The Way of the Cherokee

December 12, 2017
By Chief22 BRONZE, Sedan, Kansas
Chief22 BRONZE, Sedan, Kansas
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Reading the “The way of the Cherokee “ reminded me of some things in good ole Sedan, Kansas. A lot of people in Sedan hunt for food, like the Cherokee kids hunting for food. I can’t relate to that I'm not much of a hunter, but I have a bunch of friends that like to hunt. Ever since I was born I've lived in Sedan, Kansas, and the only kind of hunting I've done was raccoon hunting. I went with a few of my buddies out on some property around the county in Chautauqua. I started going when I was in sixth grade with my buddy Kylar and his father.

My first experience was good but then again it had a bad part, kind of like the girl almost getting stuck in quicksand. We were walking down this hill and there was a little cliff probably around 8 foot tall that we had come upon so I decided to try and jump down it like I normally would, but the left tip of my foot got stuck on the rock, and I flipped down it. There was a rock pile on the right and then to the left, there was just a bunch of leaves. Thankfully I landed on the leaves because that really would have hurt if I hit the rocks.

After I got up Kylar and his dad found a way around the rock and they just walked down the hill, now I realize that would have been a lot easier than front flipping down the cliff. Our coon hunting is like the Cherokee kids hunting and looking for the wild deer, because we hunt the coons and deer and so do they. Shortly after I fell off the cliff the coon dogs treed a coon in a den tree (a tree that's hollow on the inside). The tree was a smaller one so I went up to it and shook it a little bit not moved a little. Then I put everything I had into it and pushed it, and it fell over and the dogs got the coon. After that, we went back to the truck and called it a night and went home around midnight thirty.

One of the most recent times I went coon hunting was with my buddies Logan, Kylar, and Kaden we went hunting down the road a little ways from Logan’s house and we dumped the dogs in this field. After we let the dogs run for a while they finally started hitting about a half a mile or a mile away. We made sure that the dogs were treed before we started walking. Once we knew for sure they were treed we went in the direction the dogs were to try and find them. We found the dogs and they were treed on a really big tree. There was a huge hole in the tree and we thought the coon was in there, but then we kept looking and we found it at the top of the tree. Once we were done we all headed home and went to bed because we were all pretty tired. So the people in “ The way of the Cherokee” and my friends and I have some similarities and do some of the same things.

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