Caribbean Day

May 18, 2017
By giulianaI BRONZE, Jefferson, Louisiana
giulianaI BRONZE, Jefferson, Louisiana
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Warm, soft sunlight shining on a vast blue sea bordered by a rough yet comforting white sand. I lay down upon it and feeling the cool air blow water from the salty sea to my skin. I listen to the faint sound of birds flying through the air like planes. The scent of sea salt and coconuts floating through the air like a feather falling from the clouds to my nose as it relaxes my senses. I walk closer to ocean just to feel the warm, sticky,wet sand latch to your feet like a sloth to tree. I watch as families and friends enjoy each other's company. I can hear small talk from each group some in English some in different languages. Finally I reach the sea, my legs, still visible, disappear into the clear blue water as fish dance surrounding me.  After a while I ascend from the thin sheet of water that surrounds me, walking up a hill of sands that feels more like mountain. Wrapping a soft towel around myself and laying back down in the sand. I watch as the sky makes beautiful masterpiece of blues, purples, yellows, pinks, reds, and oranges as they mix together to make a sunset swipe across the sky. After what seems like forever, but no time at all, I watch it fade into the sea almost as if it was never even there.

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