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A Few Days In New Orleans

January 12, 2018
By Toualee SILVER, Sacramento, California
Toualee SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Just a few minutes before I land in New Orleans. I’ll only stay for a few days while having fun. When I stepped out of the plane it was like paradise, the buildings and everything was just so amazing. It was cold here, I should’ve brought a bigger jacket.

After when I went to the hotel, I stopped by Saint Louis Cemetery, I was curious. Just wondering what I’ll see just excites me. The dead was buried above ground, that amazes me. While I was walking with some people we stopped by a grave, it has x marks on it. It was the Queen of Voodoo’s grave. I left after when people started going home.

The next day, I was so tired after sitting in the plane for hours and visiting the cemetery. I wanted to try out the food they have here in New Orleans. I decided to go to the French Quarter and try out what kind of food is there. I got some gumbo and it was delicious, the sweet and everything in it.

Then I went to a place called Cafe Au Lait, when I got there it wasn’t loud or quiet, It’s just normal. People talking to each other laughing and quite while I’m just here wondering what should I get. I got coffee, it was good and probably the best coffee I’ve ever had. Man, everything in New Orleans is like a dream though.
It’s already been three days and I think I’m sick, but I’ll still go visit more places because I’m running out of time. I was waking in the streets and I heard people talking about a place called Oyster Bar. I heard that it’s good so I’ll give it a go. When I got there I see many middle age man and women. The radio was on and it was jazz, it sounded so good, it brings out the spirit of New Orleans.

On my last day, I decided to go to a voodoo shop and just look around what they have. I’m not going to buy anything because I’m practically broke. When I got there it’s like there’s a dark vibe to it. Voodoo isn’t actually bad, it has good uses. The days I spent in New Orleans  was wonderful.

The author's comments:

What inspired me about this piece is that it's an amazing time thinking and reading about New Orleans.

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