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A Change in Fate

Author's note: I started writing this because I was bored one day, but I actually ended up getting pretty into...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I started writing this because I was bored one day, but I actually ended up getting pretty into it. I know my writing's not fantastic, though I hope I was at least able to tell a good story.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 1

“Drea, could you get up already?!” yelled Jackie, “It is a school day and breakfast is already on the table.” Jackie continued to shake Drea until she sat up and said groggily, “Alright Jackie I’m already awake.”
“Then why was I up here shaking you to wake you up?” Jackie said smugly.
“I don’t know, why?” Drea replied playfully as she got up and went to her closet to get her school uniform on.
“Shut up Drea.” Jackie chuckled.
Drea stepped into her closet to change into the short blue skirt and white short-sleeved dress shirt. Jackie already had her school uniform on, but it was a little different since she went to the elementary school. She wore a white sailor shirt with the same short blue skirt and black knee socks. Drea was just buttoning the last few buttons as she opened her closet door and stepped out. She grabbed her hair brush and stood in front of the mirror as Jackie watched from her bed.
As she brushed her long brown hair, Drea started thinking about a few things. Lately she’d noticed that she’d been able to do amazing things- things that normal people weren’t able to do. She was able to reach her consciousness out of her body to feel all the things going on around her.
When she was little, she was only able to feel the aura and energy of someone, but over the years she began to feel the location of people and their emotions and thoughts. She could extend her mind out towards other people to feel who they were inside. All their emotions and thoughts became clear to her along with their energies and auras.
At first Drea thought it must be some kind of thing where her senses were somehow heightened, but she began to realize that that type of thing wouldn’t allow her to actually feel everything going on around her. It was like Drea knew someone else’s intentions before they actually did anything.
She didn’t even have any idea how she could move her mind out of her body or how she could sense people’s auras, but decided that she would learn to use it in order to protect her family, or at least to be part of something bigger than just her. Her only wish was that she could figure out how to learn to use these abilities, something she had no idea how to do. Most of the time she even tried to use her abilities, she began to feel dizzy or lose clarity, so she needed to find a way to use them well.
“Drea.” She wanted to protect her sister Jackie just like Kevin had protected her so many years ago.
“Drea!” Jackie’s concerned voice snapped Drea out of her daydreams. Drea turned around to see Jackie’s worried face staring back at her surprised one. She forced a smile through her heavy thoughts. “Sorry ‘bout that Jackie, I’ve just got a lot on my mind today.”
“You sure you’re ok?” asked Jackie, looking completely unconvinced. Even though she was only eleven and Drea was fifteen, Jackie never ceased to worry about her older sister since Kevin passed. She knew Jackie didn’t remember much of him, but she still missed him the way she did.
“Yeah, I’m fine Jackie,” smiled Drea as she took a seat next to Jackie on her bed. She pulled on her black knee socks and tied her blue tie to finish off her uniform. Then she got up and went to her desk to put her school books in her shoulder bag as Jackie watched her.
“You still look really out of it if you ask me,” Jackie said suspiciously.
Drea smiled back one of those fake smiles, saying, “Trust me Jackie. I’m ok. There’s no need to be so worried about me.” Her voice ended in a whisper.
Just as she said that, she froze suddenly. It felt like someone was watching them. She felt that tingling feeling that made her feel as though someone’s eyes were locked upon her. Drea turned around to look at her window, but there was no one there.
What this person didn’t know though, was that Drea could still feel their presence close by. They may have moved out of her line of sight, but she knew they were still there. It was like her senses alerted her to someone strange, and she wasn’t about to just let them fool her. Drea thought she’d try out her abilities to see who this person was, so she extended her mind out to this person.
They felt… cold, but familiar in some way. How can this aura be familiar? As far as Drea remembered, she had never felt someone quite like this; someone who was cold, but kind, fierce, but gentle. I need to see who this is, she thought, though she wasn’t exactly sure how to find out. Maybe I can reach my mind even further into theirs. She tried to reach into their mind, but just as she reached their consciousness, she felt a type of wall come up to stop her.
