The Language Without Words

July 19, 2017
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Have you ever considered that words are pictures and most pictures are words?

Now the question is this: Would it be possible that art could be a universal language? Yet the answer is yet to be told.

If an artist decided to paint a picture of a young child smiling gleefully in America (he would American.) If it was shipped to China, would the person who received it not understand the obvious feeling communicated as joy?

This is why we can have art shipped from all over the world and still enjoy its message – even without a translation. “Joy” communicated, spoken, written in different ways yet always understood in the same mental feeling or emotion.

I can tell you this artist had the true privilege of communicating joy and beauty all over the world. He didn’t even know Chinese.
We are not completely distant.
we all understood art.
We all connect through art.
We communicate through art.
We speak art.

Pictures are the first things noticed on articles. Pictures force you to look. If there was an article about a spotted skunk, I’m sure you would figure out the general picture even in Greek.
“Chinese is a picture language” you may say “Why then can we not understand  it?”
Answered simply, we do not speak Chinese.
Their symbols do not look like their equivalents and

there is spoken word – unlike in Art.

As has been said, we always think in pictures. Never of the written word. Ideas are more broad, simplistic, and creative. “Cat” no I’m not calling names. Which do you think of the picture or the word? 

Do you see how we all speak Art? Even the not-so-artsy-types. Yet among us all we have the unique culture and personality.

Now let us act that we are all artists. If I were to hand you each a sheet of paper and a pencil and then show you this a picture what would I want you to do? That’s right. I would want you to draw my selected picture. Would anyone not understand what it was? Of course not!!! We all understand these things though we just have different names for them in spoken word. You may as well say we have the same general pictures of general things with unique twists. That’s our own way of seeing things - but that’s another topic.

Do you understand my fellow artists that you speak two different languages? English and Art. Do you understand my friends the language of Art? That this is a free, distinguished, even grammar-less language!

So, I challenge you, (even you who think you are a bit limited in your speaking of Art.) Learn it, immerse in it and thoroughly examine it.

- “A picture’s worth a thousand words”

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