Getting Lost By A Bear Wrangler

April 14, 2009
By Lindsay Fish BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Lindsay Fish BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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Thump, thump, thump was the sound of our feet walking down the boardwalk that would lead us to a place we’ve never been before.
It was my first time in Madison and David, Andrew, and I were all in a disc golf tournament. We didn’t play that day so we ate breakfast and walked to the park. Let me tell you right now that it was a huge park. At the entrance we saw a boardwalk.
I stated, “Hey! There is a boardwalk. Let’s go down it!” David wasn’t sure if we should, but Andrew talked him into it. As we were walking down the path Andrew pretended there was a bear in the trees when we passed it, and he was a bear wrangler.
It was all fun and games until we got off the boardwalk. We came into an unfamiliar area where people were camping and they just gave us this really weird stare as we passed. So we just kept walking and walking down winding roads and following signs that we had no clue where they went. Now we saw a no riding horses sign and we also saw a cross country skiing sign and just followed that path. Apparently following the path just took us right back to the entrance of the park where we saw the boardwalk.
I asked, “Hey you guys, do you think we should follow the boardwalk again?” Andrew agreed to but David just kept walking shaking his head.
So this time we didn’t take the boardwalk and followed the road. On the way Andrew stopped to go to the restroom. That’s where it got interesting. David and I weren’t that far away from tournament central, the place we were looking for before, so we just ditched Andrew. By the time we got to tournament central Brad Wendt, the guy’s house we were staying at and the tournament leader, came up to us.
Brad stated, “You guys can go play a round of disc golf if you want to.” Eagerly David and I got our bags, ditching Andrew. We played disc golf and Andrew eventually caught up. I blamed Andrew for getting us lost in Madison because in my mind it really was his fault. Which brings me to the quote: “Children usually do not blame themselves for getting lost.” - Anna Freud

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