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The Sensational Costa Rica
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Costa Rica is known for its exotic surroundings, distinct culture and adventurous activities. When my plane landed in San Jose, Costa Rica that day, I knew that the trip was going to be a memorable experience. As I left the plane and walked... (more »)
The unimaginable trip
By , joinville, Brazil
Since I was a kid I heard about Switzerland through soap operas, newscasts and boxes of chocolates. The conversation is always the same: a beautiful country, where it snows and everything works. With so much beauty and perfection propagated,... (more »)
What’s That Smell? This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Some social norms are for the good of the whole community (don't reheat smelly foods, like fish, in the public microwave; don't stand so close to someone that they can smell what you ate for lunch), while others are more culturally variable. And... (more »)
Bananas and Maple Syrup This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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“What would you like?” Your server is French Canadian, of course, but she speaks excellent English. You order in French – pretty good French, if you say so yourself. Still, you point to the menu and gesticulate more than necessary. You... (more »)
My Mother’s Kitchen This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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My mother's kitchen is not mine. Her kitchen is an angry color, red, simmering like spaghetti sauce on the stove. Everything is carefully measured, precise. There are no shades of gray, only black and white the end result is perfection.... (more »)
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Connections Through Comida This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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The first time I tasted sopes was at my uncle and aunt's house in California. I was five and had never visited my dad's family before. When we arrived, my grandmother was in the kitchen mixing maize and water. She kneaded it into a firm dough,... (more »)
Tea and a Slice of Home This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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My white Superga sneakers are scuffed gray at the edges as a result of time and lots of adventures. They have wandered through the boiling tarmac of Kampong Glam, the hip Muslim enclave of Singapore; meandered around windswept bales of... (more »)
Summer in the Pyrenees of France
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Over this past summer, I was photographer at a bilingual French summer camp in a small rural village called Paziols. Paziols is located in the Pyrenees of France and has a population of 519 habitants. Throughout this journey, I captured the... (more »)
A night airborne above the Bay Area, California
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The valley was rimmed by jagged black mountains that were rough against the velvet-smooth navy-blue sky. To the west, the mountains shrunk until they were nothing more than steep sea bluffs, dropping hundreds of feet into the ebony ocean. The... (more »)
The first time i went on a plane
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Before we took flight, I went outside to take my last breathe of cold windy air November in Indianapolis I told myself that “everything is going to be alright “. I went on board and sat down at seat 4b with my annoying sister. I was so... (more »)
Airport time
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 Sitting at the airport with my vanilla bean Frappuccino from Starbucks, I start to get all hype about my trip to Puerto Rico. Looking out the windows seeing all the planes makes my heart thump in excitement like a happy child who gets to go... (more »)
Traveling is Essential to LIfe
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The trip that I will never forget is when I went to Italy. I remember walking around Rome and thinking how beautiful the city is. It was something so different that you don’t see in the United States. It had so many old ruins and that’s what... (more »)
Gulf of Mexico
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The Gulf of Mexico in July is hot and humid, though its severity is lessened by the jubilant water. The tour group I was in maneuvered methodically along a lucious reef, but I was anxious to explore on my own. As soon as our guide uttered the... (more »)
Chinese New Years
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New Years is a festive occasion. What’s not to like about fireworks, parties, and staying up late? But Chinese New Years puts all other celebrations to shame! Feasts of dumplings and roast duck, red pockets brimming with money, and festivals... (more »)
A Cloudy Adventure
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One last wave goodbye, and then I expose myself to the fresh air of clouds. People are staring because of the excitement evidently spreading across my face. I nod at the woman welcoming me into the close cabin where I will remain for the next two... (more »)
Being a Zionist
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To me, being a Zionist isn't only taking pride in the land of Israel, but in the things inside it as well. It's admiring the 10 minute walk to school, in which you hear 4 different languages along the way. It's the groups of... (more »)
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