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7 Reasons Why You Should Become an Exchange...
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I have always dreamed of becoming an exchange student, what about you? No living formula is worth as much as the experience of a scholastic period abroad. It is one of the most beautiful adventures that you can live at a young age: a challenge... (more »)
Travel Wishes
By , fairfield, OH
 If I could travel to any wonderful, wondrous place in the world, I would probably have to go to Venice Italy. I’ve always wanted to go or live in Venice ever since I was a little kid and ride down the canals in  a boat, While... (more »)
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Picture a place with beautiful scenery, thriving wildlife, and heat that makes everything go silent. Take this image in your head and make it 10x more spectacular, and you have the Grand Canyon and its seemingly never-ending switchbacks. It is... (more »)
Life in Art
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About a year ago, I was having a wonderful conversation over e-mail with the college counselor I had at that time. She said, "Everyday life is not a mere backdrop to the art we make...True art must bring us back crawling on our knees to... (more »)
Vancouver: City of Food and Yogi Junkies This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Literally the city of nature and health enthusiasts, Vancouver is the destination that everyone should have on their travel bucket list. When I’m on vacation, all I really want to do is relax. That often entails sleeping in until 10 am... (more »)
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How many of you have ever been to Yellowstone National Park?  If not, I am going to convince you why you should make a trip to Yellowstone National Park.   I think Yellowstone is one of the best National Parks to visit because it... (more »)
Kansas City
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Kansas City is a big metropolis that is full of people and also dogs. It has more people though. I would recommend living here if you like temperate zones with all four seasons. Spring is cool and rainy, Winter is usually snowy and cold. Summer... (more »)
The Richness of Poverty
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Living in many different countries is not an opportunity most people get to experience, but for me it is just a part of my life. I have lived in four countries in the course of just fourteen years and for me it is always exciting to live in a... (more »)
Two New Ways to Eat Sushi Come to Evanston
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Sushi is a go to dinner whenever I need a quick, tasty bite to eat. However, it can get boring if you have the same thing every time. As I was deciding what to have for dinner one night, I saw that a new poke restaurant had opened in Evanston.... (more »)
Southern Oahu
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Have you ever been to the most populated island of Hawaii? Just imagine sitting on the warm beaches of southern Oahu, enjoying the numerous tourists attractions, or learning about the fascinating culture. The beaches are soft, long, and full of... (more »)
Crumbling Foundations
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Once roaming the land in complete accord with nature, Native Americans now face a much different reality. The fact of the matter is that Native Americans, the foundation of the United States and an essential part in any American’s... (more »)
The 15 Best Nirvana Quotes
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Nirvana is a Grunge rock band that was popular in the 90’s. The band consisted of lead singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain, guitarist Krist Novoselic, and many drummers through the years but the best and the most well known drummer is Dave Grohl.... (more »)
The Plight of Native Americans
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Native Americans are one of the most forgotten races of people in modern era America… And they were the first ones here! Background Native Americans are the indigenous people of North America. Historians say that they came to... (more »)
By , Monrovia, MD
 At four, I could evidently tell that my family caused me to stand out, but at sixteen, I understood that my difference was a strength. I saw that being bilingual was a bridge between cultures. Before, I felt stuck choosing between aspects... (more »)
Caber Toss
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Did you know that the log or caber used in the scottish sport of, caber tossing, is 175 pounds? (79 kg.) Caber tossing is when a person picks up a caber or log that’s usually 19 feet tall and weighs 175 pounds and throws it as far as they... (more »)
To Visit Australia
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Have you ever thought of a place where you want to visit. Have you ever thought of your dream vacations or just a places you want to go for fun. A places where you can have fun and visit cool places and crazy big icoins.Well if so Australia is... (more »)
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