October 27, 2017
By Anonymous

Hello, my name is Jackson Benjamin Oliver but my friends call me Jack so I guess you could to. I'm in the 5th grade at Greenfield Elementary. I have two best friends well they are my only friends. Noah’s the pretty boy and could get any girl he wants but is dumb as a rock then there's Carter he's a genius but that's about all there is to know about him. And now let me tell you about me I make c’s and f’s im pretty ugly 5’1 and oh yea i'm in orphan.But don't get too sad, because we still have a story to tell. The instant I was born and left the hospital I was dropped of at an orphanage ever since that day i have had one goal on my mind and it was to find my mom.

Carter was talking about some algebra paper he couldn't wait to do as we were walking home well they were I was going to my orphanage as we all split up we did are handshake and left. Mrs.Wilson was waiting at the door with a broom when I walked in she said “get to work” so I did. When I work I like to daydream about the good life you know with a family and stuff but then I realize i'm in the real world and that kind of thing don't happen for people like me. The next day we all got together and made a plan to find my mom Carter did most of the thinking,Noah just stood there looking at girls as the walked by and I just couldn't stop thinking of my mom and how life could have been if I was never dropped of at this miserable place.That night we finished up and when Saturday came we were going to sneak out and find my mom we already know where she lived just about 5 minutes out of town.Dont tell anyone but carter hacked the city's website and it was that simple.Friday had come and i was getting nervous I mean what would I say to her o…. Hi mom long time no see or hey remember me and even maybe thanks for leaving me incase you didn't i'm your kid.I was thinking of stuff to say when Noah came out of the girl's locker room with messy hair i just rolled my eyes as he came up to excited he said “dude I just made out with a girl”! Sure I said as if I believedhim.As he was trying to convince me, the bell rang to go home. We were all walking home discussing the plan for tomorrow when it hit all of us we could get lost or kidnapped or even worse killed! But we had our minds made up we were doing.Saturday came and we were are all meeting at the pizza shop. “So, guys, today’s the big day,” I said.

“Yep,” they both said we waited till sun down there wasn't much talking going just thinking.We left the pizza shop and started to like for my mom.

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