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Betraying The Bureau

Author's note: I got this idea from a recent dream of mine. it took a while, and with all the necessary details,...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I got this idea from a recent dream of mine. it took a while, and with all the necessary details, I made it into one of my most favored peices.  « Hide author's note
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Love on The Force

Working on a case right now as a junior investigator for the F.B.I. A typical robbery; basically all in a day’s work. Chief puts a new assignment on my desk. My breath catches in my throat as I look at the mug shots and recognize the face. It belongs to a personal school friend of mine, Joseph Jaeger.
Joseph and I go way back. I was the new girl freshman at my high school, and he just so happened to be the older brother of my new friend, Thomas. I ended up taking a liking to him. I never told him until the last day of school before I transferred. I guess not seeing me regularly made him go along the road of crime.
As I read the file, I saw that he had been accused, convicted, and imprisoned on several accounts of robbery. I feel this burning on my face as I see that one of his caught-on-camera pictures is that of his butt. And what a gorgeous butt it is. I get a sudden impulse and saunter over to the chief.
“Hey Chief?” He doesn’t look up from his deskwork. I barely notice that he heard me until I hear the faintest sound of a grunt. I proceed to ask him my question.
“You know that case that you put on my desk?”
“Yeah, Jones, what about it?”
“Well, I was hoping that I could get some field work experience and go for the case. Is that ok?”
Chief sighs, puts the files that he was looking at on his desk, pulls off his glasses, and looks me in the retinas.
“Jones, you haven’t been on this force for even a second, and you already want to go on an assignment. Have you even thought this through? What if he’s armed?
“Then, I will be, too.”
“What if he has an accomplice?”
“Then I will always have my partner to be mine.”
“And what if both culprits have guns?”
I walk over to Chief and put my arms around his neck. I look into his eyes. A hint of regret along with a parental overstanding dances across them.
“Daddy, I’m pretty sure that if both accomplices have guns, not only will I be able to take them on with mine, single handedly, I will be able to kick their asses in mortal hand-to-hand combat,” I said matter-of-factly.
Daddy—Chief—sighed and said, “I raised a pretty great girl.” He chuckles. “And who would have thought that it would be my daughter and not my son that took after their old man?” I smiled and gave him a hug.
“Don’t worry Daddy. I promise to come back with a couple of scratches and the sweet smell of victory.”
“That’s my girl. No go out there and get your guy.” I turned and walked his glass office door with a smirk on my face. Don’t worry daddy, I thought. I’m going to do just that.
So here I am on my first private investigation. Super, right? Every junior investigator’s dream…and my car tire goes out. How awesome. Not even a mile away from Head Quarters, and I already have to call for help. But at least Chief doesn’t put me off the case. In fact, he makes my day a little brighter by giving me a partner. Usually, most people would be upset about having the spotlight taken from them. In a way, this is still the case, but it’s a little bit better because my partner is none other than Tristen Kent, best friend since seventh grade. I wouldn’t want it to be any other way. But what a spoiler that he had to come along on this assignment.
I look into Tristen’s hypnotic black eyes, and sigh. “Tristen, would you ever let me get hurt?”
“Samantha, are you kidding me? I love you, in more than one way, so I would never, ever allow anything that might cause harm to you to cross your path.” I stared at him, looking for some sign that he might be lying. He gave me a reassuring smile, and I knew that everything would be fine. “Okay then,” I said, ”Lets get going. I have a feeling that this is going to be the greatest adventure ever.” You can’t imagine how right I was.
After racing through traffic—and almost getting a dent on my vintage jet black ’78 Camaro—we get a tip from an unknown source that Joseph is shooting a Christmas commercial for Wal-Mart. As Tristen and I pull up into the parking lot, we go over the procedure. Since I personally know Joseph, I’m going to be the one doing the talking. My role is that of a deceiver. What my job entitles me to do is to gain the trust of the culprit (already done), make him tell me information about all of his heists, the location of his hideout, and any future robbery plans. I pretend to complain about it to Tristen, but inside, I’m totally ecstatic about it.
“Okay, so enlighten me as to what you are going to be doing,” Tristen quizzes.
“I go into Wal-Mart, pretend that running into Joseph is a coincidence, get him talking about all of his robberies, his hideout, his plans for future heists, yadda yadda yadda. Do I have it?”
Tristen hangs his head and says, “Besides the yadda yadda yadda, I think you have it in a nutshell. But Samantha?”
I turn to him. “Yes?”
Tristen grabs me by my shoulders and gives me a heart-stopping kiss. I’m supremely shocked by the gesture, and don’t know what to do. But within a couple of milliseconds, I finally give in to the supernatural forces that are washing over me, and kiss him back. We start out slowly, our kisses being soft, sweet and innocent. But then they start getting intense: Our lips locking without either of us coming up for air, Tristen kissing the nape of my neck, me ripping off his shirt as I start moaning with delight, and soon both of us are in our underwear, and really going at it. We might have gone all the way, too, if it wasn’t for Chief coming in over our earpieces.
“Agent Jones, Agent Kent, are you there?”
