Arsenal Debutant

April 14, 2009
By Anonymous

The train rumbled on the tracks under one of the most historic cities in the world-London. Locals here call this the “Tube” or the “Underground”, but my dad still calls this the “subway.” The train was small and cramped compared to the “subways” of other cities. There were two rows of seats, and my dad and I occupied two next to each other. As we rolled along the Piccadilly Line, more people wearing red came onto the train. They were all singing. “Arsenal,” the PA system announced. Everyone leapt up and crowded toward the doors. There were old and young, men and women. All of them walked out of the same the exit. I was beaming-these were my people.

As my dad and I walked out with the masses of red, I pointed out Arsenal Football Club supporters and the traveling fans of Manchester City FC. We walked until we came to a flight of steps leading to an overhead walkway. There, from the bridge, I stood in awe. It was an enormous stadium-Emirates Stadium.

It took us a while to find the entrance for our seats, but we soon found it. We were escorted to our seats. Not good seats (behind the goal), but decent enough. Not long after, the Arsenal players took to the pitch. One by one we, the fans, sang their names. It was an emotional match, as our team captain, Cesc Fabregas, played for the first time in five months. He deserved our standing ovation.

Cesc would prove to be very influential. He made creative passes until we drew a foul. The resulting free-kick was taken by Cesc. He flew in a perfect cross that was easily headed in by Adebayor. Adebayor didn’t even have to jump. I am sure I was the first in the whole stadium to jump up and scream in delight. I jumped once the ball left Adebayor’s head! It was picture-perfect. Anyone who has watched soccer knows that a goal scored by your team has no equal. It is a brilliant feeling.

The first-half, 45 minutes, just blew away. The fans continued to sing Arsenal songs throughout the fifteen minute break. As soon as the match resumed, Adebayor scored another, and Cesc, again, the provider! The match was dominated by Arsenal. The whole stadium roared and jumped up at the same time. This is all instinctive of soccer fans. No one needs to be taught when to clap, when to whistle, and when to cheer. Soon, the effective duo of Arsenal was substituted off. The crowd saluted them and their work with a lengthy standing ovation. The match was over quickly after the two were subbed off. The whole team came onto the pitch to applaud our support. I had traveled all the way from New York to support them. I was proud of my team.

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