The Rose That Grew from Concrete

January 26, 2018
By _iamlenaj BRONZE, Sacramento, California
_iamlenaj BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Tupac Shakur is known as a rapper, actor, and poet. But before the fame and money he was originally a poet. It started when Tupac got a notebook from his mother for christmas and he started from there.

Pocket Books published Tupac’s book of poems called “The Rose That grew From Concrete” on November 1, 1999.It is a good book to read because I learned that you can express your feelings in writing. If you have something to say that you can't explain to someone you can write it out in a poem.

In “The Rose That grew From Concrete”, my favorite poem in the book is “Tears of a Teenage Mother.” I really enjoyed that poem because I know a lot of strong and powerful women that have struggled to support their child. My favorite line is “He’s buying clothes for his new girl and the baby just ran out of medicine”. According to Tupac  he was speaking the real truth.

I recommend that you should read this book and get something out of it because you might be surprised about Tupac’s view on women. He is respectful to women in his poetry but sometimes disrespectful in his music. However when it comes to his poetry its the real deal.

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