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Here are the most recent travel & culture articles:

Bygone Conflict: Rediscovering the Balkans
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When people ask you how you’ll be spending your vacation, and you reply ‘the Balkans’, it is expected you’ll be greeted with wide eyes and skeptical acknowledgment. Perhaps this is due to the turbulence in the region... (more »)
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Multimedia POROS Museum a travel through the times of the Roman Empire 2017 it's time to discover Portugal with Surrealism Now art exhibition shedule to several monuments in this country. Multimedia POROS Museum it´s one of them. Palaces,... (more »)
The Holy Spear
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April, 33 A.D.  A date debated among historians and Catholics on the specificity of the death of Jesus Christ.  Even with this debate still present today, both do agree that this event occurred in history.  There has been many... (more »)
The Upright Citizens Brigade
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Over the years, entertainment has been one of the driving forces of American culture.  Movies, plays, music, television, games, and more have taken the world by storm, so much so that they have become an integral part of our lives. ... (more »)
Bionic Lives
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The world is advancing in technology faster than anyone ever imagined. It was just over a century ago that the first lightbulb was invented through trial and error; now we fly in huge metal planes with hundreds of tons of cargo and have... (more »)
Absolutely Charming: A Review of Natasha,...
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Broadway is a loving home to the ever-changing and rapidly progressive art form of theatre. Every once in a while, a show comes along that is as innovative as it is captivating. Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812, more commonly known... (more »)
White Water Rafting
By , Anonymous, CA
In the scouting program, I often have the chance to go to wonderful places all around my area. One campout was white water rafting, where I had so much excitement. We arived at the campground and unloaded.As a boyscout we are always suppost to... (more »)
East Harlem
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East Harlem, also known as “Spanish Harlem”, or “El Barrio”, is the heart of  mainly the Puerto Rican language but also the Caribbean, Dominican, Italian and Chinese language. This linguistic element is seen through statistics that show... (more »)
Finding My Roots
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Lebanon. A country so small but so diverse. So diverse that you may go skiing on the snowy mountains and go to the sunny beach on the same day. Possibilities are endless. The question is, what to do first. I get off of the plane with my... (more »)
The True America
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How important do people see the various aspects of society? What does the world look like? It’s hard to answer these questions until you actually figure it out by yourself. However, from my personal experience, I believe that what you... (more »)
Half a World Away
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A year may not seem like that great of a time period, but a lot can change in 365 days.   As I stood in the airport, right at the line where my family would not be able to cross, be able to follow me, guide me, support me, I had no... (more »)
A Week in Europe
By , Park Ridge, NJ
Since I was five I’ve always wanted to go to London and explore the world. After my fifteenth birthday, my parents let me go to Europe for a week with my sister and my dream was coming true. It was my first time going to Europe and I was... (more »)
By , Meadville, PA
One December a man was on trial for stealing from a toy store even though he was just buying christmas presents for his kids. He wasn't the man who stole but the lawyer he hired was not a very good one. He went from buying presents for his... (more »)
Somebody Else's Shoes
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It's not about how grateful that person feels for you Or its not about how grateful you feel for what that person did for you. It's about how to be grateful even when it's a small favour done for a cause through... (more »)
Finding Yourself While at Sea
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My family cruises a lot, and you might be wondering how being on a cruise ship for a week surrounded by other people in the middle of the ocean is a place where you can find yourself. Cruises are portrayed as floating resorts with 24 hour... (more »)
The Center of the Universe
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this past weekend, i went to the city. i went to the city and it stole my heart, right after it made my soul dance. it left me with a light in my eyes and new desires. it left me inspired. it was the energy boost I... (more »)
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