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Author's note: This story is still a work in progress and I will be adding more to it so check back in :D
Author's note: This story is still a work in progress and I will be adding more to it so check back in :D  « Hide author's note
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“Whoosh!” Another car sped past as Kasandra raced down the edge of the road. Not looking back to see if any of her family had followed her out the door, she slapped her feet against the dirt, not caring where she was going. Kasandra had ran out of the house during Christmas dinner because of her dad, at first dinner had been fine, which was shocking considering that her parents were in the same room and weren’t flaring at each other with words she didn’t even want to repeat. Her parents had never gotten along after their divorce about five years ago when she had just turned fourteen. But them together wasn’t the problem, Kasandra had been waiting all week to finally tell her dad that one of her drawings had been approved to be shown at the local art gallery. However, contrary to the excitement she had been expecting, her dad just yelled the usual stuff at her; how it’s a waste of time, you’ll never make it, it’s not a career. She knew that it was a difficult task to support yourself on the income of an artist but she had been prepared to take a part time job however that wasn’t enough to satisfy her father. Kasandra had stormed out of the house when her dad threw away the acceptance letter. So now she was running on the side of the road, unaware of where she was heading to, all she cared about was getting as far away as possible from her dad and that house. Still full of emotion she ran and ran and when she finally stopped and paid attention to where she was, Kasandra realized that she was on an isolated side street. Knowing that it wasn’t smart to walk back she reached for her phone from her pocket.
She paled.

There was nothing in her pocket.

Frantically, she checked her other pockets, nothing. She must have left it on the dining room table. Looking around to see if there happened to be a pay phone that she could use to contact someone, she spotted a white van down the road. She reacted on instinct and jumped behind a bush just as two burly men protrude from the side of the vehicle.
The first guy was taller then the other by about half a foot, she guessed he was most likely 6’7”. His long white-blond hair graciously flowed down to his mid back. But that was as far as the graciousness went; his tan face was a mask of hatred. A deep gash ran down the side of his left cheek, starting from his temple and trailing down the bottom of his lip. Dried blood crusted the wound which the man scratched at with stubby, callus-covered fingers. He and his companion we both majorly fit, which Kasandra couldn’t help but gap at, which caused their black shirts stretched across their skin. The second man was a little less intimidating. His clear face was framed by shaggy chocolate brown hair that covered the tops of his piercing blue eyes. The two men had leaned back against the van and were chatting amongst each other when all of a sudden the head of the taller one shot her direction.
Scared, she ducked deeper into the bush which instead of hiding her, gave her away when the rustling caused a commotion.
Immediately the two men started sprinting towards her. Quickly, she raced out of the bush and started down the street.
Scenario’s danced in her mind as she tried to get away from the men gaining ground on her every second. Why did they start running after her like that? What did they want from her? Many other questions flooded her brain. Suddenly her face smacked against the pavement and pain exploded in her back. She twisted her head just in time to see that the source of the pain was from a gun pointed at her in the first man’s hands. Then right before her world went into blackness she saw the man with the blue eyes pulling a bag over her head.
So much for him being cute.
Chapters:   1 2 3 Next »

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