I'm making The Book of All Sins longer. Maybe in the mid futre I'll make this one longer and more detail.

on Dec. 1 2012 at 8:55 pm
ZacharyCrank SILVER, Winchester, Kentucky
5 articles 0 photos 7 comments
Kinda a bit jumpy. You went from her being pale, to dieing. Give some detail between. Don't go through the storyline so fast & give some details about the sickness.


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