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The Festival "Around the World"

April 17, 2018
By khizhovann BRONZE, Ulyanovsk`, Other
khizhovann BRONZE, Ulyanovsk`, Other
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Travelling is also a good decision. During travel you familiarize with cultures and traditions of other countries, meet new friends from another edge of our planet, try national food and learn how other people live. Everybody likes travelling. And 15th of April inhabitants of city Ulyanovsk, Russia had the opportunity to travel all over the world without leaving their motherland.

The festival "Around the world" took place inside of Ulyanovsk State University. It was event for real travellers, for people who like learning languages and just for active youth of the city. Approximately 100 interested people have gathered together in this event and everybody has become pleased of it.

Festival which was organised by the squad of the active youth of the city named "Active youth League" involved 2 parts. First and the biggest one was the quest - the special form of activity when people devided on a groups with leader attend different stations. In our case stations were world"s countries. Every country had something unique, different. For example, in Argentina station all guests had the opportunity to try to learn the sensitive kind of dance - Tango, in Mexico people found themselves at the celebration of its national feast "The day of deads". Our guests even have become participants of the story of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in England, learnt a lot of interesting facts about Germany, America, China, India, France, Georgia and of course about Russia.

The second part of festival was no less interesting - it was the press-conference with foreigners. We, Russians, have always been interested in conversation with people from other countries. And all participants had the opportunity to talk to our guests from Egypt. They were asked about absolutely everything: about their story of life, about their motherland, their language, about the experience of living in Russia which completely differs from Egypt by its climate. As a gratitude all participants have sung the favourite guest"s song in Russian and have applauded as loudly as it was possible.

The festival was closed by the awarding of the most active its participants, finishing up competitions and by singing all-famous songs together. Everybody was pleased by that Sunday. People have done an abundance of pictures as a memory about of that event and have given long hugs to each other.

And what about you? Have you ever been in such events? Have you liked it when you cross the globe without leaving your city? Please share your experiences in comments below!

The author's comments:

I want people to know about out Russian festivals!

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