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Elements and Charms

Cameron and Amber stared at the wolf girl, but Zaneasha just smiled at them and motioned them forward. Cameron felt like he was being pulled toward her, like she was a very important part of his life. Each step she took, Cameron matched it. They walked deeper in the woods, and then they came into a clearing. Cameron stopped; he felt anxiousness climb through his arms. His breath came out in rasps, and before he knew it Amber was next to him.
“Cameron? What’s wrong?” she asked with a nervous glance at Zaneasha.
“I’ve been here before…in a dream!” Cameron replied. Zaneasha looked surprised.
“You have?” with her accent suddenly sounding more German. Cameron just nodded, then Zaneasha got an annoyed look on her face. She turned to the nearest bush and said,
“Benji! Come out now I can hear you breathing!” A tiny silver fox crept out of the bush, his black ears were tight around his head and his black and white tale made a swishing noise as it brushed the ground. He brushed his muzzle against Zaneasha’s injured leg, and then leapt to her shoulder. He curled his tail around her neck like a scarf and laid his body across both her shoulders.
She stroked his muzzle.
“This is my little brother Benji, and he is about 14.” Amber walked closer to Zaneasha; she reached her hand out carefully. Benji sniffed it, and then laid his head back down, closing his eyes.
“Benji go transform and say hello to our new friends.” Benji lifted himself to his feet, then he shifted himself so he was sitting on one of Zaneasha’s shoulders, he stared at Amber for a minute with his yellow eyes glowing. Then he leapt of off her shoulder, and sprinted into the woods. Zaneasha turned to Amber and smiled.
“He seems to like you!” Amber blushed.
“You think so?”
After a few minutes a small boy walked into the clearing, He was wearing a short sleeved gray shirt and long black pants. He had normal black tennis shoes, and his yellowish orange eyes seemed to glow in the dying light of the sun. He smiled warmly at his sister and walked to her side. His glowing eyes simply passed over Cameron, and went straight to Amber. Their eyes met, and she turned away blushing. He smiled at her, then turned to Zaneasha and whispered something in her ear. She nodded and turned.
“Follow us!” She waved her hand forward for them to follow. They both walked with her, Amber more limping but still they followed.
They walked toward the cottage and Cameron could feel the anxiousness climbing through his body, his head felt dizzy from all the imagines of his dream coming back to his mind. It was like walking in his dream. He noticed all the smallest things, his breath coming short and fast, and his heavy footsteps crushing the leaves in his way. They reached the cottage and Cameron put a hand on the wall to keep him from falling over, he looked up to see Benji standing next to Amber smiling and talking with her. His voice was very low for a teenage boy, his milk chocolate skin was the complete different of his sister’s creamy white skin. His smile was warm to Amber, but every time he saw Cameron staring at him he would scowl and turn away from Amber.
They all crowded into the small cottage, it had a low ceiling. It had a small wooden table with two chairs, and a big pile of blankets in the corner, Cameron guessed that it was where they slept. The inside smelt like dust with a light scent of flowers. A small fire was burning but it still warmed the cottage nicely. Cameron put his hands to his mouth, rubbing and blowing, trying to make the numbness go away. Amber walked over and grabbed his hands and started to rub them. She looked up and smiled at him, he smiled back and she let go of his hands. Benji walked over to Cameron and stuck his hand out; Cameron stared at it for a second, until he realized what Benji was trying to do. Cameron fit his large hand over Benji’s and shook, Benji smiled slightly never taking his serious eyes off of Cameron. Zaneasha called Benji to come stand by her, Benji walked over and leaned against the wall close to his sister.
“Please take a seat” Zaneasha told them both with her sudden light French accent.
They both took a seat in the two chairs and waited, Benji stood up from leaning against the wall. He smiled and lifted his right hand; in it was a delicate gold chain. Dangling at the bottom of the chain was a blood read ruby in the shape of a heart. Zaneasha lifted her left hand, she held a simple black string, and hanging at the end of it was an ice blue crystal.
Benji walked up to Amber, he unhooked the delicate chain and put it around her neck. He whispered to her, but loud enough that Cameron and Zaneasha could hear to.
“A heart shaped ruby, for your fiery heart!” He kissed her on the forehead and walked back to the wall. Zaneasha walked over to Cameron and he stood, the top of her head went to her chin but she made sure her serious gray eyes met his. She slipped the rope around his neck and said,
“A water crystal dagger, for your sharp mind!” She kissed him on both cheeks and walked back to Benji’s side. Benji turned to Cameron and in his strangely accented tone he asked,
“Cameron, would you go grab that box on the table!” Then he turned to Amber and said a little nicer.
“Would you please open the box Amber?” Amber just nodded and walked over to Cameron. She laid her tiny hand across the lid, and lightly tugged at it, but it didn’t open. Her eye brows ruffled together as she yanked it again, it again didn’t open.
She let out a breath of annoyance, but Benji and Zanesha just smiled at her sweetly. She closed her eyes and started chanting in some weird language.
