Types of Performing Arts Kids

January 19, 2018
By Anonymous

In life, we encounter many different types of people. Whether we get along with those people or not, they are bound to impact our lives in some way. It could be a new experience or just a new friend. Regardless of the impact they leave, they’ll always be remembered by us in a certain category. That’s why there are different social structures In life, to categorize other people. In high school, there are cliques and sub-cliques. For example, the performing arts kids can categorize into four different sub-cliques. These little cliques in high school just help people remember others, as well as prepare them for the real world. This is because in the real world, somebody is always going to be a group of people either below or above you. People will also be grouped with others like themselves or not, it’s just like in the jungle where there’s the pecking order. It’s just a natural categorization of life. However, regardless of what grouping a student is part of in high school, each little group helps shape the school into the place most students come to know and love.

Within performing arts, there are the four basic groups. The first one is the typical clueless kid. This kid usually doesn't know what they're doing, is constantly looking around for someone to tell them what to do, and is usually a freshman or possibly an ignorant sophomore. When it's time to get serious, this person is usually oblivious and seeks to be the clown in the room. This mechanism is commonly used as a way to gain friendship and break the ice with everybody else. However, this is only used when the teacher or highest authority is not present, as this young human suddenly becomes very timid and scared by the highest authority. They develop a fear of being removed from the program if they upset this authoritative figure.

Next comes the commanding student. This student take sit upon their self to take initiative and lead the rest of the students. They are not quite at the top of chain, instead they're like a lioness believing they lead the animal kingdom when the reality is it is the lion who rules all. Normally this person also displays an impressive talent and uses this to help improve others. They are also modest, not bragging about how well they execute themselves or constantly using themself as an example.

Then there is the student that most people question as to why they're even in the program in the first place. Known for their constant nagging and complaining about how much they dislike being part of the program, yet they continue to do it all throughout high school. They believe that practice is unnecessary for them despite their constant errors and mistakes. When asked why they don't just quit, their reply is typically some excuse about being forced by their parents or because it looks good for college applications. Despite the constant whining, it is true that deep down they have a deep, burning passion.

Last but not least is the lover. They love every last part about the program, and constantly talks about how much they love it. If they could marry it, they probably would. Without the program they would most likely barely get by in high school because performing arts is their entire life. Whether it be after school, during class, at work, wherever this person goes all they can manage to talk about is performing arts. For their free time they practice nonstop, just hoping to improve as much as possible.

The performing arts kids include theatre, band, dance, and choir kids. Without these kids there would be no foundation for the social structure of high school. Performing arts is something a lot of students take great pride in, where they don't exceed athletically they exceed artistically. But without these sub-cliques then the band or theatre or whichever fine arts program wouldn't be able to function properly. Each little clique is like a puzzle piece, and when they are all put together they make a beautiful picture. These sub-cliques make the fine arts into what it is, and what it is would be a remarkable life-changing experience for any high shock student who chooses to take part in it.

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