Travel Wishes

May 10, 2017
By Anonymous

 If I could travel to any wonderful, wondrous place in the world, I would probably have to go to Venice Italy. I’ve always wanted to go or live in Venice ever since I was a little kid and ride down the canals in  a boat, While listening to some traditional folk music played by the lute, on a comfortably hot summer day and getting refreshed by the water splashing,smashing and crashing on my face and boat, I went sight seeing. I stopped by all of the typical tourist spots that there is to see, eating some great authentic,homemade Italian food. All the while having a great time there enjoying myself like i have never before. I would also love to see all of the nooks and crannies of the city and really just go out to explore the city and get lost in it While having an absolute blast exploring such a great city. Also learning about a new culture of the beautiful and magnificent people there, Made me overall experiencing a great culture---with a great history behind it.I would also like to visit the museums there and learn more about the city as a whole. Just living life, just living life, just living life so peacefully and worry free, Not having to worry about school or any other responsibilities. Hearing the lute’s plucking and strumming, plucking and strumming, plucking and strumming just reverberate through your soul.Sitting by the beach smelling the salty ocean water and hearing the seagulls squawking.Feeling so happy that my heart could explode. Seeing the water so clear that you think it came out of the tap. Hearing the ocean breeze speak to me, It was like music to my ears.    

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