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Home in Folly
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The waves roar and crash against each other as they roll towards the shore. My somber last day in Folly, was spent nowhere else but on the beach.  The storm approaching had turned the ocean dark, and the skies above matched the mood I was... (more »)
Hawaii Lifestyle
By , Olathe, KS
I get off the airplane and I can just tell that this is going to be a good trip. We physically walk off the plane. Then just grab our luggage at the open airport. Then we go to our hotel and we get welcomes with Hawaiian beads. And I just take... (more »)
The World of Animation
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The word “Anime” has lived for over five decades now and it’s still being mentioned every single day. (Rich) The impact Anime has had on people’s lives are so great that they are saying the word will never die. Anime is... (more »)
The Festival "Around the World"
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Travelling is also a good decision. During travel you familiarize with cultures and traditions of other countries, meet new friends from another edge of our planet, try national food and learn how other people live. Everybody likes travelling.... (more »)
The Art of Japanese Tea
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In Japan, tea is a huge part of the culture.  Not only is it served by hosts as a polite gesture to welcome guests into the home, but there are entire ceremonies surrounding the art of Japanese tea and entire families that pass on the art... (more »)
Empire State of Mind
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So much to see and so much to do! New York City has such a flourish of tourist attractions and activities. This can be the reason why some people are so attracted to the city of lights and skyscrapers, but I love the city for a different reason.... (more »)
The Trip to Vietnam
By , Amery, WI
I moved from Vietnam to the United States about three years ago. That may seem like a long time, but for me, it feels only a like couple months. Vietnam is a country in South East Asia, it is a small country but there are about 90 million... (more »)
Mark Watney: An Idol
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From going to “I’m pretty much f-----. That’s my considered opinion. F-----.” (Weir 1) to being a national hero who rode an explosion home, Mark Watney is a clear example of a role model and a hero in my eyes. Mark... (more »)
A Mountain Wish This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Mountains, blue skies, silk clouds and herds of conifers swishing with the breeze – Kashmir has it all, and we were here to see it. Vipul was the one sponsoring this trip, as he had gotten his dream job abroad last year; I had started... (more »)
Danger on the Road This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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The world zoomed by our train. In the blue sky, the ball of fire dipped low in the hazy horizon; I could tell that we were now in Sindh Province, Pakistan. Dust flew past the closed window of the train. Replacing the busy towns of Punjab where... (more »)
Disney's Second World: What You... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The world is a perfect circle; a wheel with a central core, the nucleus of the city.  At the core of the radial design are business and commercial areas.  Outside of the core lie community and recreational complexes along with public... (more »)
How I Fell in Love with Traveling
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Whether I am traveling 10,000 miles or 10, I love to see new places I have never been before. I like to see the culture of the people outside of my home and city because it is different everywhere you go, especially across the world. I also... (more »)
The Warmth of Winter
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With a gloved hand, holding onto a metal handle I stand in the metro, as I tap my feet and hum a little. Only a few days each year do I get to ride, and those few days are spent in Paris, right before Christmas. Screeching wheels of the... (more »)
A Night in a Teepee This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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One time, my parents made me sleep in a teepee. Since the population of people who've slept in a teepee other than myself is probably limited to Native Americans prior to the European's disastrous conquest, I'll be providing my own definition of... (more »)
Trip to Japan
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It was the end of school and we're all excited to welcome the summer vacation. Just like always my family is finding a place to go and a Hokkaido’s itinerary catch my eyes. Hokkaido is the second largest, northernmost island in Japan.It has... (more »)
Rwanda's Stance on Freedom of Press and...
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Country Name: Rwanda Committee Name: Professional Freedom of Journalists Position: Against; State Controlled     Since 2005, 563 journalists were killed according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. Out of these... (more »)
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