“Aprite, aprite, aprite. APERTO!” There was a small click, and Benji’s and Zanesha’s eyes shown with amazement. Amber’s eyes grew wide as she realized what she did. But she studied to small objects that she held in her hand, Cameron leaned in to take a look at what they were. One was a delicate gold chain just like Amber’s but at the end of it was an emerald incased in silver. The silver sparkled in the dying sun and it was actually in the shape of a sun. The other object in Amber’s hand was another necklace; this one was a sturdy silver chain. The charm attached to it was silver, and in the shape of a key, at the top it had a small yellow sapphire that was the same color as Benji’s eyes.
Zanesha walked over to them and put her hands on their shoulders.
“You must find them.” They both opened their mouths to question her but before they could the moon had risen. Zanesha’s eyes grew wide, and she started to shiver violently. She bore her suddenly sharp teeth at them, and her nails dug into Cameron’s shirt and Amber screamed in pain/ Cameron pushed Zanesha back with as much force as he could, the now half wolf girl slammed into the opposite wall making the house shudder. Zanesha’s body grew hair, and her arms and legs transformed into four enormous paws. The only thing that stayed the same about her was her eyes, which gleamed with intelligence beyond normal humans. She let out a howl of agony as the rest of her body transformed; she fell to the ground from putting pressure on her right hind leg. Benji, who was still in his human form, stood by with wide eyes at the event. Then her grabbed them both by the arm and shoved them out the door.
“Run!” He screamed, “Get to the end of the forest before…” But he was cut off when his older sister slammed him into the door. A sickly snap echoed in Cameron’s mind as they ran, he could hear the padding of heavy paws on the ground coming to close for comfort. As Cameron ran he thought to himself.
All my life I have had to run from everything, my birth mother, my adopted father, and even my friends. I can’t keep doing this! Cameron screamed in his mind, and then he pulled up short and turned to face Zanesha.
She slammed into his body, sending him flying. He flipped backwards and landed on his knees, pain shot through his body from the impact of the hit. Zanesha howled her wolf laugh, and turned to the wide eyed Amber. Cameron was angry now! He stood up and ran towards the wolf with as much speed at he could, he rammed his shoulder into the wolf’s side. She rolled over barely, but quickly regained her balance.
Before the wolf could lung she was engulfed in a wall of fire, Cameron looked at the enormous wolf burning. Burning! Zanesha was burning! He couldn’t let her burn, he looked towards where the flames came and saw Amber moving her arms and hands in jerking, yet flowing motions…like fire.
“AMBER! STOP!” Cameron screamed, she opened her eyes and screamed as she saw the wolf. Cameron was in a panic, he thought to try to make the same jerking motions as Amber. He tried. Nothing happened.
He couldn’t do anything to save her! Cameron closed his eyes, and before he knew it he was engulfed in a very strange power. It was cool as the ocean, and flowed through his body. Cameron could feel his arms moving in a flowing, rhythmic motion. Then he opened his eyes, he was in a room. It was pitch black, except for a glowing blue orb floating two steps in front of him. He reached, and grabbed it. The power inside of him exploded. He was back in the forest, and water was covering his body. He moved his hands, the water moved. He shot his hand forward towards Zanesha and the water flew at her.
The fire extinguished with a hiss, but the wolf didn’t move. Cameron crossed his arms, and then pulled them apart with a sharp jerk; the water surrounding his body disappeared. Amber was crying, when she saw the steaming wolf. Cameron took a slow step towards her, and he could see her ear twitch.
A small fox burst from the bushes, and ran in front of him. It was Benji. Blood streamed from the foxes head, and he stumbled a few times before reaching them. Cameron watched as the smoking wolf started to shrink. The hair disappeared and a young girl was lying in the grass in its place. She groaned, and Cameron was overwhelmed with a flood of relief. She was alive!
Benji brushed his muzzle over Zanesha’s burns, which started at her jaw line, and crawled down her side until it stopped at her calf. Amber ran over to her and grabbed her hands, she was crying. Crying to Zanesha that she would forgive her for what she did to her. Zanesha just smiled at her, as if she liked this small girl begging in front of her.
Cameron walked over and placed his hands on Amber’s shoulders.
“Amber, let me see your backpack.” Amber slipped it off her shoulders, and handed it to Cameron. Cameron rummaged through it for a while until he found what he was looking for, a canteen full of a warm liquid. He opened it, and was immediately smothered in smells of hazel nut, and vanilla. Borosie.
“Zanesha drink this!” Cameron held the canteen up to her lips. Zanesha sniffed at the liquid and smiled, she gulped it all in three mouthfuls.
Cameron noticed that immediately the scars on Zanesha’s calf started to vanish, it climb up through the burn until the skin was a light pink color. Zanesha looked brand new, except for her leg was still twisted strangely. Zanesha smiled and Cameron helped her up, her cane was still at the cottage so Amber went to find a long stick for her to use. When Amber came back, Benji had transformed into a human, and was helping Zanesha sit down.
“Isn’t it about time you two went home?” Zanesha said with a smile. She lifted her hand, and snapped her fingers. Cameron’s world went black.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3

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