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I Walk

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Chapter 3

I woke up, and I was naked. Wow, I hope he nevers leaves me. His arm was over my body, then I went back to sleep. Hours later he was up, he woke me up and we put our clothes on. We grabbed our stuff and checked out. Dalten was at the desk.
“So, did you like the room?” He asked. I started to play with my hair, and I Walk was looking at the ground smiling.
“I see you guys loved it.” Dalten said smiling. I gave him the key. Then we grabbed our stuff and walked out of the hotel. The horse was still there, so we put our stuff on it and got on. After that, we rode out of the town. While riding on the horse we started talking.
“You weren’t bad.” I Walk said while he turned to look at me.
“You’re not so bad either.” I said smiling at him. After we talked, I put my arms over his waist, and rested my head on his back. I did that for the whole entire time when we were riding. Then in seconds we heard someone yell out, “Wait for me to catch up!” We turned our horse and there he was, Dalten Bens.
“Why did you follow us?” I Walk asked.
“They gave me the whole entire year off when you guys left, then I thought maybe I should follow you guys.” Dalten said. I looked at him, maybe he could join us to get this guy.
“Maybe he can come with us.” I said smiling at I Walk. He turned to look at me.
“Sure, you can come with us.” I Walk said, and gave me a kiss. Then we started to ride. Hours later it was night time. We had to set up camp. Luckily I Walk had a extra sleeping bag. He even had firewood and a match. Dalten had a sleeping bag as well, which is good. But if he didn’t, he had to sleep on the hard cold ground. I Walk started a fire with the wood and we gathered around it. Then in seconds we heard a gunshot.
We crouched down, and took out our pistoles. It was hard to see out in the opened. Then there was a second shot, and I Walk shot his gun. We heard a thumb, yup he got him. Dalten had a flashlight and we walked over to where the dead body was. We got up to it, and it was no one that we knew. The dead body had a black cowboy boots, black paints, ablack trench coat, and a black hat. I started to look for anything that was in his pockets. Then I found a note in his right pocket and started to read it. It read, “She has a guy with her, be careful and don’t screw this up. After you kill them just leave them there.” I ripped the note and brought it with me to the fire. Then I threw it into the fire.
“This guy wants my head, he needs a hundred men to kill me.” I said and went to bed. Then they went to bed as well. The next day we woke up. Got our stuff ready and went on the world. For a while me and I Walk were talking the whole time. Then we got there.
“Well this is it, Old Oconomowoc.” Dalten said looking at the town. We looked at it, there was the town hall that had a clock on it, and what looks like was very old buildings that were still standing. I got off my horse. I put on my police badge and went into the town. People started to look at us, then there was guy that walked up to us. He had glasses on with a flannel shirt, boots, paints and short hair. He even had a circle scar on his right side of his face.
“What are you guys doing here.” The man asked.
“Were looking for a guy that has a big scar, do you know where he is.” I said looking at him. Then he turned to face the city hall. Then he walked up to me.
“The man’s name is Officer Timothy Adams.” He said while whispering in my ear. He walked away, then we walked over to the city hall. We walked in and there he was. He was smoking, with a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. He had on a black shirt with blue jeans.
“Son of a b****, you served. My mother fuckers can’t even do a simple task.” Timothy said getting up from his set.
“Why did you do it?” Dalten asked while putting his hand on the handle of his gun.
“I see, ok I’ll tell you. You see that man was a drunk, and he needed to die. He over heard everything that we were talking about. Which we were talking about murdering the town.” Timothy said while pulling out his gun. he pointed the gun at me.
“Why don’t you join me, together we can take over towns and be rich. What do you say about that?” He asked with a big smile. I looked at I Walk, and Dalten.
“You know you're the biggest dumbass. You could’ve gotten away with this. But you let me here to easy. No wonder why you suck.” I said looking into his eyes. Then he shot up in the air.
“Shut the F*** up b****, this is my show! NOT YOUR’S!” He yelled pointing the gun at me. Then guys started to come, we pushed the tables over and took out our guns. Everyone started to shoot.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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ZacharyCrank said...
Dec. 1, 2012 at 8:55 pm
Kinda a bit jumpy. You went from her being pale, to dieing. Give some detail between. Don't go through the storyline so fast & give some details about the sickness.
E.T.Wotruba replied...
Dec. 1, 2012 at 9:00 pm
Thanks, I kinda went fast with that one. Also I'm making The Book of All Sins longer. Maybe in the mid futre I'll make this one longer and more detail.

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