Is Traveling Worth It?

February 13, 2018
By Joy8! BRONZE, Austin, Texas
Joy8! BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Why does Travelling cost so much? Does the cost of travelling compensate the experience? Travelling is such a bliss.I can see why someone would make it to be their hobby. Imagine going around the world experiencing all the different things that aren’t the same in your home country.Traveling also gives you a great thing to put on applications because it shows that you are flexible to travel and understand travelling for work.

With travelling you could literally go  anywhere in the world.You could go from the Arctic to Antarctica or Chile to Sydney.You could never run out of different places to visit because there are so many! Entering  a new  country usually changes your perspective about a lot of different things like And the language probably changes too.
Another thing with travelling is the cultural exchange you get.You get a taste of a different culture/country.You can do this in many ways like meeting new people at local coffee shops,go on tours around the city,eat some local food,go to places in the area that aren’t touristy.That's one thing me and my family do, we tend to stay away from all the touristy areas (unless we really can't help ourselves) to feel more like the locals.To be welcomed into the area you don't want to stand out to much.Search up what great local secrets does your destination have for you! Or you could simply ask some locals around.

Travelling does come with a downside….the cost.Travelling can get so expensive when you don't look for deals or use coupons. You could always use honey a coupon app which finds any deals for you. Travelling by yourself may not be so expensive,but when you bring your family along the budget just gets bigger and bigger.Thats why so many people don't travel as much because of a cost.But one way to cost save is going on cruises,Cruises are the best for big families and if you want to see many places in a short time span,You are also very well taken care of in a cruise with the staff pampering you every minute your on the deck and in your room.

So finally is travelling really worth it?

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