Listen To The Children And You Will Hear The Ocean

April 9, 2009
By Evelina Albanesi BRONZE, Florence, Other
Evelina Albanesi BRONZE, Florence, Other
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"Viene, Viene!" whispered Kelsea, an unbelievably sweet-faced little girl with numerous curls bobbing up and down from the top of her head and exaggerated eyelashes that deemed her smile irresistible. Pulling gently on my skirt, she guided me away form the view of the gentle rolling waves and towards the sand-floored library in Chiquistepeque, Guatemala.

Children in this petite sun-kissed village have a hard life. They are woken up and put to sleep with the roaring engines of the motorcycles flaunting the wealth of the hollering riders. The little kids standing tip-toed trying to look out the wooden frames of their thatched-roofed houses. As they long to be one of the loud people on their expensive rides, the kids lose self esteem at an increasing fast rate. Anna and Elfego started a non-profit organization called Hemacas y Pescado, after noting the great financial divide that exists between the rich and poor and the lack of inspiration the children grow up with. The couple opens their cabanas, that lay peacefully around their property, for a small fee. Visitors are also welcome to join in on the activities and spend time with the children . This organization started out with a few local kids and now hosts a large excited group of 74.

Kelsea slipped her small mango-covered hand into mine and lead me towards a tower of books. Standing before the bookshelf was little Jason. Though small, I think he´s going to be a rapper when he grows up; He and adorable Juan sat together with their hands in rapper-like formation, bobbing their heads up and down. Kelsea and I looked into each other´s eyes, both inevitably squinting from our chuckles. We then reached our final destination picked up the first book and got lost in stories from Barney to Winnie the Pooh.

I was really impressed with Anna, the coordinator I was working with. She is so warm-hearted and joyful with the perfect hint of strictness. If i was three or four years old i would try to please her too.

The children´s voices still echo in my mind and I hear their giggles when I look out to sea.

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