Motor Speedway

December 12, 2017
By TheMan6509 BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
TheMan6509 BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
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The smell of combusted gasoline filled the air and our lungs as the tiny engine in the back spat and sputtered us a few feet forward. Two teens in an environment not specifically meant for them. We made the best out of it. Screams. Everywhere. Nonstop. It was a better trip than we thought it would be. Who doesn't love Walt Disney World? As it wasn't my brother and I's first choice of vacation, we weren't as excited as the 3 year old we went with.

That day we were in Magic Kingdom. My favorite park overall. Incredibly obvious from the picture. My brother likes Animal Kingdom, but from the picture he seemed to be enjoying the day in MK pretty well. Earlier that day we had the most fantastic breakfast. Who knew a place with Disney characters and mascots floating around waited tables could put out such a good eggs benedict? My parents, who strongly encouraged my brother and I to ride these cars didn't even come with us. I feel like if they did though they'd definitely by in there behind us. For as much as I thought this trip would be more fun for the younger kids we went with, I think it proved to be almost quite the opposite.

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