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I Walk

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Chapter 1

Year, 2041. Location, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Welcome to the desert. I guess I can tell you what happened, but then I will tell my name and my story. So it starts out on a cloudy day, all of a sudden a nuke dropped. Then there were wars and now America is a waste land. However, the police still stuck with the law. So now we are back in the old wild west style. Now it’s my story, my name is Katie Washington and I’m a police officer. I’m 23 years old with black long hair and green eyes, and I have a farmer’s tan. Even though everyone has one. When I’m on the job, there’s always a guy that’s trying to hit on me. Almost everyone has, sadly enough. I live in a built shed in the middle of nowhere. My dad built it for us until he past away. Now it’s just me and my sweet mother. She has to be the nicest mom in the whole world. Everyday I get home from work she would hug me, and ask me how my day has been. When my mom and I go to the store, everyone asks us if we are sisters. But she would smile and say no, but we do look like we could be. Then there was that one day when she got the flu. She was in bed a lot after that. Man, one day when I came home from work, she looked pale as a ghost. Before I knew it, she died from a rare sickness. That’s what the doctors told me. After that, I had something in my mind that said, “I Walk”. I don’t what that meant, but I think God told me to move on. And so I did, I walked. The next day I had to go back to work. I got out of my shed, and got on a horse. Before I did, I looked at the sky. When my dad died, I’d looked at the sky and thought to myself, “Would this mean that it will happen to my mom?”. When I thought about that it made me think. Now that it happened to my mom. What’s next for me? Before she died, she told me I should get a boyfriend and get married. When she told me that, I couldn’t. There’s way too many things to worry about. Then I told her, if it happens that I have a boyfriend then it happens. But not now, there’s a crime to solve. So I rode my horse to a man made town. They called that town New Milwaukee. I don’t know why they would call it that. I heard that the nuke destroyed Milwaukee, and there were no buildings, no houses, no nothing. I got to New Milwaukee, there was a crowd of people outside. I got off my horse and went over to the crowded area. I went into the crowd and when I reached the middle, there was a dead man on the ground. Then the police came to back the crowd up to make more room. Walking over to me was Officer Timothy Adams. He’s the boss, and that the same time he is nice. He’s tall with blond hair and blue eyes, also he is 30 years old. So he’s not that old. But when I looked at his face, he has a big scar across his right cheek.
“What happened to your face Timothy?” I asked. He looked at me and smiled.
“I was going home yesterday and as I got off my horse, I tripped over a rock, and when I fell there was a rock in front of me. I got up, went inside and that was that. Thank God, I didn’t died.” He said while kneeling down. We looked at the dead body. The dead body had a knife in his hand, also he got shot in the chest.
“So Katie, what do you think happened?” Timothy asked.
“It looked like someone tried to attack him. Before he was attacked he had his knife out. But when he turned around he was tackled to the ground. Then there’s blood on the knife, so he got him or she pretty good.” I said, then I stood up. I looked over and there was a guy outside his shop. I walked over there, then Timothy followed me.
“Where are you going?” He asked trying to catch up with me. I kept walking and the guy was still standing there. Then I stopped, he was holding onto his arm.
“Sir, can I ask you some questions?” I asked. He looked over to the dead body.
“That guy had it coming from a mile away.” The shopkeeper said still looking at the dead body from afar.
“So you know the guy?” I asked looking at him. Then he looked at me.
“He’s name is Greg Alexander. Man oh man, everytime I talk about his name I just want puke.” He said spitting at the ground. I looked back at his arm.
“So what happened to your arm?” I asked. Then he looked out at the opened field.
“My cat scared me and I threw my knife up in the air. The blade aimed at my arm and boom. It gave me a big scratch.” He said still looking out there. Then Timothy walked up to the shopkeeper.
“What’s your name?” He asked looking at the man.
“My name is Ben Jay Ray. Why?” He asked. His face looked mad.
“Because while looking at that arm...”
“WHAT, YOU THINK I DID IT!” Ben yelled out.
“Calm down Mr. Ray. We’ll come back for more questions later. Have a nice day.” Timothy said. Timothy and I walked over back to the dead body. While walking back we talked.
“You think he did it?” Timothy asked.
“Yeah, but lets just see.”
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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ZacharyCrank said...
Dec. 1, 2012 at 8:55 pm
Kinda a bit jumpy. You went from her being pale, to dieing. Give some detail between. Don't go through the storyline so fast & give some details about the sickness.
E.T.Wotruba replied...
Dec. 1, 2012 at 9:00 pm
Thanks, I kinda went fast with that one. Also I'm making The Book of All Sins longer. Maybe in the mid futre I'll make this one longer and more detail.

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