September 30, 2017
By Ssneha SILVER, Kathmandu, Other
Ssneha SILVER, Kathmandu, Other
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Today I wake up at 5:00 a.m. Then I suddenly remember that today is the main and most awaited day of Dashain. Dear readers, you might be confused what actually 'Dashain' is. It is the festival which is celebrated by majority of people in my country Nepal. And we celebrate for fifteen days.

I bath and wear red one-piece which is given by my parents as a gift of Dashain. I usually did not wear make-up but today I like to put eyeliner in my eyes."Dear daughter, get ready fast.You are the one who always make us late"cried my mom. Then I run down the stairs and join the family.

We move towards our elder father's house. When I enter the house, I see my grand parents, two elder fathers sitting together with their wives,my five interesting cousins. One my cousins said,"You are looking like a pencil dear: lean and thin with red cover". Then other four begin to tease me as usual. I smiled and said,"Thank you for the compliment." Now, I am hundred percent sure that they will not tease me.

The program begins. Firstly, my elder mom come by carrying a silver plate where she has placed tika : a mixture of red coloured powder called abir ,uncooked rice commonly known as chamal ,curd and water which we put on our forehead with Jamara. Jamara is the leaf of barley or wheat which we planted on the Ghatashthapana: the first day of Dashain and for nine days we worshipped it along with goddess Durga. My grand father tells us that tika and jamara is the blessing of the goddess. Grand mom receives tika and jamara from grand father. After that, according to seniority my elder fathers and elders moms, my mom and dad, my cousins and finally, I receive Tika and Jamara with lots of blessings from our grand parents. Then, all members elder than me start to put tika on my fore head with more and more blessings. Not only this they all give me money which we called as 'dakshina.'

Finally, our program comes to an end. We all get arranged and call one of the neighbours to take a family photograph. "I will mount this photo and hang on my room" I said in a happy mood. 

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