Tristen and I hold our breath on account of our heavy breathing, and Tristen is the first one to answer, but he doesn’t do either of us any justice because his voice is shaky. “Yes, Chief?”
“Are you and Jones inside the store? I just got another tip that Joseph is about to get off for lunch. Now would be the perfect time to take action. I trust that you and Jones went over the proper procedure for this case?”
“Yes, Sir. Jones is locating the suspect right now. I have her on pinpoint.”
“Perfect. I’ll want a status report at 2100 hours. Do you copy?”
“I copy sir. I’ll let Agent Jones know over intercom. Goodbye, Sir.”
Tristen tries to kiss me again, but I push him away. “Tristen, we’re just friends. Nothing more, nothing less. And besides, we have an assignment to finish. You heard Chief, we have to have something to report back to him, and I’m not going to be lying to him.”
Tristen sighs, but smiles. But then his smile fades. “Samantha, what happens if I don’t see you again? What if you don’t see me again? What will either of us do then?”
I take his face into my hands. “Tristen, look at me. I love you. With all my heart. And if anything fatal happens to either of us, I will personally hold myself responsible in both cases. You just have to know that no matter what happens, I will always love you. Interpret that in any way that makes you happy.” I gave him one last kiss, put on my clothes, and walk towards the entrance to the store.
I search around the store for a while, and find Joseph and his brother, Thomas, on the frozen foods isle. I take a deep breath and make my way over to him.
Thomas sees me first and screams while running away. “Nice to see you, too,” I scream. Joseph turns around and smiles when he sees me. I return the action with a blinding smile of my own.
I go for a killer line: “Playing house, now, are we?” Ugh that sounded better in my head. Instead of looking at me like I’m another life form from a different planetary civilization, he chuckles—sigh—and says, “Well, someone has to. I need a mommy. Want to be mine?” he finishes this off with a wink. My brain wants me to shout yes, jump into his arms, kiss him passionately, run away with him, and live happily every after, but my mouth says, “Gag me. But while I’m here, can I help?” This gets me a crazy look, but then he agrees.
Here’s the scene: walking hand-in-hand with a convicted felon, laughing my ass off, and not having a care in the world. But this Hallmark Card moment of bliss is interrupted as Tristen’s voice comes over my earpiece. “What’s going on? You’re supposed to be acquiring information, not playing house. Stick to the plan.” This annoys the hell out of me, and I tell Joseph that I need to go to the restroom and will meet up with him at McDonalds. When I’m home free, I get back to Tristen.
“Do you value your life, Tristen?” Silence on the other end. “Then allow me to do my job without having your unnecessary interference. Can you do that?”
“Samantha, I hope you know what you’re doing. Remember, no emotional ties whatsoever to the suspect. Just. Business.” I roll my eyes and avert my attention to Joseph. Time to get to work.
“Hey Joseph, have you ever stolen anything?” He stares at me for a second, his eyes searching my face. I can feel his retnas piercing my heart and burning through to my soul. I silently pray to whatever god that my expression doesn’t give away my motive for asking.
“Yeah, but nothing major. Just a couple of knick-knacks. Doesn’t everybody? Why do you ask?” Because I think you robbed a chain of banks, I think. “Just wondering. A little random question. But if you were to, say, rob a bank, where would your hideout be?”
“Want to know the funny thing?” He says.
“What?” I reply.
“I don’t have to make up phony places and things, because by coincidence, I have stolen something---money—from various banks, and I do have a hideout that I would like to take you to, if you know what I mean.”
I blacked out for a minute, so I don’t really know what happened, but all I do know is that my jaw hurts. Really bad. And I am looking into the eyes of an angel. My guardian angel. But then I finally come to, and I see that I am in the strong arms of Joseph, looking into his pale blue eyes, his dirty blonde hair framing his blemish-free face. I start screaming, and fall. I’m pretty sure that I have caused much of a scene, so I once again excuse myself to the restroom. I need to report back to Tristen A.S.A.P.
“Tristen, you there?”
“He just gave it all away. Right then and there. It was so easy. I knew it would be okay!”
I just let Tristen ramble on. But I can’t really comprehend what he’s saying, because I am too deep in thought. I mean, of course I knew that the plan was foolproof, but of course with me being his friend, I didn’t want to believe that all the accusations against him were true. I really had to go to the restroom, then: to throw up. This was just too much to handle, and my little stomach couldn’t take it.
After losing half my body weight, I trotted up to Joseph. While walking toward him, I heard Tristen’s voice in my ear. “I see you, Samantha. Don’t go against the plan. Tell him who you are, what you are, and then read him his Miranda Rights. No sympathy. He deserves this. He stole money from innocent, hard-working people. Justice must be served.”
I couldn’t just believe what had just been provided to me. I wouldn’t. I refused to. So when I finally made my way over to Joseph, here’s what I said: “I want to go to your hideout. Is that okay?”
“Um, sure. Though it’s kind of sudden, of course you can. You know that you’re my girl. Anything that you want, you can get. Just ask.”
I shoot him my million-dollar smile, and give him a hug. If he knew my reason for asking, I thought, then he wouldn’t have said yes so quickly.
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