October 26, 2017
By kami.johnston6 BRONZE, Trinidad, Texas
kami.johnston6 BRONZE, Trinidad, Texas
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Ever heard of this place called Disneyland? Yes, that huge phenomenon that every little child loves, and even teenagers and adults love, where there are amazing rides and every Disney character you can think of is there! You probably know it as this amazing place that everyone loves and there is no wrong! Or maybe parents even know Disneyland from taking their child there, so maybe they could get their energy taken out!

But little do you know is that this place has a very darker side than we really know. We believe this place is so innocent and so nice and peaceful, but we are wrong. This place is haunted and most people don't even know this.

Have you gone to Disneyland and feel maybe a chill even though there was no wind? Or a scream in the background but no one else seems to hear it except you? If you're thinking it’s haunted, then you absolutely right.

Many people have said this place is haunted from past experiences of theirs but are they really true?


The Shops In The Park:
Many have believed that the shops throughout the park are the most haunted. They say that they have felt chills down their spine once they walk into the store. They have even said they will turn their eyes and see little children in the corners of the store but as soon as they look, they go away.

People have reported that the 4th floor stockroom of the Star Trader and once you walk in, there is chills everywhere and a very bad vibe and very evil energy.

There are also stories about that people were in the store and they keep seeing merchandise fall off the ground. Even when the store is locked up for the night, people see merchandise fall of the shelves.

The supposedly new set up called “Tomorrowland” is said to be the most haunted, too. This place has been getting the most population of spirits than ever. Apparently, one of the sewing machines, where they make hats with people’s names on it, has never ever gotten so much attention until someone saw a face in it. Creeped out yet?

The carts of ice cream on the side of Midway Road has been told to be haunted by past ice cream workers. This one is a little edgy and kinda unreal, but people have reported hearing women and men's voices around the ice cream carts.

The Monorail:
The Monorail seems the least place to be haunted, but some people don't even know about the death of this poor innocent 19 year-old boy. You know how teenage boys are, always getting in trouble and fooling around.  Little did this 19 year-old boy know that his fooling around might be the cause of his death.

This boy decided to come to Grad Night, which is where high school graduates can come into Disneyland after hours for as long as they want. He decided to play on the Monorail, and the security guard already told him a lot of times to “get off this, because it’s very dangerous.” The boy decided not to listen, and his consequences were getting dragged 30-40 feet, just right before the train came to a stop.

Many heard rumors about that late at night some workers would see a young man walking the Monorail tracks just where this 19 year-old boy died. They would say they would look up and see the boy for a split second and then all of a sudden, he just disappears.
      Don’t believe it’s haunted yet? Just wait!

The Most Haunted Mansion Ever:
     Everyone knows Disneyland's Mansion! It’s not only one of the most known places in Disneyland, but it’s also known as the most Haunted Mansion.
      Of course people would believe that it’s haunted, because, come on! It’s a mansion! A lot of mansions are haunted but nothing like this one. Many don’t know the real reason why it's haunted, but here is why:

Many ghost are said to be haunting Disneyland's Mansion but one of them is from when the mansion was first built (1960s). The number one ghost haunting the mansion is this woman named Madame Leota. Madame has this spell book she used to own in the mansion. People have reported that every day she recites this spell in her book. Many believe maybe she is trying to do a ritual or trying to keep the place with a good energy but do you think maybe her presence is making it worse?

The workers of the Mansion say they will unlock the mansion and find her spell book somewhere different everyday. They believe she is trying to keep the good vibes in every corner she can find. It’s very hard not to believe this rumor, because she does set her spell book in different places. .


Many others report the mansion being haunted because one time this woman came into the mansion and sprinkled her son's ashes all around the mansion. People say now that his ashes are all around the mansion, his spirit just roams everywhere now.

Some say they will be walking and find a little boy by furniture just crying his eyes out. They even say they go to walk to comfort him but once they blink, he just disappears.


Ship of Pirates of the Caribbean:
A pirate ship, nothing too scary about this, right? I mean what could be so scary about a pirates ship.
Yep, you guessed it! A very creepy ghost does haunt the Pirates of the Caribbean ship. Indeed, many people wouldn’t believe this because nothing seems suspicious about this ship, and you don’t really hear attention from this ship. Though, it’s not what you see with your eyes, it’s what you see on the camera.

One day, this worker was looking at the surveillance cameras of the ship, making sure nobody sneaked on this ship after closing time,  or nobody took a prop off the ship. Imagine the surprise the worker felt to see a young, ghost figure, boy on the cameras. He was caught in the Control Tower on the ship.

People say that Walt Disney, the founder of Disneyland and some others are to usually be seen in the Gallery above the Pirates. Many believe that maybe the little boy seen in the camera  just decided to come out to see more.

Everyone has a different opinion on Disneyland, whether it’s that you still believe this place is innocent and still a happy place, or you believe the dark side, where evil spirits may be walking right next to you, and you would never know.

Disneyland is the worst place to go if you want to be around somewhere with a good vibe. This place reeks of bad energy and most still don’t know this.

Next time you go, just remember…  you could be walking somewhere where someone died and maybe sticking around, haunting the place!

You may never know.

The author's comments:

What inspired me really to write this work was because i've always been into conspiracy theories and spirits. Disneyland has so many spooky things and i really wanted to write about the haunted places.

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