How To Be a Hardcore Marvel Fan

June 24, 2017
By RebeccaReader PLATINUM, New York, New York
RebeccaReader PLATINUM, New York, New York
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Being a Marvel fan means that you have to know about every single character that was ever written or drawn. You even have to know the lesser known or minor characters that aren’t even mentioned in the movies or in the mainstream chatter. You have to like every single hero, even if their powers aren’t that awesome or impressive, and despise or love to hate every single villain, even if they are boring or cliched. Every Marvel character is important and has a very specific purpose that isn’t always known to others. Yet, all are very special and unique, in their own way.

Another thing you have to do is watch every single movie that is related to Marvel comics. For example, Blade, Daredevil, Hulk, The Punisher, etc. If you think that you can get away with just watching the ones made by Disney, Fox or Sony, then you aren’t truly experiencing the cinematic brilliance of the Marvel world.

When there is a new movie about a Marvel character coming out, you have to see it the first day it comes out. Or, if it is possible, buy the tickets when the movie is getting its first view by select audiences. If you go a day after the movie is released to the public, that would be a shame.

In addition, you have to watch all the Marvel TV series on Netflix, the day they come out. Do not just watch them, you have to binge. Watch them either in one whole day without getting sleep or watch them during lunch at school/work. It is not entertainment, it is a glimpse of a real person that we are seeing on the screen.

If the character(s) gets hurt or betrayed, us fans live through that pain and yell in anger at the person or foe who inflicted pain in both the character and our souls. If the character falls for someone unworthy of their emotions, us fans must make it known. It is WRONG! and in defiance, straighten out the facts in every possible way. Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat. Fanfics, novels, and online art is where the truth is. If there are inaccuracies or absurd choices that obviously were made by the producers, directors or actors themselves playing as the character, us fans have to correct them immediately and let those who are oblivious to these facts know that they are insults to the original source material and to the fans that grew up with these legendary icons.

On the other hand, those who desecrate our love of the characters or mock them, the fans must fight against this abuse. These bullies that target innocent characters, that us fans love to cherish or love to hate, have to be taught a lesson.

Wearing T-shirts with Marvel characters is a must when being a hardcore Marvel fan. If you don’t wear them everyday, you are shunned from the inner circle. Dirty shirts are alright as long as you stay ten feet away from others that are near you and don’t understand the meaning of being faithful to the cause.

Buy all the figurines ever made by Marvel. If you have to steal one from a child, you have permission as long as you give that child a lollipop or poptart in return. Place them in rows on your shelves but DO NOT, and it is essential, that you do not take them out of the packaging. It devalues the figurine and exposes them to unwanted elements in the air.

However, buying the figurines is not enough, you have to buy every possible item that is related to Marvel including notebooks, pencils, backpacks, watches, buttons, pins, cases, wallpaper, etc. In order to fully delve into the world of Marvel you have to be surrounded by it. Live in it. And most importantly, read about it.

Collect all the comics that have ever been drawn, written and published. Even the ones that are rare, you must have it. Do whatever it takes to get all the comics and read them but without taking them out of the packaging. Similar to the figurines, if it is removed from the packaging, it exposes the precious pages to unwanted elements. The difference however is that with the comics you must not wrinkle them or keep them in a place that will bend them.

If you follow these guidelines you will not only be surrounding yourself in these different personalities and well loved franchise, but you would also gain a lot of friends that share the same passions as you. Plus, all of you will have millions of dollars worth of random things while being broke. Which means that your superpower is being broke.

The author's comments:

During class, we were assigned to write a satirical piece about a topic that was interesting. I wanted to write my piece on Disney since I love Disney. However a friend of mine chose to focus on writing about it before I could choose. I became stuck between either writing about Marvel or DC since I love both universes and love superheroes in both companies. Then, I came to the conclusion that since DC was not related to Disney, I should focus on Marvel. 

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