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Cameron woke up with a jolt; he looked around his room rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. When his eyes were finally focused he noticed that his room looked different. Everything was a little brighter in color and it was cold in his room. He didn’t notice, until his head hurt, that he was holding his breath. He let it out in a big gasp and he could see his breath floating in front of him. It was freezing in his room; everything had a thin sheet of ice on it. He shivered and thought of warmth. As he wrapped his blanket around him the ice evaporated. He let out a sigh of relief and got out of bed; he went to his closet and pulled out a white t-shirt along with his leather jacket. He went over to his desk and pulled his jeans off of the chair, where he had left them last night. He pulled of his gray shirt and slipped on his white one, and then he pulled of his camouflage pajama pants and put on his jeans. He walked down the stairs with just his socks on, with shoes and jacket in hand.
Taylin walked out of her room, her curly dirty blond hair came down to her waist, she was wearing a white shirt with a sky blue sweater over it along with her favorite brown skirt, she had brown boots that went to the bottom of her knees and a bright blue headband with a flower attached. She had a smile on her face as she walked out of her room; she walked past Cameron and gave him a perfect smile. Cameron just remembered that last week Taylin got her braces off; he shrugged and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. His mom was pulling three bowls out of the cupboard and setting them on the table. Taylin was grabbing the different types of cereal from the other cupboard from across the room, so Cameron decided that he would go and grab the milk from the fridge. He walked over to the fridge and opened the door. As he reached for the milk he heard a small pop, like when ice is put in water. He looked and noticed that a smoky, vapor, water like material was coming from his hand. He slammed the fridge shut, and turned with his back facing it. His mother and sister stared at him with alarm.
“Cameron? Are you alright?” his mother asked taking a step towards him. Cameron looked up to see the worry in his mom’s hazel eyes, but he just painted a smile on his face and said,
“Ya mom I’m fine, I just remembered that I forgot to do my hair!” And it was true, so Cameron ran out of the kitchen and up the stairs. He closed the bathroom door and looked at himself in the mirror, he picked up his bottle of gel and spiked up his hair, and as he did he jumped back in surprise. He looked closely at himself and noticed that his usually dark green eyes, were more of a bluish green and the more he stared the lighter they got. He heard his mom call to him to come and eat his breakfast before the bus got there, so he walked down the stairs and took a few deep breaths. As he sat down Taylin grabbed her bag and headed to the Jr. High around the corner.
Cameron took a spoonful of cereal and stuck it in his mouth. He chewed slowly and then got up quickly so he wasn’t late for the bus. He put on his leather jacket and grabbed his backpack. He ran to the bus and climb on, he sat in his normal spot and closed his eyes. The engine of the bus started and went down the street for a few blocks. It stopped after a while and before he knew it Emily was sitting next to him. He opened one of his eyes to look at her, and he saw her eyes get wide. He opened both eyes and looked at her gawking face.
“What?” he asked annoyed.
“Since when have your eyes been blue?” Cameron suddenly didn’t seem annoyed his own eyes opened wide and he quickly asked her.
“Do you have a mirror?” Cameron watched as Emily fumbled with her backpack zippers and finally got the small make-up mirror out. Cameron took it from her hands and brought it up to his face. He almost screamed in shock, his eyes were a piercing ice blue that made his sandy hair look darker. He felt sick to his stomach, closed the mirror and handed it back to Emily.
“So did you get color contacts or something?” Emily asked.
“Ya something like that.” Cameron replied shutting his eyes. Emily didn’t talk the rest of the way to school, and before Cameron knew it he was getting off the bus and walking to math.
At lunch, Cameron sat alone. It was getting close to winter time, but still Cameron ate outside. He didn’t mind the cold he thought it was better than summer time. He took a big bite of his turkey sandwich and chewed it slowly.
“Hi.” A voice came behind him; he was too tired to be surprised so he turned around to see Amber waving at him from the front of the school. He sat up from where he was laying on the cool grass and waved at her. She smiled and then she started walking toward him. He sat there waiting for her, and he thought it was strange that he only met her yesterday but it seemed like he knew her from somewhere, he just couldn’t remember where.
“What are you doing out here?” she asked as she reached him, her breath wafting into the air like smoke from a fire.
“Eating.” He replied lazily.
“Cameron?” she asked. He looked at her.
“Ya?” Her eyes, that were suddenly an orangey brown color, grew wide.
