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I promised myself I'd make friends, expand my horizons, leave my past of lies and depression behind for something better, so I did. The first week or so of school, I'd assumed he was a student teacher, or maybe a Teacher's... (more »)
Increase Ticket Prices for Better Seating
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Airline companies tend to compare their prices and flight comfort to many of their airline peers. Recently companies have set out to make their planes increasingly luxurious. Airline companies like Delta, United and American Airlines are adding... (more »)
scent of wild grass
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Brought into the car, lethargically, I was not sure where we were aiming. The only thing I know was the smell of fish mixed with that of soil, permeating the car windows, jostling, fighting, and heading towards every direction in the car. I was... (more »)
My Trip to New York
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This is the time I went to New York. It all started when we were going to go on the train. I was a little nervous because we always took the airplane, but we were going to try something new. We were on the train for like two days. it was little... (more »)
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When I went to Mexico two years ago, it was beautiful. I went to a pueblo, a town, which were my dad lives in. we come and visit about every two years. I love it here because there is a lot to do here. I remember waking up one morning and my... (more »)
Semper Es Clamor in Via Roma This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The woman wears black wayfarer glasses. Her head is covered by a scarf and her skirt just passes her calves. She holds a bag in one arm and uses the other to push through a rotating door. She stares down at the cobbled walk. Her skin is grey,... (more »)
Learning a New Dance
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When I was younger, I had been incredibly shy. It was awful; I could barely look anyone in the eye. The only way I was able to break through that shell, at the time, was because of dance. Something about the upbeat music, people smiling as they... (more »)
Fear and Awe
By , Sitka, AK
I think there is a very fine emotion between fear and awe. I’ve felt it before. I’ve felt it as I stood a foot away from bear, realizing the only thing that separated me from 1,000 pounds of muscle and shear killing power was a metal... (more »)
New York, Wait For Me
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Bright lights, thousands of people all rushing to be somewhere, skyscrapers, the smell of coffee and hotdogs and taxi fumes. New York. If you’ve ever been there, you can pin-point the exact smell, the people constantly going and never stopping.... (more »)
Festival of Joy
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Hosted on every April 14th in Jackson Heights, NY, "Festival of Joy" is an event for Bengali Americans to celebrate Pohela Boishakh, the Bengali New Year. Pohela Boishakh is celebrated by all types of Bengali's, making no... (more »)
Epcot: The Cultural Experience
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At one point in your life you have always wanted to go to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. The idea of meeting Mickey Mouse, riding on Splash Mountain, being the star of your own movie or visiting the future have always been the dream of... (more »)
The Exotic City: Kolkata
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The city of dreams, the city of unhindered passion, the heart of India- Kolkata(also anglicized as Calcutta), a seven- lettered word is the city of lights, city of joy. When I first came to this city, I fell in love with it. The hustling-bustling... (more »)
Dig In This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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“That’s it, Paris!,” I think to myself. It was a good three days, full of sights and culture. Standing in Gare du Nord, I patiently waited with my family while we showed our tickets. The serious faced ticket taker told us we still had time... (more »)
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It was a quiet secret hiding place in which you saw the whole city of San Francisco, the huge house had secret doorways in every corner that led to different exits and magical places. I went through the back door into the balcony, as I would have... (more »)
History is a Circle
“Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave” ~Frederick Douglass Today one cannot glance around a street corner without seeing someone talking, playing a game, texting or simply conspicuously holding their phone in their hand. Some are... (more »)
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One exciting experience I had traveling was going to Italy. The capital of Italy is a very extraordinary place to visit. The population of Rome is well over two-million. Rome is a beautiful city that has moderate climate. The temperate usually... (more »)
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