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A Wolf's Might and A Rose's Magic

Author's note:

I was inspired to write by my sister who also writes. She does short stories but has never been published:(

Author's note:

I was inspired to write by my sister who also writes. She does short stories but has never been published:(

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Long before the world’s domain had yet to exist an ancient and unremembered deity, Subete, though she had her temperance unmatched, charity to all she met, patience for a thousand days. She showed her kindness to all she knew and calmly said when humility had beaten her. And thou she had chastity she grew weary throughout the years she slowly became more known of her darker side. She became envious of other beings, lusted for another’s heart. While alone she grew angry and lazy which in time made her only want what she did not have. With her godly powers she throw away her chastity and provided birth to time and space the two she named Jikan, a fast child once on its feet but once tired slowed to sleep and Supēsu completely the opposite from her brother she took everything she did with patience and passion. The three of them existed together for over a millennium until Jikan and Supēsu grew uninterested and bored of the existence they came to know. So Subete created four offspring for her son and daughter to be entertain with. These toys were named Chikyū, a strong and smart child who reigned the forestry. Hia, one with bright eyes for what lies ahead but also the will to fight, he fashioned fire. Mizu, a calm and collected and greatly outwitted the others, yet only seemed to do things when needed controlled water. The last of the toys was named Kaze, a fidgety young one that bent the very winds around him. Respectively working side-by-side these six creations gradually fashioned an almost flawless sphere.

Centuries past and they existed favorably, however Subete had become too prideful over what she had created and was fading into the abyss of Yomi and she was quite conscious of this unfortunate circumstance. With her concluding breath she twisted presences that would transform everything and could possibly destroy all she had created. A luminescent light and a caliginous shadow. She whispered that one was her sin and the other her virtue, but which one was which would not become clear until many, many moons. At this time the light and shadow despised each other so much that they could not stand to glance at the other. The two children entitled the light Hikari, who held all others over herself and cared for anyone and everyone she met. However the shadow Kurai could not stand these good deeds and learned ways to change them into bad ones. The two never saw one another they communicated through Jikan and Supēsu. Kurai became passionate about Mizu, giving life to the existence of ice- Kōri. After a while Hikari fell in love, with Hia. The two provided birth to lightning and named him Inazuma.

The ages past and the ten elemental creations lived in and around the sphere. However a day approached when Kurai’s envy of never being permitted to go inside the sphere caused him to cross the threshold into the lively world. The affect triggered a massive imbalance and angered Hikari. Hikari and the other creations gathered and sealed Kurai in a form so even a mortal would not see him as a deity, along with themselves. Now imprisoned within the sphere the deities waited, the only trace of their existence rests in a book with an ancient inscription.

As eons past and man arose and flourished with the women inferior to men, the deities sought pity on the women and offered them magic to possess. The royal lineages had males capable of using magic, this was thought to symbolize the kinship relations between the imperial families and the divinities. Kurai still had a fragment of him which grew envious with each passing day. This small, yet treacherous shadow escaped into the realm of man and lay quiescent and confined within a precious jewel. This jealousy was entitled Jaakuna by the deities as they waited for this cruel immortal creation to materialize once more.

High above the world, where trees and water do not stir, and an isle raised rests among the cloudy atmosphere. Though this is not an isle with demons and monsters a place to be neither feared nor ignored, for this isle is the floating city Kaze; the kingdom of wind and held up by the goddess of winds it levitates still year after year. No tree grows yet there is always shade, and no rivers flow for it rains once a day. And peace is always about for seldom does war reach so high, though below is not the prominent of places to live. It is this isle that are story begins and soon will come to an end – but that shall not be spoken of for some pages now. Our story begins at the birth of a spring morning; the pasture fields are as warm as they are emerald. Now this little tale of ours begins with an adolescent and a twist of fate.

We shall start at an timeworn house, now this is not a sad place where an hoary man lives unaccompanied, on the other hand it is bursting with cheerfulness, security, and of course good sustenance- which fills the air with the aroma of sweets and spices. The walls made of uneven stone and sturdy timber, arch doorways with no doors on hinges. Cupboards both above and below a marble counter. Violet hydrangea conceal the lower parts of the outer walls while above wisteria trees hang, their white flowers almost finished budding and many already finished. Small, yet brilliantly colored reddish white peonies grow from every little space available as they fight with violets for dominance over the ground. An old willow intertwine with the wisteria and add a touch of green in the brightly colored garden. Moses find themselves at home on the tree roots and along the cool pavement. Inside a well-matured lady bakes a breakfast while her spouse comes in from a morning ride. A son- age nineteen - seated at the table awaiting the start of his day.

However our story centers on none of these fine people, though they will lend some enjoyment to this story. No our eyes shall fall to the person who lies upon her bed upstairs, uninformed of the grand voyage she shall make in little time. And this is where I end my simple rhyme and let you read a story that is true as truth can be for I had lived it, you see.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 14 Next »

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MadisHeart said...
Jun. 28, 2013 at 11:58 am
OMG yes yes yes, I love the idea of this story, nice work! :) The imagery is beautiful and I seriously love the character names. I think our category (action-adventure) is definetly the best ;) I think our books have similar aspects and you might like mine so you should check it out! Have a nice day
ElspethF said...
Feb. 21, 2013 at 5:03 pm
Hi name buddy! lol. I love what I've read so far! Maybe clean up the beginning with a little paragraphing? I hate to be one of those people but could you please check out my short story? It's my very first post and I'm very nervous. Thanks. Keep up the good work!
Elspeth replied...
Mar. 25, 2013 at 1:36 pm
Thanks and I will go check it out right now

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