The Great Outdoors Is Calling

December 12, 2017
By soda.portal77 BRONZE, Bloomingdale, Illinois
soda.portal77 BRONZE, Bloomingdale, Illinois
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They say life is an adventure, yet only so many people properly consider it one. I for one take this to heart with every waking minute of the day. Seeing the beauty of what is provided to us by nature is one of the miracles of life; to be in touch with nature and the outdoors must be the very pinnacle of the relationship between the creator and the creation. From my experiences, I’ve learned that the act of camping never fails to bring us closer to the comforting solace of nature or create memories never to be forgotten.

From as far back as my memory serves, camping has always been an embodiment of amusement for me. It made me uneasy, sure, to leave my nice, warm bed at home for a ground pad in a canvas tent, but there is nothing like the relief of being removed from civilization for a relaxing excursion. There were many a time where sweet home called to my estranged alienation, but I let it ring because I preoccupied myself with living life to its fullest in week-long summer camps. The sun’s calming rays in combination with the quiet serenity nature delivers will create a desire to check in and never leave.

Throughout my career of being an outdoorsman and a Boy Scout, the ever-splitting road to adventure has never ceased to amaze me. I’ve camped for nights in caverns, I’ve survived days on a sandbar, I’ve come to tell stories about sleeping in bitter, sub-zero temperatures, I’ve led expeditions across the whitewater rapids, and I can guarantee I’ve experienced more epic, thrill-seeking adventures than any normal person could say they ever have. The possibilities, much like the universe, are endless. Life needs to be lived to its fullest and those who do not make an effort to indulge in adrenaline-pumping activities like camping will never experience what’s beyond their very own doors.

As we grow older, more and more troubles seem to creep closer towards our morale, but to abscond to the outdoors ushers in much-needed relief. The chirping birds free me of my inhibitions, the sight of lively vegetation for miles around brings me closer to a simpler time, and the winds persuade me to forget my hassles in life at home in its soothing, hushed whispers. Life in civilization is polluted with distress, but venturing the observant eyes into the clear night sky, to see the shy stars hidden from the eye behind smog finally glimmer as bright as they should in what seems a land free of human taint, evokes a sense of relief and cannot under any circumstance be recreated in the hustle and bustle any present-day civilization pushes forth.

If we were to consider life an adventure, then it must be fulfilled as one. Having a relationship in-tune with nature accentuates the truly amazing miracle that is life. I have dedicated myself to camping dating back to the primitive years of elementary school to this day and proudly admit to great value and quality being appended to my life on this Earth, including the appreciation of the caring embrace of nature and its gifts.

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