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My Trip To Japan

January 10, 2018
By Anonymous

The plane ride was so long. It was 10 hours. I watched 5 movies,  and didn’t barf once, which is great. 


The whole reason I went to Japan was because of Make A Wish Foundation it takes a really long time to get a Make A Wish it took me 2 years to finalize my Make A Wish.I have a heart condition, called CPVT (don’t ask what the actual name is).  I got to Japan on Saturday the 28th.  Here in the U.S.A it was Friday still, but very late. 
The first thing I did in Japan was go to my hotel and get settled down. I was so tired. Then me and my family went to go eat food. We got ramen and sushi which was so good.  The next day was free so we went to the ramen museum the ramen museum has different ramen places from all over Japan but each ramen place has a different type of ramen. We got there by train, which was super quiet because you aren’t supposed talk on your phone.  The next day was Monday and my family went on a private tour to a town called Akihabara, which is known for all of its electronics and its nickname is “Electric Town”. In Akihabara we went to a maid cafe. In a maid cafe, girls dress up as maids and act like you are are their master or princesses and you take pictures with them. It’s very weird.  After Akihabara we went to a town called Shibuya just to go to this massive street crossing that millions of people cross every day, and then went back to Shinjuku where we were staying. 


The next day me and my family did a cooking class in Tsukiji, but before we went to the cooking class we went to the biggest fish market in the world. Then we went to ABC cooking and made ramen which was really good.  After that we went back to Shinjuku and got ready for dinner with one of my mom´s friends.  She works at the Edible Schoolyard in Japan, and my mom works at the Edible Schoolyard here in Berkeley at King Middle School. 
The next day was a free day, so me and my mom and dad went to Edible Schoolyard  Japan and worked in the garden there, and had lunch and tea with the people who work there which was fun.  Then we went back to Shinjuku and had dinner in these little alleyways called Golden Gia.  The next day was our last day in Japan and we first checked out of our hotel, then I did what I did everyday for breakfast which was go to 7 11 and get a meat onigiri, [an onigiri is a rice ball with some sort of meat in the center of the rice ball] and a bowl of ramen from Ichiran ramen which is a ramen place that stays open 24 hours, after breakfast we got on a bus to go to the airport which was 2 hour bus drive, once we got to the airport we got to our terminal and checked in and an hour and a half we got on our plane and got ready to leave for San Francisco the plane ride was 9 hours long I just watched movies we landed in San Francisco and went through customs and baggage claim and found a guy with a sign with my name on it and went home.

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