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February 2, 2018
By gavinveilleux BRONZE, Turner, Maine
gavinveilleux BRONZE, Turner, Maine
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Portland, Maine we had already eaten 2 pizzas in a matter of an hour, the plan was to stop there and leave, but we still wanted more. 3 pizzas down and I couldn't take another bite, somehow I took one more.  

“This is the best pizza in Maine.” I said as I stopped chewing. We stayed for about 2 hours just enjoying the restaurant and eating wonderful food.

When you walk in you will be greeted by a kind waiter with a smile. Wine, beer, soda and practically anything you can imagine is available. You can even make your own custom soda. I created my own custom soda, I mixed Rootbeer and Cream soda, it was surprisingly good. The restaurant is heated by the 4 clay wood-fired ovens, it's always extremely warm and smells like a bonfire. These ovens are also used to cook all the food. You have a choice of seats, there are either refurbished picnic tables and tables with wooden bar stools. When you sit down you're menus will be there waiting for you to order.

Their menu is huge. Salads,  sandwiches, and soups, so if you don't like pizza there's plenty of other options. They also have gluten-free and vegan options, so even if you have an allergy they will cater around that and serve you a delicious meal. This small thing will be very convenient for families that have allergies or are gluten-free.


Their pizza menu is huge, it has every basic pizza and beyond. They also include building your own pizza, you can choose sauces, cheeses, and toppings. They also have gluten-free and vegan options.


Their dough is made fresh every day, with ingredients from local farms. If you have ever had pizza, you know what the generic crust tastes like. This crust is different. It's flaky, airy, and it has a smoky aroma from the wood-fired ovens. It is almost so airy that it snaps from the slightest bite. It's so unique that it's very hard to describe. You just have to try it, but once you do you will never see regular crust the same again.

The pizza sauce is tangy, almost like they put a little orange zest or something, but somehow its sweet at the same time. It tastes like it has sugar in it but it comes in waves. The sauce is sweet but then you start to taste the tartness and it comes on slowly until it goes back to sweet. it's like there multiple layers of different sauces.

This pizza is something truly amazing. The amazing sauce, the crust it makes the whole pizza, but then there's the cheese. Fresh mozzarella cheese that tops it off. When they cook it and all the flavors combine, the amazing ingredients really shine through. Dominos, Pizza hut, papa gino's none of those places even have a chance against this pizza. Once you start eating you won't even notice how much you have eaten until you look down and realize you ate a whole pizza.

I didn't realize they had dessert but as soon as I saw the cake on the dessert menu I knew I had to get a piece. I couldn't eat any more pizza but I can always make room for dessert. It came and it looked more like an entire cake than a piece. The fluffy cake with the rich frosting and chocolate shavings look so perfect that they can't be real. I sunk my fork in and took a bite, everything just melted in my mouth. Every bite was better than the last until the whole thing was gone.

Overall this restaurant gets 4 out of 5 stars, it has great service and amazing food and is a pretty nice place overall. If you have the opportunity I definitely recommend this restaurant to any ages.

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