European Vacation

December 11, 2017
By Anonymous

As long as I can remember I’ve wanted to go to Europe. Every year when summer came around I begged my parents to take the family anywhere in Europe, England, Spain, France, I wouldn’t care. Finally last summer we agreed on Iceland, Ireland, and England. I was looking forward to that trip from the second I heard about it. The first leg of the trip was the flight to Iceland. After a long 7 hour flight we approached a overcast island. As we were going down to Iceland, I was glued to the window looking for any signs of land.  At last we broke through the clouds and a bright green island appeared. I’ll probably never forget that moment for the rest of my life. When we got on the ground there was crowds of people and no real organization. Most flights get in from around the world at the same time and the airport was under construction so the two don’t mix well together. Everyone was tired and nobody spoke the same language so finding customs was the first task. We just followed the crowds of people and eventually got through. The next step was renting a car for our 6 hour round trip drive to the south point of the island. Most people in Iceland only speak Icelandic and broken English which was fine for us but there were German, French, Spanish, and Italian families in front of us. After we finally got our car we began our long drive down south. The whole drive I was exhausted and unfortunately didn’t get the full experience that first day. The second day of our long layover we went up to a national park where the tectonic plates of Europe and North America collide and make a mountain-like rock formation. A few miles down the road was the second biggest geyser in the world. We also saw a ton of waterfalls that varied all over in size from the large wide ones to the tall skinny ones. Still jetlagged, we woke up early on the third day to begin the journey to Ireland.

We flew into Cork, a city in southern Ireland to begin our drive. The flight was the opposite of full and only the first few rows had people in them. This allowed everyone to have their own row and lay down flat. Ireland at first was crazy. Even in the city the roads are tight and you drive on the left. From Cork we drove up to Galway for two days. Galway reminded me somewhat of Amsterdam even though I've never been there. While in Galway we explored around the city including cliffs of to the west. After our two days were up, we went up to Sligo for a night. There wasn’t much there so we continued down to Dublin. Dublin was my favorite place in the country. We went to an old Alcatraz-type prison. A day later we flew in a small plane across to London.

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