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Empire State of Mind

April 10, 2018
By ameliaott BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
ameliaott BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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So much to see and so much to do! New York City has such a flourish of tourist attractions and activities. This can be the reason why some people are so attracted to the city of lights and skyscrapers, but I love the city for a different reason. New York, New York is a place of energy, dreams, and purpose.  It is a culture and way of life that only few understand. The culture of this concrete jungle is so different and unique that it intrigues me to know more about it.The Big Apple has so many different things that one has to adapt to. From apartment living, to subway taking, and being able to withstand the climate and air. One even needs to adapt to the people and the personalities of them. The culture of NYC comes from many different things. The splendor of ethnic foods and foreign shops and things are endless. The city contains many different types of backgrounds and cultures tied into one. There are even so many different types of people in the city. Whether you are from the Upper East Side or the streets, you have a place in New York City. The city is accepting and open to all classes and backgrounds. Next, the energy of the city as a whole is just so powerful. The lights and noises just give off a vibe of ambition and makes me want to get up and go do something amazing. From Manhattan to Queens to Brooklyn, there is always somewhere to be and something new to experience. The skyscrapers that shape the city is a metaphor on the great city and how it strives to be amazing and touch the sky. On another note, New York is not called the City of Dreams for nothing.  Everyone is in the city for a purpose, whether its business or following one's own dreams. Between broadway, excellent colleges, movie stars, and the empire state building there are so many different reasons to be in The Big Apple. All of these things play into the broad culture of the city. They are all faucets of New York’s personality. New York is a city so great and so intricate. You can be anybody you want to and you can do whatever you want to. It is a city like no other that leaves a mark on you forever. The crowds are so large, that they make your problems seem so small. It helps one know that they are not alone, that their dreams are realistic, and that one has such a big purpose in life. New York has a culture with such color and variety. The attractions are even metaphors of the cities culture. Times Square and the Statue of Liberty are both beautiful, but in different ways. Everyone’s dreams and ambitions in the city are amazing, but different. New York, New York is such an inspiring place and it encourages me to do something huge and follow my dreams. If one has never been to this amazing city, visiting it will be an experience of a lifetime. With lights so bright, buildings so tall, noises so loud and dreams so big, you will never want to leave.

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