“I thought you said your eyes were green!” He lay back on the grass and said,
“They were this morning! I was looking at them in the mirror and I watched them turn more and more blue by the second...Hey Amber don’t you have chocolate brown eyes?” Amber blushed.
“Well more like dark brown, but ya why?” Cameron closed his eyes and said,
“They look kind of orange mixed with brown today, like the color of autumn leaves.” She smiled.
“Ya, I kinda’ noticed this morning!” He sat up confused.
“Aren’t you worried?” she shook her head, as if she thought his question was the most ridiculous question to ask.
“No I got here early today and asked Mr. Marcellus about it!”
“And…?” Cameron sat up suddenly very curious.
Amber just shrugged, “He said it was normal, that the reason our eyes are changing is so we can control our strongest element.” Cameron’s head spun as he stood up to fast, he placed a hand against a nearby tree to steady himself.
By the time school was over, Cameron’s head was filled with thoughts of Sages and elements. He walked to Mr. Marcellus’ room with Amber; they said nothing to each other the entire time. When they got there Mr. Marcellus was sitting at his desk, casually drinking coffee. He looked up and smiled at them.
“I see your eyes are fully developed Cameron!”
“Yes sir.” Cameron replied and slumped in a chair too tired to think. Mr. Marcellus stood up and poured some coffee into another mug; he walked over and handed it to Cameron.
“Here”, he said with a smile, “this should keep you awake for a while.” Cameron took it gratefully; he took a small sip and felt his body become more awake. He took a big gulp and felt completely energized; before he knew it the mug was empty. He sighed and leaned back in his chair.
“Is this what coffee always does for you? Why haven’t I had coffee before?” Mr. Marcellus smiled at Cameron.
“Cameron that’s not coffee!” Cameron looked at him confused; he looked over at Amber who also had a mug in her hand.
“Then what is it?” She asked, “It smells like hazel nut, mixed with vanilla or something.” Mr. Marcellus winked at her, and then he turned to Cameron and said,
“It’s called Borosie; this is something that can keep people moving for days! It is a special tonic that can heal, and strengthen almost any living creature. Humans don’t know about it because they can easily get addicted to it, and it would kill them when they consumed too much!” Cameron stood up and ran his fingers through his hair, and then he said,
“Isn’t about time we go and find out who this Zaneasha person is and what she wants with us?”
As they headed to Mr. Marcellus’ car, nobody said a word. Cameron could feel the stress and excitement coming off of Amber in waves.
They all climb in his car; Mr. Marcellus was driving, Cameron sat in the passenger seat, and Amber crawled into the back. It was silent in the car, except for the soft clatters of rain falling on the car. As they got near the woods Amber couldn’t sit still, Cameron could hear her brown rain boots squeaking together. They pulled to the side of the street Cameron and Amber got out, but Mr. Marcellus stayed in the car. He rolled down the window and said to them.
“I will wait here until you come back. If there are any problems just call me” then he tossed Amber a cell phone.
“What’s your contact?” she pushed a button on the phone, “Oh wait...You’re the only contact.” She slipped the phone into her green jacket pocket and smiled at Mr. Marcellus. Mr. Marcellus smiled back.
“Well you better be heading off, come back quickly though!” Cameron turned on the heel of his hiking boots, and walked into the forest.
He stopped after a little while to turn and make sure Amber was there, he turned and Amber ran straight into him. She was so short her head hit him straight in the chest, ripping his breath away from him. She fell on the ground with a soft thud, and she seemed dazed. Cameron put his hands on his knees and took deep breaths, after a while he didn’t feel as dizzy. He straightened up and noticed that Amber was still on the ground. Her eyes looked pained; he ran over and dropped next to her.
“Are you okay?” He looked at her with urgency. She looked at him and winced.
“I think I twisted my ankle.” He stood up and offered her his hand. She took it and he slowly helped her up.
“Can you put presser on it?” She shifted her weight to her left foot but as she did he heard a loud pop. She didn’t scream, but tears were streaming down her cheeks. Cameron wrapped his arm around her thin waist and put her arm around his shoulder. He turned to her and smiled.
