Rome vs. United States

October 22, 2017
By SemicolonsAndPeriods SILVER, Keyport, New Jersey
SemicolonsAndPeriods SILVER, Keyport, New Jersey
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The United States of America is a land of many different cultures from all around the world. However, the country also takes many things from ancient cultures, as well; especially the ancient Romans. In subtle and obvious ways alike, important parts of our everyday life are heavily based on Roman everyday life. Two explicit examples are our government systems and our sports activities. Once examined, the similarities are crystal clear.

America’s government practically mirrors the Roman republic. Both governments consist of three branches; the executive, legislative, and judicial. More specifically, the ancient Roman’s judicial branch is exactly the same as the job of America’s judges. As proof, Document One states that the judges who were appointed “were in charge of deciding punishments that criminals would receive.” This shows that the judges in modern-day America were not an original thought. That idea actually came from the Romans, just like some other qualities.

Ancient Rome influenced America in another way, as well; sports and entertainment. The Romans enjoyed free gladiatorial combat at the Coliseum. Document Three also states, “The coliseum was a stadium-like structure..” If you put these two pieces of information together, the coliseum reflects itself onto football stadiums. Like the coliseum, football stadiums show a sport that can be taken as a violent one and broadcast it all over the country for free.

These two everyday things of life are just some examples of how American life and ancient Roman life are similar. From concepts as simple as sports to ones as complicated and as well thought-out as a government system, America is no stranger to the Romans. Neither of them are afraid to copy off of ancient cultures, and America has proven that through their assimilation of the Roman lifestyle.

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