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The Dome

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Part 1: Introduction

This window, not for my house, my company, but for my life. Living inside this dome is like living in a snow globe. There’s never any fresh air. All the air is man made. Even though it’s completely safe in here from the dead, it’s not safe for the claustrophobic. We’ve had people try to feel the same way now, especially since I’m in this wheelchair. But I have to stay sane. If word gets out that the creator of the dome is questioning something that can endanger the people’s lives, there will be complete chaos. I just have this odd suspicion that the dome isn’t quite ready yet. But I guess I just have to trust my creation.

The next day, I stay inside again. I have been for six weeks now. My paranoia about the dome has gotten stronger. I feel like it’s caving in on me. And knowing I haven't watched the news or looked outside my apartment gives me a suspicion there’s already been an outbreak. So I decide to reach for my remote, press power, and jump at the scare the sound of the tv game me. I listen to the news reporter, but nothing about the dome comes from his mount. “Well, since nothing seems to be bad, I guess I should open my curtains.” So I walk over to the window and pull the drapes open. The shearing pain from the sunshine strikes my eyes. There’s nothing, just people walking around the city. I take a deep breath, and slowly walk over to the door out of the apartment room. I reach the door and quietly put my hand on the doorknob. I turn the knob. “Knock! Knock!” goes the door and I jolt back and hit the back of my head on my bed. The door opens and the general of the military with two recruits behind him barge in the room. “Sorry sir,” the general says. I bring myself up to my feet as the general says, “We understand what you’re going through seir, but we need you to come with us. Someone extremely important would like to talk to you.” “Alright.” I reply, struggling to get to my feet. I follow them out the door of my apartment. I try to keep a cool face, but inside I’m freaking out. The general opens the door to the elevator and we get inside. Not a single word is spoken. When we land on the first floor I break the silence and say “So who is this guy?” “Military doctor, Doctor Bradley Musteen.” replies the general. The doors open to the lobby and we walk out the double doors. The brightness of the sky burns my eyes again. I continue to walk with the general and his recruits to their military vehicle. I enter and we leave to somewhere in which I do not know.

We pull into a small laboratory and there standing is a man in a white lab coat. He has white slick hair that’s brushed back. But is very young, looking around 25. He’s extremely skinny with rarely any muscle. He’s a bit taller than me. “My name is Bradly Musteen” he states in a Swedish accent as we get out of the car. “I’m currently the military’s doctor but I hope to become lieutenant.” “My name is Oscar James, head of GLazz, the company that created this here city.” I reply. “Will you please come into my office then, Mr. James?” I nod my head and follow him into the laboratory.

We enter the laboratory. I walk beside Dr. Musteen through the hallways leading to his office. THe general and his recruits follow behind us. We all enter his office after walking through many hallways. As we enter his room, Dr. Musteen states “Will you please give Mr. James and I some privacy.” A short silence occurs afterwards until it’s broken by the general saying “Understood.” as he leaves the room. The door closes and Dr. Musteen turns around to me slowly and takes off his glasses. “So Mr. James, how have you been doing?” asks Dr. Musteen. “Fine. Why?” I reply with suspicion. “I was just curious Mr. James, please take a seat.” he says as he walks over to his desk chair. As I sit down he says, “You know Mr. James, you don’t have to feel so tense. I’m not here to scare you. I’m here to talk to you about some things about the dome. It’s unsturdy. You need some help on it for sure. I also understand that’s why you have been in that apartment for so long, haven’t you?” “No” I reply with an angry frown on my face. “Then why? You have millions from the creation of the dome, and yet you got rid of it all to stay alone in an apartment.” He states. My anger rises and I jump out of my seat and yell “You’re wrong!” A short silence follows. “Mr. James, If you don’t talk about this, you will never move on and you’ll die in that apartment. You could have been a king of the dome, but I can tell your emotional right now though. So meet me at Marty’s Coffee Shop tomorrow at 5:00 PM.” I start to calm down. “Alright.” I say as I start to leave the room. No more words are spoken and I leave the laboratory, back to my apartment.

The next day, I’m questioning even going to meet Dr. Musteen. He starts off wanting to help with the dome, then starts to ask why I live in this apartment. He doesn’t need to know about my life. Hours pass and I’m pulling hair out of my head in confusion. “What was he trying accomplish with asking me that?” I finally decide to go to the shop in just complete suspicion. I need to know what he wanted to accomplish with that conversation. 4:30 already. I should probably get ready then.

I arrive at the coffee shop on time and enter the door. “Welcome!” I hear the cashier exclame far in front of me. I look to my left and right until I see Dr. Musteen waving at me from the furthest away booth. I get into the booth and Dr. Musteen says “Hello Mr. James” “Dr. Musteen, why did you ask me about my life like that?” I question him. “Oh right, about that, Mr. James have you ever loved anybody?” he replies. “Wh-what are you talking about?” I say worryingly. “I did some research about this kind of thing. What was her name?” How does he know? It’s impossible. “I’m smarter than you think Mr. James.” “Carey... Carey James. She was my wife. I decided without her, life was nothing. I gave all the money I earned to charity. And I live my useless life along.” I reply, with tears rolling down my cheek. “Alright, fair enough. I will now answer your question. The reason I’m like this is, because I want to take over development of this dome.” “My creation?” I reply. “Yes. I have some great plans for this dome. But you need to take the first step Mr. James. You can change this world again.” That was the sentence that made my decision. I will give Dr. Musteen the dome.
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