The Culture of Iran

August 13, 2017
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the culture of Iran is one of the oldest culture in the world. Iran has directly influenced cultures and peoples such as Italy, Asia, Greece, and Arabian peninsula.

Also the celebrations in iran is the oldest and they have celebrations like Ramadan, nowruz, yalda and chaharshanbe suri. In Ramadan most of the people fasting and they don't eat food or drink from dawn to maghrib azan. Nowruz is one of the most traditional celebrations in our country and it start to show people that spring is coming and the power of god. In nowruz people go to each other houses and have fun with each other. Yalda night or chelleh is an another Iranian festival that celebrated on the longest and darkest night of the year. In this night family's get to gether and eat and drink and also read hafez poetry until midnight.

Chaharshanbe suri is the Persian festival of fire that is celebrated on the evening of the last Wednesday be for nowruz.

Iranian poetry is also one of the oldest and most beautiful poetry's. Hafez, Khayyam, shams and Saadi were the best poet in Iran.

If you once visit iran you should visit isfihan because most of the people say that isfihan is half of the world because there are lots of historical places and antiquities.

Most of the people around the world know Iranians as an enemy but we are all human and we have to be together.

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