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January 25, 2018
By Kennarae SILVER, Welch, Minnesota
Kennarae SILVER, Welch, Minnesota
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“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” “ The person who said this grew up to be what his mother was describing. He was a helper, he would help little kids understand things like taking care of pets, how to deal with competition, even divorce and death. Mr. Rogers was a very kind person and he was fun to be around so that's why I listened to him. He influenced my life by making me a helper; because I wanted to help people just like him. I may have not seen it when I was a kid but I do see it now.

Find people who are helping, they are there for you even if it’s just help on a simple question. They are everywhere even if you don’t know them or see them. Mr. Rogers helped children learn through 685 episodes from 1968 until 2001. He Influenced my life through three ways, His kind words of wisdom, the benefit of a safe place, and Teaching you things that would take you parents all day.


His kind words of wisdom would stay with me all the time and made me feel like I could tell someone his words too. He always said “I like you just the way you are” and that made me feel like I should say that to someone else. And when he said it you knew he meant it. It’s something that means a lot to everyone, not being accepted is everyone's greatest fear.  In his show he had lots of guests of all different backgrounds, shapes, and races, but that just showed me it doesn’t matter what you look like it’s who you are on the inside. Another thing that he did was talked about hard and simples things, things you are might be too afraid to ask your parents, like divorce to taking care of pets.


Mr. Rogers neighborhood was and still is a safe place for everyone, he had a very friendly environment where everyone was welcome. It may only be through a tv screen but for 30 minutes you felt like you were there and meeting new people that accepted you no matter what. This makes the world seem less scary and more interesting to a 6 year old. Seeing that as a kid makes everyone seem nicer, and as a Teenager you want kids to know that a lot of people are nice and someone will always accept you just the way you are. That is something special and if one generation knows it the next one will to.


This tv show is not something that is only entertaining but it is also educational, it was one of the first of its kind. As I said earlier Mr. Rogers neighborhood dealt with serious things like divorce. He talked about this subject when there was a peak in divorce rates, if a kids parents or someone else's parents were getting a divorce they can easily understand the situation. Mr. Rogers explained it better than any parent could I think, he takes his time; even some of his episodes spanned four parts. It may take some time but once a kid understands something like that they remember, and it is very important.


In conclusion Mr. Rogers is a man that made everything simpler, he made learning easier, he made you feel welcome no matter who you are, and he taught you things your parents would probably scare you with. This man influenced my life through all of those ways, he makes me a better person every time I see his show. He has taught me to look for helpers in every nook and cranny, and most importantly to be one myself. I am so thankful that our babysitter didn’t have cable, otherwise I could have never said what I have said. To me he will and always be better than any grandparent out there, because he has unconditional love that is contagious to everyone.

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