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Finnick Odair "All in the Lust of a Trident"

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The Games

I step inside. It starts to close around me and I feel my body start to rise. I get a good look at the arena. It’s a desert. Great, not much water around here, that’s all I’m use to. I look around at the tributes, Granite’s beside me. She looks ready to dart in, so I take up the stance.

“Eighteen, seventeen, sixteen…” I finally here the countdown. I watch the holographic letters and soon “Three, two, one…GO! I take off sprinting. I’m the first one there, so I grab
Thanks to all you guys who have stuick through to now! I love you all and hope you like this...
a knife.

“Finnick!” Granite yells, so I turn and the eighteen year old boy from District nine is standing within striking distance from me.

My killer instinct takes over and as he raises an ax, I puncture his chest with my knife; I hear a very distinct slurping sound as I pull out the knife. Granite has a bow now. Back to back we circle the cornucopia.

“Find the rest!” I yell. I grab a spear and some more knives and we spiral around the cornucopia. Kasey is beating this twelve year old kid to a pulp. Clay is guarding her. Chapman, Granite found. This isn’t gonna be easy on them. Brother and Sister going to their deaths. Oh well. I scan the place for Pepper. She’s still standing on the pedalstool. I grab a knife and walk towards her.

“What are you doing?” I ask her.

“Waiting for my death, there’s no way Im gonna get outta this, so Id like to get it over with!” she hisses. I hand her a knife and tug at her. Us careers take off towards the rocks. It’s hot out here so most of us tie our jackets around our waists. We sit and rest for sometime. Then the first parachute falls into Pepper’s grasps. Shes in shock as she opens it.

It’s a knife vest. It’s full of throwing knives. She puts it on and a spark goes through her eyes. I now consider her as a threat. Ive never seen her like that. The bloodbath cannons go off. Ten, not as much as I thought. Clara must want us all dead if she sends something that sparks up Pepper like that.

“Cool knives,” I say trying to register if she is still friendly towards me

“Clara must wanna see me kill people,” she says back.

Definite threat.

My ears perk up before my eyes and before I know it my spear is in a little girl’s stomach. She reminds me of Rescele. I go over and brush her hair away.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper. Its night time everyone else is asleep since I was keeping watch.

“I don’t wanna die…” the girl says as she pulls out the spear.

“Shhh, your safe now, It’s time to sleep,” she closes her eyes and I look at her token. District seven. I killed the twelve year old girl from District seven! I quietly speak “I’m sorry District seven, I’m sorry.” I have the little girls hand in mine, a tear falls. I wipe my eyes before the cannon sounds. I walk back to camp and the cannon booms. It’s freezing and Granite wakes and decides to stay up. She’s cold so I hold her close to me. This is odd, she’s like eight-teen.

“Who died?” she asks.

“The girl from seven,” I say back. She says she’ll take over, so I go to sleep wearily. That morning a parachute hits my head. ‘Good Work Pretty Boy –Mags’ the note says. I open it and see it’s sugar cubes and bread. I chuckle.

“Breakfast anyone?” I ask. They all nod and we divide up the food. We eat and Clay talks.

“We should go back to the cornucopia, theres thirteen left and we get some decent supplies there,” we all nod, clear our exsistence here and start back to the cornucopia. We all settle inside. It starts a light drizzle and all six of us have buckets collecting the water. We drag it back inside and drink one just sitting there.

We hear laughter, Pepper and I stay behind as the others go for todays kills.

“Wonder how Clara got these,” Pepper says situating the knives.

“Guys think your hot,” I smile and she starts to blush.

“Your only fourteen, what do you know?” she says back. I act offended.

“I know more about girls than you do about guys!” I laugh.

“Who knows what will happen…” she says and stops like its trailing into something that she doesn’t wanna talk about. “If I win, Clara told me about the stuff she does, she says it started with the victor from the fiftieth games, Haymitch Abernathy, he’s from twelve…” Im confused, she gets cut off by Kasey’s screams. Granite and Chapman come running with Clay on their trails.

“He’s lost it!” they yell. A cannon booms and Pepper has out a knife. She throws it. It barely misses Clay.

“What do you think Granite? Kasey’s dead and your next!” Clay yells. Wow HE killed his District mate.

Granite is trying to load her bow as Chapman is running. Pepper is trying to grab another knife but it’s stuck in her pocket, so I pull mine out of my belt quickly, lunge forward and release.

Another Cannon sounds. Conforming he’s dead. Clay drops to the ground. Granite and Chapman are in the cornucopia.

“Why haven’t those cannons went off yet!” Chapman yells.

“It takes time for the poison to set in Chap!” Granite yells back. He’s at his boiling point. I pull Granite away.

“Granite, what are you talking about?” I ask her.

“Poison darts, we set off a trap before Clay went crazy and six people got hit.” She says back. The cannons sound. “Told ya Chapman!” she spits.

“Your right little sister, Im gonna miss you when I go home as victor.” Man this guys cocky. Pepper tugs on my arm.

“He’s gonna kill me, he’s planning on it,” she whispers.

“No, he’s not,” I say back. Then a rock fall starts.

Pepper, Granite and I take off towards the rocks away from the fall, then Chapman stops us.

“Here’s your death Odair!” he yells trying to pick me up. I squirm. He must be strong because I am tall and about one hundred-twenty seven pounds. I struggle against him, and finally I break loose and keep running. Chapman’s running the other way. The girls are following me, how did I not see that one coming.

We finally get to a spot with enough covering where we can’t get crushed by the rock fall. Three cannons go off, hopefully one of those is Chapman’s.

“My brother probably died in that,” Granite cries. I hug her and she stops crying. Funny how I have that effect on people. Pepper hears something and has a knife out. She is in her ready position and a mutt jumps from the rocks. It attacks and decapitates her instantly.

“Pepper!” I yell. She’s dead. Granite releases an arrow into them. One knocks her over. I spear it and they take off. I look at her.

“Granite?” I ask getting to my knees.

“Yeah?” she asks back.

“Are you ok?”

“No, what do you think, Im dying,” she spits back, that’s Granite for ya. The color of the ground is turning a blood red color.

“Shhh, your safe now,” I whisper putting her head in my lap as well as taking one of her hands.

“Win,” she stutters.

“I’ll try,” I cry. Good Show. I notice my own arm, one of those things got me. I talk Granite into her death and she gives me her weapons. She tears her jacket pocket and gives me a picture.

“Don’t forget me Odair,” she whispers as the life leaves her body.

“I wont,” I say as I close those beautiful green eyes of hers. I cross her hands over her chest and kiss her forehead. I start walking but now the full impact of my injury hits me and it overwhelms my body. I sink down beside a tree.

Chapman could be my enemy. Or anyone else for that matter. I mess with my arm but now its bleeding terribly. Then a parachute falls. I open it. ‘Get it together –Mags’ its ointment. I put it on my arm and instantly it starts to feel better and it lulls me to sleep.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 11 12 13 14 Next »

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