The Big Easy

January 17, 2018
By malikgoodcake GOLD, Sacramento, California
malikgoodcake GOLD, Sacramento, California
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In New Orleans Louisiana, on a hot tuesday morning in early November.  I stood outside the airport waiting for my uber driver.  The flight made me very tired but I came here looking for a adventure.  I can smell the fresh air and think about the good times I will have.  I can´t wait to have fun and party all day.  After all it is Mardi Gras today so I came on time. 

Now that my uber driver has arrived I can start exploring the Big Easy.  He asked me where I want to go I said ¨Mardi please¨.  He said ¨alright jump right in¨.  We start driving and get cut off by a jazz funeral.  The people were dancing and having a good time.  We then went down the road and took a left down Canal Street where the party was at.

I paid to get on the float with zulu.  People were cheering for beads I have never seen this in my life.  They had local high school bands march down behind us.  Then the owner said ¨you have to paint your face black¨.  But then we stopped by Bourbon street and I saw people drinking and partying.  I got off immediately and wanted to party with them. 

Next I saw a big crowd of people and I started partying with them.  Even at Bourbon street the girls flashed at us for beads it was amazing.  Jazz was blazing through the air.  I then walked to get a drink and was bumped into a girl who was flashing. She slapped me and said ´no touch.¨

I told the man I want a hotel around here.  He said ¨I will take you to a cheaper place¨.  He said hotels get expensive around here so he took me somewhere else.  I found myself in the second ward in a small room.  It was only a hundred a night so I bought souvenirs for the trip back home.  I then fell asleep.

Lastly I went to the airport.  I bought my ticket and waited for my flight.  I noticed that lots of New Orleanians were going to Sacramento.  I thought what do people want in Sacramento.  Then a cajun man said to me ¨are you from Sacramento¨.  I said ¨yes I am born and raised.  We then took off and I told him more about Sacramento.  I had a great time in the Big Easy and will never forget it.

The author's comments:

My class was working on the New Orleans section.  I was inspired by the culture and wrote a travel article.

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