San Diego

March 31, 2009
By Lance Vanskyock BRONZE, Portland, Indiana
Lance Vanskyock BRONZE, Portland, Indiana
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Over the mountains and out over the Pacific Ocean the plane turns and lands. I have finally made it to California, San Diego, California to be exact. It is my first time in California and my parents and I are here to visit my brother who just recently opened his own business. We get off the plane and go threw the airport hassle of fighting the crowds, finding our luggage, and the whole rent-a-car mess. After forty-five minutes of standing in line and going threw all the rental forms we finally get a car. On the road, California looks just like it does on TV. It is warm, sunny, and full of people. It only took thirty-five minutes to find my brothers condo, thank goodness we had GPS. We tiredly unpack the car and head inside ready for a good evening of relaxing. As we enter the condo, I am suddenly attacked by a puppy and then my brother tells us he got a dog. So instead of just relaxing we played with the puppy, which in turn put all of us to bed early. The next day was a lazy day of relaxing by the pool and watching the puppy while my brother was at work.

The third day in California there was a San Diego Padre’s game so my parents and I went because my step-dad and I love baseball. They were playing the Los Angeles Dodgers. This was my first major league baseball game that I was not at the Cincinnati Reds stadium and it was so much fun. IT was a day of coke, peanuts, nachos, and hotdogs. It was an afternoon game and the weather was great, as was the game. The Padre’s won the game 3-2 in ten innings and there was only on home run which was hit by the padre’s. After the game we met up with one of my mom’s old friend, who lives in San Francisco, to go eat. The place we ate at was called the spaghetti factory. It was beautiful inside with all the artworks, stain glass windows, antique train, and chandeliers. We got to eat inside the train, which was all restored and amazing. It was like eating dinner on a train on your to somewhere. The food was great; it was the best spaghetti that I have ever tasted. When we were done eating we went to the beach and watch the seals till sunset.
The Fourth day we went to Mexico. We spent most of our time going threw all the security checks, but other than that it was fun. We ate at a Mexican restaurant and got to barter at the market. I got a silver necklace for twenty dollars and a cool looking bag for five dollars. My mom went kind of crazy when it went to shopping, so I and my step-dad went to a cigar shop to let her do her thing. The cigar shop was amazing it was the biggest cigar shop I have ever been to and there were some cigars were worth thousands of dollars. At the end of the day we had so much stuff that it took almost four hours to get threw customs.

The second to last day, we went to Los Angeles. We got as close as you can to the Hollywood sign. We walked up and down the streets looking at all the stars on the sidewalk. We had to find Ron Howards because the last time my step-dad was there he took his picture with it, because he is his favorite actor. The rest of the day we shopped in all the stores with all the stars memorabilia. Then we headed back to the condo. The next day was just relaxing by the pool and packing up because our flight left at eight a.m. the next morning. This was my favorite vacation because I have always wanted to go to California and it was just as fun as I had hoped it would be.

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