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My Culture This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Although I’ve lived in America for the majority of my life, I am native to Nigeria. And while I qualify myself as an American my parents would never allow me to forget my heritage and where I’m from. I guess that is where my... (more »)
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23 hours later, I was welcomed to Ho Chi Minh City with possibly the hottest weather I have ever experienced. Although the full humidity was unbearable and slightly irritating, I was still able to keep a smile on my face. Maybe it was because... (more »)
Hamilton: An American Musical This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Hamilton: A New American Musical premiered on Broadway in August 2015. Since then, it has been performed at the White House, seen by hundreds of thousands of fans, and won eleven Tony awards. Needless to say, almost every person has heard of... (more »)
Series Including Breaking Bad and How I Met...
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What makes a good TV show finale? Shows like Breaking Bad and How I met Your Mother ended abruptly and fans were all too familiar with their questionable endings. Not only were fans discomfited, but critics also weren’t happy about the... (more »)
8 Reasons Tennessee Should End Up on Your...
By , Mt.Horeb, WI
Everybody has heard of the great state of Tennessee. What people don’t know is everything that there is to do while  visiting. 1) Grand Ole Opry/Ryman The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville is the heart and soul of music city.... (more »)
Five Vast Oceans
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They are the only ones who push me. I am the only one who sails them. Five vast oceans with salty shores and open seas like mine. Five who just sit and ride the tides. Five fish bowls filled with diverse life. From the deck, I can feel them,... (more »)
Ancient Resonance in a Modern World: The Guqin...
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It often surprises me to see the variety of music around the world, especially a completely new genre or instrument, with a unique voice and heritage of its own.    In this regard, ever since my discovery of the Guqin... (more »)
Culture Shock This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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When I announced that I was moving to Ireland for my dad’s job, many joked: “Have fun chasing rainbows and leprechauns!” To be honest, I was not sure what to expect of my new life. I can claim that I lived there for two years... (more »)
Danger on the Road This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The world zoomed by as our train continued along its route. In the blue sky, the ball of fire dipped low in the hazy horizon, and I could tell that we were now in Sindh. Dust flew past the closed glass window. Rather than the busy Punjabi towns,... (more »)
Raining in Paradise
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It was raining in paradise.  I was sleeping in the car until we hit a pothole and I jerked awake to my dad making a hard right into a gravel parking lot, shaded by palm trees and other exotic plants looking plants. I sat up,... (more »)
The Greatest Story You Could Ever Read
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I am reading a novel written by John Green called the Fault in our Stars. I remember when everybody was reading the book in fourth grade and people were crying over it and saying how good of a book it was. I never wanted to read it because I... (more »)
How Commercial Aviation Abuses Power
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What would you do if you were swindled by someone? Now imagine that happening to over a million people a day, because that is what airlines do. The commercial aviation industry has glamorous, big planes flying high in the sky and bundles of... (more »)
Setting Foot in New Orleans
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Setting foot in New Orleans has a whole new different vibe to it. My first time walking to New Orleans ground. It's so refreshing and feel like it's a whole entire new world to me. As I'm walking out of the plane I stare into the... (more »)
Fantasy Land
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  When i told my best friend Vanessa i was going to disneyland for couple of days she was happy for me. It was 3:00 in the morning and my family and i were ready to leave. I was in the car and i realized i wasn't as excited to go to... (more »)
Coming to New Orleans
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Coming To New Orleans Have you ever wondered how New Orleans is like? There’s a huge long bridge crossing the lake call Lake Pontchartrain. It’s even longer than the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It makes the bridge super long... (more »)
Grey Friday
By , Ormond Beach , FL
You used to visit only for a day but now that has gone away.Parents and grandparents fill the streets. Waiting for what you might bring. Hustle and bustle, all around, camped out for nights in the cold winter’s air. Because they kne you... (more »)
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