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Prometheus Thy Name is Captain

Author's note: I'm an avid reader of comic books and I've always wanted to do a superhero story. I wanted it to...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I'm an avid reader of comic books and I've always wanted to do a superhero story. I wanted it to be a comic book but couldn't find anyone who would draw this up for me. When I started this work I realized that powers don't change the person, make them angelic or evil, they only enhance who had always been there before. Whether that be a decent man or the worst villain, who knows?  « Hide author's note
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Retired to Ash

Eric chopped onions as his wife stirred the chili. His daughter was dancing around the dining room with the new puppy they’d bought her for her birthday. She named him Cosmo and had spent the last hour brushing his hair and giving him a bath. She wanted him to look presentable for the party.
“Now who is Blaster again?” Annette asked stirring the pot.
“She’s married to the Copper Bullet,” Eric pushed the onions into a bowl with the back of his knife. “She’s actually related
If anyone gets the 'Badger' reference from X-Men Evolution you get to buy yourself a cookie.
to Steve Jobs. Lizzie or Leslie, they both think their identity is secret so just pretend not to know.”
“They’re not showing up in costume, are they?” she took a taste of the mixture and then added more salt.
“I thought you liked the costumes, Hon,” Eric said, beginning to chop some fresh slices of tomato.
“I like yours, but all the new ones are just tacky. Especially that Badger character. The man looks awful in spandex.”
“Tights, what were they thinking?” Eric muttered, “And all those people naming themselves after gods? I never knew Zeus wore a mask with a giant Z on the front. Don’t even get me started on the girl who called herself Jesus.” He dumped the new bowl of vegies into the pot. He then wrapped his arms around Annette to give her a kiss on the cheek.
“What was that for?” she asked, smiling slyly.
“For sticking by ‘The Captain’ even after retirement,” he said and swayed with her as they stood in front of the pot.
“Ray’s the one upset about it, not me,” she remarked. “And I would hardly consider this retirement. Every few weeks you’re called into an interview to be asked what it’s like to ‘be replaced’. Every once in a while some kid drops out of the sky and asks for guidance in his ‘mission’. Not to mention all the potlucks these people have. Although I feel like they’re more of a costume party.”
“Don’t tell Badger that,” Eric snickered, “last time anyone made fun on him he was found drunk on top of the Chrysler Building.”
“What about you?” she asked and turned around to face him. “Don’t you ever miss the one liners and capes?”
“Not even a little,” he leaned down to plant a kiss on her lips.

Eric stared blankly at the charred bodies that kneeled on the cold concrete floor. A breeze blew through the old abandoned warehouse. It caught onto his cape, blowing it about him. A bit of his daughter’s finger blew from its place to disappear in the breeze. He gasped and reached forward to catch it but couldn’t feel it.
With all his strength he couldn’t touch his daughter’s finger. He wanted more than anything to hold her hand, but to do so would lose her forever.
It had only been an hour. One hour after his family was kidnapped, with the note daring him to return. Now they lay dead charred beyond recognition. During all the dramatic movies he’d expected the antagonist to wait at least a day. It had been a fools dream, it only took one second to kill someone.
He took a step closer to them, his wife’s arms were wrapped around his child. She had been shielding her, protecting her like all mothers would. Her brown hair, the same color as his, was now black dust. Annette had been his dream girl since he was 18 and when they married, he’d expected the dream to last forever. Seeing them as lifeless husks of human cinder turned his dream into a nightmare. A nightmare that was reality.
Suddenly the door to the warehouse opened, allowing policemen to rush into the building. Among them was his brother, Ray. Most importantly, a wind had followed them in. A strong powerful gust.
“NO!” Eric shouted watching his family disintegrate into the squall. “No! Dammit no!” He dropped to his knees in an effort to shield his family from blowing away, a fool’s quest. His own sudden movement blew the rest of them away.
Like that, they were completely gone.
“Eric!” his brother rushed towards him, trench coat rustling behind him. “Oh my God! What happened?!”
Eric remained on his knees, tears streaming down his face, mixing with whatever grit was left of his wife and child.
“They’re gone Ray! They’re both gone!” He sobbed, scooping the little bit left into his gloved hand. “I-I don’t even have a body to bury! Their ashes are scattered in a warehouse, Ray! A damn warehouse!” He hit his fist on the floor, shattered the concrete in a circular pattern.
“This isn’t your fault Eric,” his brother crouched beside him and put his hand on his shoulder. “They already caught the guy who did this. Dr. Starlord is bringing him in now.”
“No,” Eric shrugged his brother’s hand off, “it’s your fault, Ray.”
“You’re fault!” Eric stood up, a bit of dust still in his clutches. “You made them, Ray! You made more of them! You created more powers! For this?!”
“My family is dead Ray!” Eric shouted. “They’re dead because you created the man who killed them!”
“Eric…Captain…” he began but Eric roared angrily. He shot through the ceiling, breaking the metal roof as he soared through the sky. The bit of dust still gripped in his hand.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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