It was extremely strong, reverberating with power. Before Drea even had time to react, this person turned the tables on her. They were invading her mind. But how? How do they know how to get into my mind?
They were digging into her, trying to discover who she was. It was painful as they shifted through her memories and her consciousness, sapping all the energy out of her. Drea could no longer stand anymore. She dropped her bag and fell to the floor, her eyes widening with terror as her things clattered out everywhere.
She heard Jackie running over to her, yelling her name as she kneeled down in front of her. Drea was having trouble focusing now. Her vision was blurring with everything being drowned out by the pain, even her hearing was getting worse. She didn’t black out though, since just before she lost consciousness, the pain in her head began to subside. They were retreating out of her mind. She blinked as her eyes started to come back into focus. Her hearing also began to return as she heard Jackie saying, “Drea what happened?”
Drea groaned and tried to get up with Jackie’s help. “Come on Drea. We’ve got to call the doctor, something’s wrong.”
“No,” said Drea quietly. “I don’t want you to tell mom and dad. I just got a little lightheaded, that’s all.”
“But Drea!”
“No Jackie. I’m serious,” said Drea more forcefully as she got to her knees. “I don’t want you to tell them anything. I’ll be fine so let’s just go downstairs to eat.”
Drea forced herself up, using her desk as a handhold while Jackie watched nervously. She bent down and grabbed her bag to put the books she dropped back in it. She wasn’t even extremely sure how that person had gotten into her mind, but she wasn’t about to involve Jackie in what happened. Jackie didn’t know anything about the way Drea was able to use her mind and Drea didn’t need her to know about that right now. She worried about her older sister enough as it is and Drea didn’t want Jackie to put a bigger burden upon herself.
She sighed and said, “Alright Jackie let’s get going.” Jackie still wasn’t looking too happy about what happened, but nonetheless she walked out the door and went downstairs. Drea was just about to follow her when she realized she had forgotten her charm.
She trotted back to her desk where her golden necklace was. Her older brother, Kevin, had given it to her on the day of his death, just before he died six years ago. Drea wore it every day to remember him and keep him close. It was a golden shuriken consisting of four blades sprouting off of the circular handhold in the middle. It had white gold on the edges where the blades were.
Drea moved her fingers over the smooth, ice-cold gold, caressing it in her fingers as she remembered her older brother. She was there when he died, but she didn’t talk about it much. There was always a place inside of her that felt like it was her fault that Kevin died. Everyone told her she was wrong, that it was some sort of freak accident, but deep inside her she couldn’t destroy those feelings of guilt.
She was there when he died, but Drea didn’t even have a great memory of what even happened that night. There were only certain pieces of her memory that she could remember, like her brother falling as he bled and him giving her the necklace, but that was about it. The rest was blank. Drea knew there had to be more to what happened, but every time she tried to reach those memories, there was nothing there. She just didn’t have the key to unlock what was hidden from her.
Her parents had told her that her friend and mother had knifed Kevin when he came to save her, and then disappeared. They’d never been caught or anything, and the police had no idea where they would’ve gone. Apparently her parents had gotten her from the hospital and taken her home where she woke up later that day. She’d wanted to believe that story for so long, but something about it just didn’t seem right. Something told her that there was more to what happened that night. She sighed at the thought as she put on the necklace like she did every day.
She headed out the door and made her way downstairs where she found her parents and sister sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast.
Jackie gave Drea a concerned look, which Drea ignored as she went over to get herself a cream cheese bagel for breakfast. She hung her bag on her chair while she stood to eat it. Their mother was doing the dishes and their father was reading the newspaper while Jackie ate her cereal. Their mornings were actually pretty quiet since there was never all that much to talk about, so their mother started with the usual, “How was your morning Jackie?” Jackie innocently ate another bite of cereal and said, “Oh mine was fine, but Drea-”
“Drea was just having a bit of trouble sleeping last night because of all the things she’s got on her mind.” Drea interrupted with a tone to suggest a warning to her sister with a look to match.
“You sure you’re alright today Drea?” said her mother, giving Drea that same warning tone about using that tone with her sister.
“Yeah mom, just tired.” And that was the end of that conversation. The excitement of a school morning never ended.
