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Loss of Innocence in Music
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The most common definition of innocence is a time in which one is pure and not yet exposed to the immorality of the world. This theme is often distinguished in works of literature to demonstrate the growth of a character. However, there are... (more »)
My Experience in Guatemala
By , Middleville, MI
That’s all I could smell when I stepped out of the Guatemala City airport. It’s an interesting smell, but you get used to it. Everybody found their luggage with no complications so we headed to the mission house. It’s about an... (more »)
A Present or a Memory Box
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I saw the intricately wrapped, blue and green colored present on the floor as soon as I walked through the door of my house and I rushed to tear the wrapping paper apart. Isn’t it the best feeling ever getting something new, especially if... (more »)
Sacramento, My Home
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My Sacramento is the city of trees. Where park systems are gorgeous, clean, freshly cut where you can smell the grass, and kids running and happily playing. The American and Sacramento rivers are two big rivers that run through sac both are... (more »)
Culture Is Interesting
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Everyone has a different culture; no one was raised exactly the same. Whether your cultural difference is due to your language, birthplace, or just how you were raised, it can drastically affect both you, and those around you. Culture can make... (more »)
The Lies of Voluntourism
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Imagine waking up every day wondering where the next meal would come from or if there would even be another meal. For more than half of the of the world’s population, these scary thoughts are a reality, surviving on less than a meager... (more »)
Pancake Imposter
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Appetizing aliases always seem to make my mouth water with their near tangible tastiness.  Powdered sugar sprinkles the tops as syrup pools at the bases of traditional Danish pancakes, and I can't help but think that waking up to these... (more »)
My Journey to America
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I want to write about my jouney to America. As we all know America is a beautiful and a developed country. If we compare Turkey and America there are lots of differences between the two country. Some differences between these two countries are... (more »)
The City of Dreams
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I recently took a trip to New York City. Manhattan specifically.  It is a beautiful place with millions of people. There are so many people living there, that some don’t even own a car. They either take a taxi cab or the subway to... (more »)
Pierce the Veil's New Album...
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On May 13, 2016, ‘Misadventures’ was finally released. The album serves as a follow-up to the group's third studio album, Collide with the Sky. It was produced by Dan Korneff and was recorded throughout 2014 and 2015 in Long... (more »)
The Modern Cobbler: Christian Louboutin
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“Cinderella is a proof that a pair of heels can change your life”, the legend Christian Louboutin who is a major designer and actor claimed that these type of shoes are one of the most fashionable on the market which young people... (more »)
Something as Simple as a Window
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It was the first time anyone in my family had traveled to Europe, so I had no idea what to expect. I was about to leave my family and go to Germany for 2 weeks, to live with a family I had not met yet. I was both nervous and excited as I got in... (more »)
Heralds of Spring
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In northwestern India, like in many other places, spring is a season welcomed with joy and cheer. It has its unique characteristics in this part of the country, giving a few days of mild weather which soon turns into scorching heat before we... (more »)
By , Neversink, NY
President Donald J. Trump. Oh, boy. Well, you see, with that man in office, I’m oppressed. Oppressed: adjective. To be subject to harsh, unfair treatment. Let’s add something to that definition. Oppressed: adjective. To be subjected to... (more »)
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Inside a South Indian Bazaar
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Brilliant city lights whizzed past me in a dreamy blur as my father and I rode on his loudly croaking motorbike into the amber glow of the central bazaar in our city. Our family lives, and has lived for eighteen years, in a rinky-dink old city... (more »)
Lovin' Turkey
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The sound of my brother’s laugh spreads and makes me have the biggest smile. Heat from the bright sun got me burning up, but soft, chilly waves of the ocean would rise towards me. Sand caressing my legs as I push my feet in, my brother is... (more »)
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