February 10, 2018
By Addikonc BRONZE, Spring Valley, Illinois
Addikonc BRONZE, Spring Valley, Illinois
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Growing up I’ve always asked myself why I was here. What was my purpose in life? I never knew the answers to the questions my relatives asked me, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” or “where are you planning on living?” I still don’t completely know. I have an idea of my life plans, but what’s the point if you have to shape everything to society. Society is a group of civilized people living together in a community. In our case, society is far from civilized.


Society tells us we can be what and who we want, but the catch is it has to be in the right way. They tell you that you must love your body, that it is wrong not too, but if you love your body too much they will tear you down. People are judged for their weight. You either weigh too much or too little, but the thing is weight is just a number and if you’re happy it shouldn’t matter. They say, “put a smile on your face. People who wear smiles are a lot more pretty than people who don’t.” Does society not realize that not everyone can be happy all the time? Smiles are great, but people shouldn’t have to feel like if they do not smile because they have something going on that they are ugly. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.


Society is like what we consider fake friends. Fake friends are there for you and nice to you to your face, but the second you leave it’s like they shove a knife into your back. People could be completely rude to you and talk very bad about you, but if something was to happen to you; they would be with all the others crying as you’re put into the ground. They will say love who you want! There will be no judgement, but as long as they follow our qualifications.


When I’m older I want to go to college, have a family, move to Colorado by my aunt, and work as a forensic toxicologist. This is what I have always believed to be my purpose in life; grow up, have a family, and make a life for myself. I still happen to think this is what my life will be like, but my point is every person has a purpose. We are society; everyone in your classroom everyone reading my article, and everyone in your entire school makes up a part of society. I’m sure we are all tired of the rules society makes up for us, so why not break them and be who you are. In order to make our society a better place, we have to start with ourselves.


Never let society, your peers, bullies, your family, or even strangers break you down. Always stay strong. If you take anything from my article, take the fact that society has built up a terrible reputation and that you are loved. You shouldn’t listen to society and its rules. Instead know that you’re born and then you die, but somewhere in between you can change so much. Be your own person and bend the rules society made up, because eventually it could rub off on other people and society could change for the better.

The author's comments:

Before writing this piece, I was doing a lot of thinking. I personally have been judged by society and it made me feel terrible. I realized people all around me feel like this because of society all the time. So, I decided to write an article about how society really is. I also wrote this article to let teens all around the world know that they are loved and shouldn't let society get in the way. I really wanted to make everyone aware that they can't just blame society if they aren't willing to work on themselves, because we are all apart of society.

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