April 3, 2017
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Sneakerhead , this is a name given to people that are all about shoes. Shoes are a major pop culture phenomenon. Everywhere you look you see billboards and ads talking about the best and the latest shoes. The shoe craze has gotten so large in the United States that people hold giant conventions to sell and trade shoes and people come across the entire country just to get a good deal on a new pair of kicks. Most of the time that people that attend these conventions have hundreds of pairs of shoes and even have rooms just for their footwear. Shoes to sneakerheads aren't just something you wear on your feet, shoes to them are a lifestyle.


There are all kinds of popular shoes right now, from classic shoes that released in stores 20 years ago to brand new shoes that haven't been released in stores, with prices ranging from 50 dollars to thousands of dollars. Some other popular types of shoes are shoes that debuted in movies such as the Nike Air Mags that debuted in “Back to the Future” and the Air Jordan 11 “space jam” that debuted in the movie starring Michael Jordan “Space Jam”. The Nike Air Mag shoe is a very exclusive shoe and are not even sold in stores. Nike holds a raffle for people to get a ticket to an auction where they auction off only a couple hundred of them and they are sold for over ten thousand dollars. The Retro Jordan 11 “Space Jam” we're just re-released this past December and they were the largest selling shoe Nike has ever sold to this date.


Shoe companies now, such as Jordan brand and Nike, who are partnered, re-release the shoes they created in the years past. An example of these are the Air Jordan Retro shoes. These are the shoes Michael Jordan created himself and wore during his entire basketball career. Because Jordan is has such an influence on the youth and young athletes across the world, all the kids want to wear the shoes the greatest player of all time wore. These shoes are released in many different colorways and styles that please many different buyer’s tastes. To please a buyer’s tastes, clothing and shoe companies create clothing to go with the shoes you are buying. When a new shoe is released, a lot of times there are clothes that match the colorway of the shoe that was released.


Shoes are huge parts of different cultures such as athletes, rappers, and famous sports players and shoe collectors alike. Many sports players now have their own shoe company or are partnered with a company such as Nike or Adidas and have their own shoe made and sold through these companies. Most of the time these are the big names in sports such as Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Another place you will see a shoe craze is in rap, pop, and hip hop artists. Just like sports players, musical artists can sign a contract with a shoe company and have their own shoes or get sponsored by these shoe companies sneaker collectors love.


Sneakers are a huge craze in the United States but the shoe craze doesn't end here. The need for shoes spreads across the whole world. China, Japan, India, the shoe craze is everywhere. Travel the world and you will see that shoes are just as abundant everywhere else in the world as well as in the US if not more. Nowadays everyone is looking for shoes, including me, I’m a sneakerhead.

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