Vail Problems

November 6, 2017
By Anonymous

On September 13, 2014, Vail bought Park City Mountain Resort. Vail ruined Park City Skiing in three ways. First, they took away Night Skiing, Second they made the food prices way more expensive, and Third, they brought in the ski police. Vail has made the skiing experience dreadful for the locals.

First of all many people love night skiing. It is the time that mostly only locals knew about. I personally really enjoyed it. I would get home from school around 4 in the afternoon. The day skiing closed at 4, so I would get my ski stuff on and go night skiing. I can’t go after school anymore because there is no night skiing. People really liked night skiing because there was almost no one there. Some people would go just because they like to ski the park. But now the locals have to deal with the crowds and having no skiing after school/work.

Second The food prices go up. It used to be 10 dollars for 1/4 of a pizza. But now it is 40 dollars for the same size of pizza. The locals are getting really mad because they are used to the cheap food. But now most of us just pack a lunch in a backpack. Now you can’t enjoy a nice warm burger without spending more than 10 dollars for just the burger.

Third, the resort brought out these people called yellow jackets. They are the ski police of the mountain. No one likes them, and they make you feel like you can’t ski like you used to. The locals know about all of the stashes but now there are yellow jackets everywhere, so now when you are in your “Secret Spot” you do not actually feel alone.

In conclusion, Vail has ruined our skiing experience in three ways, no night skiing, expensive food, and yellow jackets. I would love for the old park city to be back but I do not think that is going to happen. I hate Vail.

The author's comments:

I love skiing and I just want to be heard about what the locals want.

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