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Homelessness Is More Than Being Without a Home

May 1, 2018
By Anonymous

Chicago is a beautiful city with radiant, kind people who aren’t as fortunate as many of us at Andrews Osborne Academy.  About 6,000 people in Chicago are homeless. Being homeless comes with much more than just no home. When you are homeless you receive much less love and affection. You can change the world by simply changing the life of one person. In Chicago the ninth grade class was shown this opportunity so many times, many of them being shown to me by the homeless population. Four of the students on this ninth grade Chicago trip decided to offer a homeless man lunch. He told us his special eating needs which made buying him lunch hard. I tried to provide a larger amount of food than he normally gets, but that's not the only way I showed my love. I spoke with him and about how beautiful the city was. This city was eye-opening not only because of the opportunities it gave my friends and me to help people and show our character but because it was so beautiful. The students all began to feel overwhelmed with thankfulness, realizing we are blessed to simply be alive and loved.

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