They were silent for a while after that with each one of them going back to whatever they were doing. Then their dad looked at his watch and took out his wallet to give Drea her lunch money before her and Jackie left. “Alright Drea five dollars today right?” asked her father as he took out a bill and handed it to her. “Don’t lose it.” It was five dollars for lunch every couple days so Drea just had to make sure she didn’t lose it over the course of those days. Yeah, lose it, she thought sarcastically. Someone would steal it before she even had the chance to lose it.
Drea was not the most popular kid in school, so of course she became the victim of the classic “bully steals your lunch money” situation. Mean girls absolutely loved to pick on her because of her quiet demeanor. She’d gotten pretty creative at finding new hiding places in her clothes where no one would be able to steal her money though. The perks to being clever: making the bully look like an idiot when they can’t find your money. “Thanks dad,” smiled Drea as she pocketed her money.
“Why can’t I take money like Drea?” asked Jackie, always wanting to be like her older sister.
“Because I made you such a wonderful lunch,” said their mother cheerfully, handing Jackie the classic brown paper bag. Jackie sighed as she accepted it, looking disappointed. She looked up to Drea even more so since Kevin died, so she would’ve loved to take money too. Drea didn’t blame her though; she’d always felt like a dork bringing bagged lunch.
“Alright girls time to get going,” said their mom as she looked at the clock, “Drea, you make sure you watch your sister.”
“Yeah mom,” responded Drea as she finished up the last bites of her bagel. “You ready Jackie?” She picked up her bag from the chair and slung it over her shoulder.
“Yup.” Jackie ran to the sink to put her bowl away just before she grabbed her bag off the floor and headed for the door, Drea right behind her.
Since Drea went to the high school and Jackie went to the elementary school, school didn’t actually start at the same time for them, but their parents felt better if they walked together. Jackie was always about an hour early, but her friends were there so she really didn’t mind too much. Their parents had gotten very overprotective after Kevin passed, but that was pretty expected. Jackie couldn’t be out much by herself without Drea, and Drea couldn’t leave the house for more than a few hours before her parents started having a heart attack. That’s the reason Drea had a cell phone though: protection, forget about friends.
They walked down the street in silence. Drea still had a lot going on in her head, especially with her sudden encounter that morning. She noticed Jackie stealing looks at her, but kept on walking. Jackie must’ve felt a little guilty about almost telling mom and dad earlier, but Drea had already forgotten about that.
They walked together for the few blocks to their schools since the elementary and high schools were right next to each other. They were on the same campus, but of course there were the high school areas and the elementary areas. The elementary school was on the left and the high school was on the right from the main gate. It was pretty separated that way, but Jackie and Drea saw each other periodically.
As they reached the main gate, Jackie looked to Drea. “Look Drea I’m sorry about before, but are you sure you’ll be ok?”
Drea returned her look with a smile. “I’ll be completely fine Jackie. Ok? Don’t worry so much about me, worry about yourself for a change.”
“Ok Drea,” she said sounding exhausted. “See you later then.” Jackie trotted over to where her two friends, Jenny and Keisha, were waiting for her. They were all eleven years old, about the same height too. They came early just to keep her company, but they did homework and projects too of course. The three of them stood in their little triangle, talking and laughing cheerfully. Drea stood smiling as she watched them. It must be nice to have friends like that, she thought to herself forlornly.
Drea never had friends like her sister did because of the “in her head”, quiet type of attitude she adopted in school; to most people it seemed like she didn’t care to talk with people or make friends. She always retreated so far into herself that she found it hard to make friends. Drea was never the most popular or standout person either, fading into the background most of the time during school.
She didn’t have a whole bunch of friends, but she did have her best friend Karen who stuck around her despite her quiet demeanor. Karen was just about the perkiest person Drea had ever met; they were complete opposites.
Drea walked on to her side of the school, which was to the right of the gate. There were four gates in all: one for each of the cardinal directions with north being the main gate. Walls were in between the gates to stop kids from getting out. Drea walked nonchalantly past benches, trees, and other kids preparing to start the day. She looked at her phone and saw that she still had another ten minutes before class started, so she decided she’d take a leisurely slow walk up to the classroom.