“Don’t worry; we will get through this together.” Amber smiled at him and took the sleeve of her jacket to wipe her face, Cameron noticed that she didn’t wear any make-up, but she was still really pretty. They inched their way through the forest, they didn’t know where they were going but Cameron felt like they were going the right way. Then as they got deeper into the forest, a big tree had fallen and blocked their way. They tried to go around it but it seemed that then couldn’t find where the tree ended. So finally they decided to go over it, Amber held on the trunk of the tree balancing on one foot, while Cameron climb over. He reached for her hand, and she grabbed it. He slowly helped her get over and when she was at the top she slid down and he caught her in his arms. They stood there for a second, neither of them saying anything. Cameron could feel his face getting hot, and he could see that Amber’s face was turning red. So he set her down gently and they continued limping their way toward the heart of the forest.
After a while Amber’s limp got worse, because of all the rocks, and things to trip on scattered on the forest floor. Suddenly she fell from his grasp and crumpled on the ground, she started muttering and gasping that she couldn’t breathe. She was putting her hands against her lungs, trying to take deep breaths. Cameron was in a panic, he couldn’t think!
WHAT ARE YOU DOING JUST STANDING HERE IDIOT! HELP HER! Cameron screamed at himself in his mind. Amber had calmed down and was taking a tiny sip of water from her water bottle, which was in her bag. He stepped closer.
“Do you feel alright now? Can you stand?” Amber stared up at him, and smiled like nothing was wrong.
“Ya, I’m fine thanks for worrying about me.” Cameron straightened up and he felt his face get hot, he shot a shy smile back at her, his shaggy bangs falling into his eyes. He didn’t offer to help her up this time; he just bent down and grabbed her in his arms. He made sure he held firmly so she didn’t fall, but softly to so he didn’t hurt her.
“Cameron what are you…?” Amber protested, but she stopped when Cameron’s face was inches from hers.
“Don’t worry about it! Like I said, we have to get through this together.” Then he winked and started walking.
Cameron was having a battle in his mind as he walked.
That was the stupidest thing to say! And why did I wink? That was creepy! I bet she thinks I’m a creep now! He looked at her from the corner of his eye, she looked a little uncomfortable in his arms but other than that she seemed normal, besides the red slowly creeping from her face and back again. He smiled to himself, and then he stopped.
“Cameron? What’s the matter?” Amber stared at him with concern. He didn’t realize until she said that that his eyes were wide with shock. He slowly set her on her good foot, and held her close to him.
“What is it?” She asked in a timid voice, staring up at him. He finally responded.
“I-I’ve been here before!” She seemed shocked.
“Why would you come here before, nobody is supposed to be here the forest is crawling with bears and wolves.”
Then as if on cue, an enormous white wolf, with a long black strip going down its back, crawled out of the bushed to the left of them. Cameron stood in front of Amber thinking for a second that he could protect her. Then the beast showed its row of large, sharp teeth, Cameron grimaced taking a step back in fear. The wolf stared at them, with its shiny gray eyes. It suddenly made a strange sound from its throat, almost like a half growl, half choking noise. Amber stepped in front of Cameron to face the wolf. She stared half dumb founded.
“Is it laughing?” She asked puzzled.
“What?” Cameron exclaimed, but as he listened the noise did sound like a strange laugh.
The wolf limped off into the bushes again.
“Oh it’s hurt!” Amber exclaimed point at its right hind leg. Cameron looked; he saw the wolf’s leg had a strange shape, like it was twisted like a piece of clay. Amber took a step closer to help the wolf, but it growled as if to say,
“Do not take pity on me, for I was born this way! But I am still as strong as any other wolf”. But then he realized he could understand the wolf, and obviously so could Amber. She stepped back and the wolf growled saying,
“Wait here, I will be right back.” They waited a few seconds, then a girl about 21, walked into the clearing. She was wearing a white, long sleeved, shirt with a black vest that seemed to be covered in some kind of fur, and her pale skin was smudged with dirt, while her black hair blew in her face from the dying wind. She was wearing black caprices, and her leather boot went to the place where her pant leg stopped.
Why is she only wearing one boot? Cameron thought to himself, but then he noticed the one leg that wasn’t wearing a boot, had a short shoe almost a sock on the foot. But the leg its self was twisted. She carried a simple stick that went to her waist, but it had a handle perfect for her to keep balance on her good foot. She smiled sweetly, but her gray eyes were still fierce. Then she said with a slight British accent.
“Hullo, my name is Zaneasha!” Her eyes lightened, “I have been expecting you!”
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