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New Orleans and Its Magic
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New Orleans is a fascinating place with it’s unique style to it and I will be going there 5 days before Mardi Gra. In the plane, I peer through the window and saw New Orleans and it’s wonderful structures. I was immediately amazed by... (more »)
Types of Performing Arts Kids
By , Phoenix, AZ
In life, we encounter many different types of people. Whether we get along with those people or not, they are bound to impact our lives in some way. It could be a new experience or just a new friend. Regardless of the impact they leave,... (more »)
The Meaning of Art
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When I think of art, I normally think of a painting of something realistic or cartoony. Art can be much more. I never realized that art could be made of anything before I went to the art museum. Some pieces were paintings like I was used... (more »)
The Big Easy
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In New Orleans Louisiana, on a hot tuesday morning in early November.  I stood outside the airport waiting for my uber driver.  The flight made me very tired but I came here looking for a adventure.  I can smell the fresh air and... (more »)
A Mountain Wish This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Mountains, blue skies, silk clouds and herds of conifers swishing with the breeze- Kashmir has it all! Vipul was the one sponsoring this trip as he had gotten his dream job abroad last year; I had started pursuing a degree in marine biology in... (more »)
Times Square
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Some places leave a lasting impression on you, and Times Square is one of those places. A common saying is,”seeing is believing.” It was not until I saw New York for the first time that I had a true understanding of this quote. I... (more »)
A Great Awakening This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Freedom. Pure, wholehearted freedom. Not the kind of freedom given when a newly licensed teen is handed the keys to his or her new car, and not the kind that is received when school releases for summer break. I’m talking about the freedom... (more »)
Black Panther Is Set to Blow Us Away
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From the moment the man in the panther suit took to the screens of all Marvel fans devices, fans have not been able to contain their excitement for the new movie. Unlike many other Marvel movies that have been released over the last century,... (more »)
My Small Lane in Beijing This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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“Hello, I wonder if you can give me two packets sauce please?” Standing beside the cashier desk of Hardie’s, I asked a waitress in a hesitant tone. Unexpectedly, instead of passing me... (more »)
The Trap City
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In New Orleans, Louisiana, on a hot Monday morning in the early month of February waiting for a taxi to come pick me up from my friend, Sofia house, where I’ve be staying for the time being. Sofia left me without notice that she’ll... (more »)
Minorities in Entertainment This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Since its inception, the entertainment industry has been a powerful force in American society and culture. The media industry has multiple facets, including film, television, and music. Each is its own multibillion-dollar industry, with... (more »)
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The World Beyond the Ready-Made Formulas
The German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, contextualizes three pillars for the formation of each individual: corporeality; the search for meaning in life, which he calls the "will to power", and the vital force necessary for self-improvement.... (more »)
Heathers the Musical
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“I am Damaged. Far too damaged. But you're not beyond repair. “- From Song I Am Damaged. Heathers the Musical delves into 1989 high school with such realism and raw truth that it's almost heartbreaking. In a society... (more »)
A Few Days In New Orleans
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Just a few minutes before I land in New Orleans. I’ll only stay for a few days while having fun. When I stepped out of the plane it was like paradise, the buildings and everything was just so amazing. It was cold here, I should’ve... (more »)
My Trip To Japan
By , Richmond, CA
The plane ride was so long. It was 10 hours. I watched 5 movies,  and didn’t barf once, which is great.    The whole reason I went to Japan was because of Make A Wish Foundation it takes a really long time to get... (more »)
Airport Feeling
The little dots of lights. Standing now, now moving and leaning in the small window of the plane. Icy Gradually they grow larger and morph into buildings. Suddenly - I'm in love with the magic and brightness of the city. We arrived. Some... (more »)
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