Just before Drea entered the school building, she heard someone call, “Drea!” She turned around in surprise since no one besides Karen usually wanted to speak with her. As she did, she smiled in seeing Drake, her lab partner. He seemed like a nice guy, but she always felt like there was something off about him. She tried to be nice though. “Hey Drake, you need something?”
“Well I was just wondering if you were alright. You’re looking a little off today.” That was a strange thing to say; Drea was acting the same as she did every other day. Something wasn’t right, so she decided she’d find what he was thinking. She’d been the victim of many pranks before, and she really didn’t have the desire to fall prey to another one. Probably not the smartest idea based on what happened that morning, but she was just getting this bad feeling about Drake.
To stall a little bit of time she said, “Well I don’t think you know me well enough to say that I’m looking a little off. Don’t you agree?” almost ending with a threatening tone in her fake cheery act. She forced her mind out towards his when she said it, but was met with another wall. He knew more than he was letting on.
Drea pulled back and felt his aura instead. He felt cold and hostile, but that wasn’t all. The sense of bloodlust coming out of him was unmistakable. Her eyes widened, faintly remembering something like this; the feeling felt so nostalgic, but she didn’t remember feeling it. In that instant, she noticed her necklace was burning when it was cold as ice only a few minutes ago. It was tucked under her shirt, searing her skin with its intensity. It was never so hot, not that she could remember anyway.
Drake was saying something, but she couldn’t hear it. Shattered pieces of memories were coming back to her; it hurt, forcing Drea to her knees. She saw Kevin dying again, but with that same bloodlust choking her and surrounding her in her memories. She hadn’t remembered this when she thought of her brother’s death at all. The feeling was so familiar though, it was unbearable.
All of a sudden, it subsided. It was no longer crushing her, but the feeling was scorched into her memory. There was no mistaking it; the night that Kevin died that bloodlust was strong, but how could she have not remembered a feeling such as that?
Drake was bending down next to her saying, “Are you ok?” He seemed so caring, but Drea knew it was a lie. He had that same bloodlust that she now remembered from that fateful night. She wasn’t about to trust him.
“I’m fine,” she said, forcing herself up. He tried to help her, but she whacked his hand away. “You stay away from me. Got it?” she said threateningly with a new found confidence she didn’t know she had. Drea wasn’t the type of person to pick a fight, but this time it was different.
She felt this overwhelming desire to attack him even. There was no explanation for it, she just really wanted to rip this guy apart, and she would if he didn’t stay away. Drea couldn’t decipher this feeling, but it almost felt natural for her. She’d never felt this type of feeling before, and yet it felt right. Her own desire to be violent frightened her, but for some reason it was only Drake whom made her feel this way.
“Hold on, what happened Drea?” Drake was staring at her as if she’d gone crazy. Maybe I have lost my mind.
“You just better stay away from me or I’ll hit you so hard your nose will break.” And with that, Drea ran into the school building, resting her head in her hands. When she was inside the doors, she slumped to the floor. That feeling she had had disappeared as though it never existed, but she knew it was one hundred percent real. She didn’t want to hurt him anymore, but she didn’t even know what had come over her. Drea usually wasn’t like that, but that feeling of bloodlust was just so strong that she couldn’t stand it.
She held onto her charm, noticing a decrease in its temperature. Within minutes, it was cool once again, even though she had been holding it so tightly. As she stared at it, she realized the one other place it had felt hot: when Kevin had given it to her. In the six years after that though it had never burned as it just did so why now? She didn’t really remember that night, but she did remember receiving it from him. She’d thought the necklace was hot because it was under his shirt, yet the fact that it never burned so much in those six years, even when she wore it under her shirts every day, made her think she could’ve been wrong.
Drea got up from the floor and began to go to her first class once again. She didn’t have a lot of time anymore, so she went swiftly up the stairs and down the hall to the room. Just as she got to the door, her eccentric friend Karen appeared right behind her and yelled, “Drea!” in her usual cheerful manner.
