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Raven in the Shadows

Author's note: I really like Action, Spy, Thrillers and horror stories, so I wrote several of my own, this one being my favorite.
Author's note: I really like Action, Spy, Thrillers and horror stories, so I wrote several of my own, this one being my favorite.  « Hide author's note
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The night is when everything dark, evil and cunning stirs. The night is when the foxes creep out of their holes, golden eyes glinting malevolently in the trees. The night is when owls awaken and spread their wings, soaring above the treetops, hooting disdainfully while moon-like eyes scan the forest floor for prey. The night is when thefts take place.
The moon was glowing brightly in the sky, bathing the small town in a radiant silver glow, bringing with it cold wind that rustled leaves and swept newspapers across pavements. All was silent except for the soft hooting of the owl, and the faint whistling of the icy breeze.
There was a meeting taking place at 2:43 a.m. in the forest bordering the town of Echowood. 19 thieves dressed in the color of death would meet there at exactly that time, not before, not after. Silent as a stalking cat those people would have to tiptoe through the tall trees until they came to a cave in the darkest corner of the woodland. The meeting would take place there, where the people of the Shadow Knights group of thieves met every Sunday night.
Raven Van Pelt was one of those people.
The house was silent. Vacant snores from her foster father sounded up the stairs and occasional murmurs from her foster mother would disturb the quiet air. On the very top floor of the three story brick house lay a seventeen year old girl with pale, ghostly skin to rival Snow White’s. Dark brown hair flowed past her shoulders in soft, gentle waves and cobalt blue eyes stared blankly at the white ceiling. She was the only one in the house not sleeping. Cautiously she got up and winced at the sound of the creaky bedsprings. In movement as fluid as oil on water, she crossed the room and glanced out the wood framed window onto the gloomy town beyond. It was 2:00 a.m. but the girl was wide awake. She was a mysterious, doleful and lonely girl. She was dressed in pure black from head to toe in a black hoodie, black jeans and dark soft soled leather boots. She was Raven Van Pelt.
Perched on the now open window, she crouched and then leaped onto the fire escape platform beneath her. The metal creaked ominously but she showed no sign of stopping. Like a shadow she swiftly descended the fire escape stairs, down the three floors. At last Raven reached the pavement and, pulling her hood over her head, she strolled through the dark town. Streetlamps flickered as she passed a loud and noisy bar, with music blaring through speakers and men and young woman dancing to a mix of latest pop tunes. It was ignored by the girl as if it were just a poor beggar in the park. Head down and lips tight shut she strode on.
It was quiet now. The boisterous bar music had long since faded away leaving Raven alone. A nearby clock shop showed her the time was 2:30. She picked up her pace as she continued walking along the cobbled pavement. The towering trees of Echowood forest were looming in front of her now. Along the way she reached another boy who was dressed in death, and they exchanged silent acknowledgement. Neither of them said a word till they reached the edge of the woods. The boy took a deep breath.
“It’s time.”
And together they headed into the trees.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 17 Next »

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