How I Fell in Love with Traveling

April 4, 2018
By moultonj BRONZE, Meme Town, Alabama
moultonj BRONZE, Meme Town, Alabama
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Whether I am traveling 10,000 miles or 10, I love to see new places I have never been before. I like to see the culture of the people outside of my home and city because it is different everywhere you go, especially across the world. I also enjoy waking up while traveling and not having any responsibilities because it is  so exciting to decide what you want to do for the day and not worry about school, parents or work. It was fun to decide what you want to do with a day and not have to worry about anything else. You can simply explore and have fun!

The last time I traveled, I made a trip to Washington D.C. as well as New York City. I am going to write about my trip about Washington D.C. because I enjoyed the time I spent there much more! We drove there from Amery where we live. It was about a 16-hour drive, and of course, we did drove almost  straight through. We stopped about 2 hours out of Washington D.C. for the night. It was a  pleasant place, but we were eager to get back on the road and heading towards our destination.

Then, the next morning we set out to Washington D.C. by the time we got there, it was about 11:00 am in the morning. We were super excited about being there. The city was so incredible! We got there too early to check into our hotel, so we found a place to park, which is difficult to do since it was super busy. Once we finally found a spot, we started exploring right away.

The first stop was the Washington Monument it was so big and amazing there was a lot of people surrounding it but it was so cool just to touch it and gaze at it. We then wondered over to the Lincoln Memorial were we took some pictures and rested, sitting on some giant blocks of marble. We found some pennies up there in the cracks, which was  cool! We then went to the reflecting pool were we took some more pictures and sat on the fountain. It was  hot and we were tired so we drove back to the hotel.

After exploring the City, the hotel is next to a construction site. It had a pool atop the building and it looked  nice. The most exciting part of the place was the rooftop pool because it felt amazing to swim atop the building and look out at all the tall buildings. Our hotel was located in a downtown “street art” area where there was numerous cool murals and paintings on the wall and many small eating restaurants that all looked amazing and that we all wanted to try.

The next day we had a private tour of the Capital building and we also went to Ford's Theater. It was amazing we also went to the Library of Congress first to see the amazing artwork and the memorial inside. We went into floor of the house as well which was  exclusive and  hard to get into. We had to leave our phones in the other room, which was very weird, but it was so exciting to be in a place that had so much history to it and that so many important decisions were made.

My favorite parts were walking around the city, going to new places not worrying about any responsibilities or money so much, and simply focusing on having a good time with my family and seeing new places and meeting new people. This trip to Washington D.C.   inspired me and made me fall in love with traveling. Simply walking around with my family, visiting new places. It was simply incredible.

In closing, my trip to Washington D.C. is to say it in one word, incredible. I loved seeing new places I have never been to and eating and visiting new and exciting places, I have never seen. Someday I want to travel to a different country. I have never been to a different country. I have been to Texas, New York and Washington D.C. Hopefully soon, through my church, I will have the opportunity to travel to Haiti and help package and apply medical treatments to those in need.

  I hope to travel to more places and experience different cultures, landmarks and stay in new places. Finally, I love traveling I hope I can continue to travel for the rest of my life.

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I am 16 From Wisconsin this peice is very important to me and it is something that I love to do.

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