White Water Rafting

June 5, 2017
By Anonymous

In the scouting program, I often have the chance to go to wonderful places all around my area. One campout was white water rafting, where I had so much excitement. We arived at the campground and unloaded.As a boyscout we are always suppost to be prepared, which in this case I found myself not at all. Frantically seaching my bag for the esencial items I required I couldnt seem to have them. Once our camp was set up we were free to roam around the area. Our troop had access to many games, and we were only asked to do one thing to stay at this camp, one hour of service of pulling weeds. We had a whole 3 meals stored away in our trailer, as this was a car campout rather than a backpacking trip. Each patrol in the troop choose and grub for their own meals, but most of the time many people find some things in other groups meals more appealing than some items and will excange in trades with individuals portions, allowing everyone to have very wide array of choices in food. Our services got us the whole night and that day. After we were done sleeping though that day we went a little while away and had the special chance to have the entire area to ourselves.Before we got into the rafts we all got a safety briefing on the proper way to control and stay inside the rafts, and in the case of an emergency how to properly keep yourself from going uncontious by either returing to the raft or staying above the water until you can return to saftey.We enyoyed rushing down small falls and raging rapids.Lucky I did not fall out of the raft into the freezing cold water as decribed by people who did fall out. After we exited the rafts we ate wild fruit from hanging trees which we were told were not posionous. We all got home safely and just still a little wet. This was definatly one of my most enyoyable campout that I can rember. In this activity I was really greatful for the crazy experiances I get to have as a boy scout. I would encourage anyone who wants to learn great life lessons and enviormental knowhow to search the web or community for your local troop and see how you like it.If I had never been intoduced/ forced to join scouting I would have missed out on so much fun and great times with my family along with my fellow scouts and friends. If you have any modivation to get out and explore the world as a child then this is a great way to learn to survive in the harsh world of the outdoors and learn to make the most of your time at each place you visit. You learn so many helpful tools you can use almost every day of your life and enyoy using them at the same time. Give it a try and if you dont like it then atleast you know its not for you. Have fun and good luck!

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