Somebody Else's Shoes

May 30, 2017

It's not about how grateful that person feels for you Or its not about how grateful you feel for what that person did for you.

It's about how to be grateful even when it's a small favour done for a cause through somebody's helping hand. There's no question of formality or informality here.There is no question of courtesy either of up bringing or ethics but rather how you feel about it because that person read your mind even when words spoken by you were negligible.

That person felt for you.He could step into your shoes see himself as you,could see your plight and for that matter had the courage and evolutionary thinking process to try somebody else's shoes.That person treated you the way you'd been wanting people to treat you but you had the paranoia that chances were nil as you probably experienced someone scorning at you or avoiding your presence just a few minutes ago.You had perceived the world this way and now you've been proved wrong by this splendid being.

The thought that the world changed  rapidly and is changing rapidly as you slowly accepted the fact that there's no point in thinking of paradise and angels to help you but only dreaming of those when you get to heaven grew within you.There was no logic in becoming a lone angel whatsoever as people don't deserve it.
But you're awed when that magical creature steps into your life and changes you,

wiping out your perspective of the negatives about the world but enabled you to develop a better outlook about the world and carry on the beautiful deeds by stepping into somebody else's shoes if you could perhaps at some instances, by going out of your way and help them because that person may have only you to approach.
Miracles take a little time but they do happen cause life itself is a miracle.

So why don't we twirl our magic wands and sprinkle some pixie dust onto somebody else's life,those who lead lives of darkness and those who carry within them pessimistic thoughts for what the world once did to them like what it did to you and me!

Try this mantra out and experience the joy because life is short.

As your heart beats slower with time and you feel the blood running dry within you and as your body ages with the world, don't let your thoughts deteriorate with it but refine it so that you turn out to be a Rafael on this earth itself.

Don't forget to try out various pairs of shoes of different sizes and also their extent of use( they might look worn out and even feel worn out)

Enchant and enlighten others lives as that person who you think of has done to you.

Try out a new pair of shoes everyday and every minute and every second of your life if you can (can depends on the number of people who come  across you with needs and not on the time that is available to you).
It's worth trying out these shoes and it doesn't cost a penny.

All it causes is a thought of compassion and an ounce of determination to change the world in the tiniest but daring way you can.You may not earn a name in this world or may not be even thought of by the people you've helped but you definitely turnout to be hero, a hero of an untold story eventually joining a league of such people.
Become an instrument of God and let him work through you.

Feel the happiness suffusing from within's a deadly feeling.

May God bless you and may he bless that person who gave you the chance to get blessed.
Let the chain grow so that people get happier and considerate as that's how it's supposed to be..

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