Everyone thought Karen was way too perky and cheerful to be hanging out with someone like Drea, but for whatever reason, Karen enjoyed being friends with her. It must’ve started six years ago, right after Kevin passed. Karen had seen Drea sitting alone in the park where they always used to hang out. She sat down next to her and started talking to her. Drea felt so happy that someone wanted to talk with her like Karen had. Slowly she started to open up to Karen, so much so that Karen now knew everything about Drea, including why she seemed so withdrawn. The only thing she didn’t know was the part about Drea’s abilities. Drea did plan on telling her though, she just didn’t know when or how.
“Hey Karen,” said Drea as she bent down to pick up the books she had dropped. They walked into the room and took a seat. Before class started, the first hour classrooms were kind of like a hangout for everyone. During class, Drea sat in the front of the room while Karen sat somewhere in the middle.
Drea walked in and took her usual seat in the chair closest to the door while Karen sat atop of Drea’s desk like she always did. Karen was smiling as usual while Drea looked around the room. A bunch of kids had already gathered in the room to talk before class started.
“Good morning Drea. How are you?” said Karen kindly.
“I suppose I’m doing alright. Bit tired this morning. And you?”
“Come on Drea, you of all people should know that I’m always doing well. You seem a bit off today, you sure you’re alright?” Seems that just about everyone was concerned about her today. She was getting tired of it.
“I’m fine Karen; thinking about a lot of stuff lately. Drake was bugging me this morning.”
“Ooo Drake?” she said excitedly, moving forward on her desk, “He’s hot! Did he ask you out?”
“He’s not hot Karen. He’s a jerk and there’s something really wrong with him. Keep away from him.” Drea took on a tone so serious that Karen stopped talking and looked at her as if she was trying to discover how the gears were turning in her head.
“Drea… what happened with him?” she said quietly, so quietly, it felt as though all other movement had ceased. Drea took a deep breath; she was about to tell her best friend about what she could do when Karen slid off her desk to stand beside her. “Trouble,” she whispered to Drea.
Drea looked ahead at the door to see Crystal and her two friends, Katie and Kaia entering the room. They were in the same grade as Drea, but all three of them had just moved there recently. They were considered the most popular girls in school too, and as school goes, the popular kids absolutely loved picking on the not-so-popular kids. In this situation, Drea was considered one of those not-so-popular kids that Crystal just loved to pick on. Drea really didn’t know why since she really didn’t allow much of anything to get to her, but each day Crystal got some kind of high from attempting to make her feel like a freak.
Drea sat up straight and sighed as Crystal approached her. She came up to Drea and sat on top of her desk like she owned the place. It wasn’t playful and friendly like Karen though, Crystal made sure to do it as insultingly as possible. She crossed her legs and looked down at Drea as if she owned the place. The queen was sitting on top of her castle, looking the jester up and down with disgust. Katie and Kaia came up and stood behind her with those I’m-better-than-you looks.
“Hello Drea, and how are we today?” said Crystal in the annoying little voice she liked to use. Maybe she actually did think she was a queen.
“How much do we care today?” Drea mimicked in that squeaky, high pitched voice of hers.
“Good point sweetie.” She inspected her nails and said, “You know I’ve gotten pretty bored with this conversation, so how ‘bout you just give me the money that I know you have hidden in your shoes and I can move along.”
Drea got up out of her chair and glared at Crystal with one of those “over my dead body” looks. The money didn’t really bother her, it was her thinking she was better than everyone else that bothered her. “How ‘bout you get off your high horse and get lost,” still mimicking her squeaky little voice in an insultingly sarcastic tone.
Crystal smiled menacingly as she got off the desk and came over to Drea. If was almost as if she had discovered something about Drea that she didn’t even know herself from the way she looked at her. Crystal put her hand on her shoulder and said, “You’re really something, aren’t you Drea? I hope you start to understand soon.”
She didn’t know what Crystal meant by that, but within a couple of seconds, that same feeling of someone invading her mind came back to her, but it was different from that morning. Both times were painful, though this seemed much worse. It was like a needle was scrapping at the sides of her skull. They weren’t looking for her secrets though, this was an intentional pain; it was meant to drain her body and force her to the ground, unlike that morning when it was like they were just looking for something. It felt like hot iron was flooding through her veins with Crystal’s touch.
