New Orleans and Its Magic

January 12, 2018
By Pixel3d SILVER, Sacramento, California
Pixel3d SILVER, Sacramento, California
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New Orleans is a fascinating place with it’s unique style to it and I will be going there 5 days before Mardi Gra. In the plane, I peer through the window and saw New Orleans and it’s wonderful structures. I was immediately amazed by it mainly because of how it was made and its origin. When I was finally out of airport I immediately call a taxi and from the outside of the taxi, I saw the Great Mississippi Lake and the Mississippi bridge. When I got off the taxi and started entering the streets I saw multiple Jazz band along with cafe and restaurants. 

 Now that I’m out, I went to look for an hotel so that I can put my luggage away. It was really hard to find one because I had no idea where I was at. I asked some local people and they told me to go to “Hotel Le Marais” which was 3 blocks up north from where I’m at. As I got there and finally book a spot in the hotel, I went outside to go look around and saw their amazing pool. It was small yet very beautiful because of how it was set under a tree. 

 It was still afternoon so I decided to go get lunch from a restaurant or cafe. But before I even got there I saw a voodoo shop which I heard is a must see place. As I went in, I saw a couple of tourists and 4 people that works in the shop. They were performing voodoo or black magic on a tourists. When they had finished their performance I realize, an hour had passed so I went outside and went to the French Quarter.


 The first restaurant I saw was right when I enter the French Quarter. The name was “Silk Road Restaurant” and it had asian food along with cajuns, creole, and indian food. I went in, sat down, and order the best 4 plates. As it came by, I smelled the richness of the scent that was giving off by it. After that I went back to the hotel and slept because I was very tired.


The next day, I went St. Louis 1st cemetery because it was also a must see and must came area. I also heard that Marie Laveau is also there, at the cemetery. She’s a famous person because she’s a practitioner of voodoo and she can grant your wish if you carve an “X” on her grave, spin 3 times, knock on her grave, and yell out your wish, and if your wish was granted come back to her grave and circle your “X”. But it is now off limits due to people with unlicensed tour guides. As I went there, there was less people because of the upcoming event, Mardi Gra.

 After 3 days of learning New Orleans places and streets name, Mardi Gra came and it was hype or exciting. So many people came especially tourists and other famous people. From what I heard, showing or flashing can get you some beads. But for me I watched the event from the backlines because it was too crazy and crowded in the front. It was already over before I know it and it ended with a nice jazz performance.


 After spending 6 days and a half, I really felt like New Orleans is a magical place. It’s wonderful hotel in the French Quarter, voodoo shops, restaurants, historical cemetery, and Mardi Gra were nothing but a jackpot. I took a plane to go back home just so that I can tell my family what I saw at New Orleans. After 7 hours, I went to bed because I was tired. That’s the end of my New Orleans journey.

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