May 31, 2017
By Anonymous

One December a man was on trial for stealing from a toy store even though he was just buying christmas presents for his kids. He wasn't the man who stole but the lawyer he hired was not a very good one. He went from buying presents for his family to not even being home for christmas, not being home for the next 5 to be exact. Lawyers do all kind of legal work including representing people in court and giving legal advice to business, families and individuals (“Lawyers”). Lawyers spend most of their time in offices and sometimes appear in court representing their clients (“Lawyers”).  Although the job can be very stressful and complicated, serving and helping others is a very rewarding feeling.


Being a lawyer is a very serious, professional occupation that requires lots of paperwork and desk time. They advise and represent individuals, families, businesses, and government agencies on legal issues and disputes (“Lawyers”).  Lawyers also help people buy property, help people make will’s, represent injured people who can't attend court, settle estate, carry out the terms of a client's will, help clients conduct their affairs legally and more (BLS). They have to gather and find evidence to present in court (BLS). Often times they have to travel to crime scenes, hospitals, jails and any other places they could find evidence, information or witnesses at (“Lawyers”). The work may be stressful and complicated but the pay reflects the amount of work.

Being a lawyer requires lots of work but the pay is suites the job. In 2015 lawyers made an average of  $115,820 a year, the lowest 10% made around $55,810 and the highest 10% made around $187,200 (BLS). The better schooling and past experience usually results in higher pay. The salary will also depend on the size of the firm, location in the U.S., and type of work being performed (“Lawyers and Judges”). The salary in later years will depend on the number of clients and cases you have, the more clients and cases you have the better your pay will be. Like all jobs, lawyer's salary will also increase with the type and amount of experience they have (“Lawyers”). 

The job is expected to increase at the average rate which is 6% through the year 2024 (BLS). However, there will always be a strong competition due to the high number of graduates each year (“Lawyers”).  The hours may be long and stressful but the work environment permits the work to get done right and fast.

Lawyers spend most of their time working alone in their office, that is the best way for them to get their work done and done right. Law firms are always busy and stressful work places, which means no horseplay is tolerated. Lawyers will spend lots of time in offices preparing paperwork and evidence for their client to present in court (“Lawyers”). They may also have to work out of their homes to minimize the amount of late nights spent at the firm trying to finish their work (BLS). Lawyers will also spend time working in law libraries, courthouses, hospitals and jails so they can meet their clients or gather evidence, information or records (“Lawyers”).  Law firms are often serious, busy places but the schooling and training is also very serious and hard.

To be a lawyer requires about 7 years of schooling after high school, but the better the education the more opportunities that will be available after law school. To start preparing to be a lawyer classes such as government, history, social studies, computer, economics, speech and other related classes should be taken in high school (“Lawyers and Judges”). A high school diploma is required to become a lawyer (“Lawyers and Judges”). In college, students must complete four years and earn a bachelor's degree (“Lawyers”). After that students must attend law school which normally takes about 2½ to 4 years to complete (BLS). Law schools normally require students to take the Law School Administration Test (LSAT) which test other things than legal issues, things such as critical thinking, writing, grammar, and reasoning abilities which are all important traits of a lawyer (“Lawyers and Judges”).

A law degree must be earned after the bachelor's degree to become a lawyer. After the two degrees are earned the state's written bar exam must be passed (BLS). The written bar exam is different for every state as laws in different states vary. This test is a very hard and stressful test for lawyers, they have prepared for this test for the last 7 years of their life. After passing the written bar exam the next step is applying for jobs and becoming an employed, certified lawyer.

Being a lawyer provides a satisfying feeling in helping others straighten out their lives. Although there may be a lot of stressful, complicated work it is all necessary for the job. Nothing can compare to helping individuals, families, businesses, and government agencies on legal issues. The hours are above average but so is the pay, the pay suites the amount and type of work being performed. All 7 years of schooling after high school are  necessary to becoming the best possible lawyer. At the end of the day, being a lawyer is a very rewarding and well paid occupation.

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