Her necklace started burning ferociously again. It hadn’t done that when someone got into her mind that morning so why was it burning now? And so soon after what had happened with Drake? It continued to scorch her skin as the pain got worse. She wasn’t sure what was going on now, with her eyes swimming and her shoulder and necklace burning painfully.
Without even knowing it, Drea’s body moved on its own accord. She knocked away Crystal’s hand with a quick flick of her wrist, before performing an under-the-feet sweep kick to land Crystal on her butt. Before she knew it, Crystal was on the floor staring up at Drea with a surprised look on her face. Katie and Kaia were gathering around her to gauge her reaction. At this point, a whole bunch of kids were looking at them, sniffing out a fight. Seems like everybody in high school loved to stick around to watch people beat each other up.
It was completely silent as everyone waited for what would come next. The burning in her charm stopped increasing in intensity suddenly, becoming hot, but not scorching. It was like it was calming down now for some reason, though it still didn’t return to its cold state. Karen stood next to Drea in surprise, looking from Drea to Crystal before a smile broke out on her face.
“Nice job Drea! I didn’t know you could do stuff like that!” She patted Drea on the shoulder approvingly. Drea just stood there though, unmoving and unsure of what had happened.
I can’t do things like that though, she thought slowly. How did I do it? It was almost like and instinct; when she felt that burning touch on her shoulder her body told her what to do. Drea had never done something like that, and she didn’t even realize she’d done it. It felt like she was looking at someone from the outside, wishing she could do stuff like that. What did I just do? She looked down at Crystal with wonder.
In an instant Crystal got over her confusion. She got up and brushed herself off. Drea continued to look down, unable to move from the leaden feel her body had taken on. The teacher, Ms. Kray, walked in to see Crystal looking at Drea with murderous eyes and the whole class scattered around the room staring at them in silence.
She stopped and said, “Alright I don’t care what’s going on here, but the all of you need to sit down so I can start my class. Drea, Crystal, break it up. Now.” Everyone slowly moved to their seats as Ms. Kray went to the board to write the lesson plan. Karen moved slowly away to her seat, looking at Drea with a concerned look on her face. Only Drea and Crystal still stood.
Crystal shoved past Drea on the way to her seat saying, “Seems you’re starting to get it,” with a vicious smile as she made her way to her seat in the back of the room. Now everyone was in their seats except for Drea; she still stood staring down at the floor.
She wasn’t standing there because she wanted to; it was more like her feet were glued to the floor. When Crystal touched her, it felt like fire, but now it was as if that fire cooled and actually did become lead. It had numbed her entire being, rendering her unable to move. Drea’s body was feeling heavy and useless, but it still felt like it was steaming where Crystal touched her. It felt like her body was no longer hers. It felt like she lost all control of herself. Move! she repeated over and over in her mind, but nothing was responding. What did she do to me? Drea was beginning to feel panicked now.
Ms. Kray finished writing the lesson plan on the board, and was just about to start class. That is until she turned around and saw Drea still standing.
“Drea?” she said in her impatient teacher tone, “Take your seat please, I’m about to start class now. So if you would…” pointing out Drea’s seat, like it wasn’t obvious or somehow she’d forgotten where she sat.
Drea heard her, but still couldn’t respond. It was like all the strength was being drained from her body. Her eyes began to swim as her body weakened and the world danced in front of her. Crystal had done more to Drea than she had previously thought. Her knees gave in as she fell forward and hit the floor, landing on her side with her body unable to move. She heard Ms. Kray run over to her and scream her name. Karen must’ve come over too as her voice became prominent in all the din obstructing Drea’s ears. She must’ve kneeled down next to her with a few other people, but with the dots skipping in front of her vision, Drea could no longer tell.
She was losing consciousness this time, and the last thing she remembered seeing was Crystal smiling tauntingly at her in her mind’s eye. She didn’t look exactly like Crystal though; she looked wolfish and bestial. She looked like a monster.
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